Questions for delegates to ask at the Northern Region Conference

This weekend is the National Party Northern Region Conference. Obviously there will be a fair bit back slapping and carrying on congratulating Bill on his “visionary” budget, but some longer term questions need to be asked and delegates should ask them.

1. Number of MPs:       In the last intake the Northern Region gained Goldsmith, Ngaro and Jiang on the list. The LNI lost Quinn and CW lost Gilmore. What will be done to restore the balance, especially in Christchurch where National has only one MP looking after constituent issues in the city, with the other MPs all being ministers.

If Nationals share of the vote falls in 2014, which is highly likely, will Northern lose MPs to compensate for the lack of MPs in Wellington and Christchurch?

2. Coalition Partners: Who are the coalition partners National will form a government with after the 2014 Election?

3. Red Seats: What is national going to do to get good people running in Red Seats when they have no chance of getting in to parliament on the list?

4. Professionalism: Will Peter Kiely stop demanding payment from National for legal work since he is so opposed to professionalism in campaigning? And is the President’s much vaunted drive for amateurism going to lead to a campaign team at HQ being entirely amateur?


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  • [notes down questions]

  • Le Sphincter

    As part of your candidates college, Im offering my masterclass on ‘Le Poseur’.

    Forget all the talk of the Collins faction or the Joyce faction, we all know the result will be decided by the ‘all mouth and no trousers’ faction better know as Poseurs.

     They are all ways on the winning side. Because they are winners ?. Dont be silly, they use the wind vane as their guide. Unfortunately this flexibility does bring many baubles of high office, as the experienced poseur is completely useless in any important cabinet office, as the current Poseur in Chief McCully shows.

    The usual realm of the poseurs is the bottom end of the list, as shown by Messieurs’s Quinn and Gilmore. But there are many more just floating beneath the surface to replace long standing poseurs such as Richard Worth. Outstanding  in the future leading poseur is Nikki Kaye.
    In some cases the poseur is hereditary  as shown by Eric Roy and other times  you can have the combined carpetbagger- poseur such as Tau Henare. Unfortunately there has not been a replacement  for the completely unique Pansy-Poseur  ( hyphenated very french), Pansy Wong.

    • WayneO

      Are you on smack? What a load of shit.

  • Wayne

    Why do you bother? Four paragraphs of pure dribble!

  • Mediaan

    Christchurch city seems not to worry about regional numbers, my impression.

  • PauliePaul2012

    Are you coming to Conference WO. I was at the opening tonight. The young Nats in faun debate against the Super Blues scared me. They sounded more socialist than David Cunliffe! I worry about our party’s future.