Quote for the Day

The Telegraph

Margaret Thatcher is one of the greatest politicians ever:

When Margaret Thatcher was in her pomp, one of her aides was asked what would happen if she were to be run over by a bus. He thought for a moment and then shook his head. “No,” he said firmly. “The bus wouldn’t dare.”


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  • Le Sphincter

    You all forget the image she projected was just an invention
    She started out as a minister completely different style .

    …on becoming leader of the Conservative Party, she put herself in the hands of Gordon Reece, a former television producer, who knew just what needed to be done. The hair was wrong, too suburban: it was restyled. The clothes were wrong, too fussy: they were replaced. The voice was wrong, too shrill: it was lowered in pitch through lessons from an expert in breathing….

    …there is a pre-Dartford comment, that ‘with no private income of my own there was no way I could have afforded to be an MP on the salary then available,’ but no further allusion to how these difficulties were subsequently magicked away….
    Dennis’s money looked after that

    ..more surprising, perhaps, to be reminded that the young MP for Finchley voted in favour of Leo Abse’s Bill on homosexuality and of David Steel’s Bill on abortion. ‘I now see that we viewed them too narrowly,’ she confesses as she looks back on these measures…
    This was in the early 60s!

    THen there was the strange comment of Thatchers..
    while Mrs Thatcher frequently referred to her father, she claimed not to have had anything to say to her mother from the age of 15 !! 
    Ouch, mother issues ?

  • ConwayCaptain

    It took a sailor to put steel into her and her cabinet when the Argies invaded the Falklands.

    Madam we can have a task force on the way in 3 days!!!

    Sir Henry Leach  one of the GREAT Ist Sea Lords and Chief of Naval Staff.  He was LOVED and Admired by his people.