Rudd going again?


It looks like Kevin Rudd is having another crack. Perhaps this could be his anthem:

Australia’s two major newspaper groups are reporting that Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s leadership position is again under threat. Fairfax and News Limited say that government whip Joel Fitzgibbon is canvassing for votes to return Kevin Rudd to the leadership. Fairfax says that ‘some who favour a switch do not want it to happen until the last day of parliamentary sittings in June, when a new leader would have the long winter break to reorganise government and tweak policies.’ News Limited says that Fitzgibbon’s move is extraordinary, as the whip traditionally guards against instability.


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  • Johnbronkhorst

    Do the Aussie yearn for Howard years……?

    • TCrwdb

      Yep – the country was run by adults during the Howard years.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    One can only wonder when Auntie will be returned triumphant after a stint in NY?

    Shearer will be rolled sometime soon and although Robertson wants in and David and David also want a crack at it – the unions will want Auntie back so they can hope for some modicom of traction against Key & National for the next election.

    Fortunately for NZ though – we have Key and National and hopefully another landslide and a few more terms…

  • AnonWgtn

    Do you really think that H1 & 2 and other hangers on will return from the U.N.

    At the basic financial package she gets US$500,000 tax free, plus every perk thinkable with use of UN aircraft fleet, that she will return to lill newzeealand.

    How many house does she have now – 7 at last count I believe.
    Well into the multi millionaire class – oops.

    She still wants number one UN job, and don’t forget it.