Rush Limbaugh on gay marriage

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Rush Limbaugh is clearly a believer in the sanctity of marriage, he’s had four of them after all.


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  • Apolonia


  • Here we have a blogger who calls himself “right wing” attacking one of the US’s right wing icons and running guest posts by Communist lesbians.

    Only in one party state and extreme left culturally Marxist NZ would the “right wing” self description fail to attract ridicule.

    • I can attack whomever I want, especially if they are blatantly a dickhead on an issue.

    • Dave

      Red Bait…. er.    When did Facts become an Attack.    Four marriages.  TICK.  Fact.  

      Where was the attack ????????

    • Kosh103

      Rush isnt an icon – he is a 100% A grade idiot. The 2 faced things the fat man comes out with make John Key look like a saint.

    • Cameron

      Lol – the truth hurts :)

    • You questioning The Whale here? As Dave said, it is a fact – with a generous smacking of irony and humour at the expense of the Far Right. 

      Damn I even laughed at Kosh’s remark probably because their is an ounce of truth in it unlike Rush.

      Hey, that guest post from Wall was an interesting read. Might or might not agree with one’s views but least Whale allows debates and upholds “free speech” here. As for you red I can only think of one word to describe you: Fascist. And we all know what happened there. 

      As for the post from the Tip Line – nice round of LOL to make a mundane morning that less mundane 

    • Groans

      NZ, it’s a sad country.  Never used to be.

  • Only one of the reasons why I could never vote for the fraud Romney-

     A Bush/ Washington Beltway stooge and evidence of how far the Republican Party has fallen under the leadership of incumbents who should have been forced into the Democrat party long ago.

  • George

    Looks to me like Rush is promoting marriage.  Gays of course are naturally monogamous

    • Kosh103

      Just as monogamous as hetros can be –  or not.

      Sexuality doesnt make you a slut. Being a slut makes you a slut.

      • BJ

        This is very interesting, because as far as I’m aware unfortunately only some women are referred to as sluts though what constitutes one I wouldn’t know. So, if men in a heterosexual encounter aren’t ever referred to as sluts I guess it means your a slut if your’re ‘taking it’ which brings me to the conclusion that if  as a gay you can very well be a slut, then any man can be a slut too. Thanks Kosh for clarifying that.

      • Kosh103

        BJ you know what I mean so dont pretend your that dumb.

    • Coming from a country full of “allegedly”
      the highest rate of promiscuity amongst it’s female population that’s a bit steep – and yes, I can
      guess what you’re going to say next…..

  • Groans

    Rush Limbaugh for Dictator of NZ.  Who’s with me?

    • Kosh103

      All the tinfoil hat idiots no doubt.

  • Even a dictatorship would be better than the perverted version of democracy we have in NZ today.

    Democracy will only work with an informed and educated electorate, and the left, with their almost complete control of our media and our education system, have worked hard to ensure that NZ does not fit this description.

    • Random66

      I can’t get a handle on you Redbaiter.  Where exactly does your political alegiance lie?  Sometimes I agree with you and others not.  You use terms that aren’t really part of my everyday vocabulary e.g Marxist.  I’m not hugely political and don’t really fit in on this site.  I do know I am pro equality for all people regardless of sex or colour.  I am pro those who work hard should be rewarded.  I am pro the sanctity of family and I am pro tougher consequences on criminals and believe the right of the community should be of greater concern than the right of the individual.  I also believe that we have a social responsibiity to those who are genuinely in need.  Where do I fit in on the political spectrum?  You called me a Liberal the other day (and made it sound like a bad thing), so I looked it up.  I didn’t think it sounded too bad.

    • Kosh103

      I keep telling you – move to China, you will fit in amazingly. They have everything you seem to love so much.

    • nzd.gbp

      I’m down for a dictatorship as long as I’m the boss.

  •  “I can’t get a handle on you Redbaiter. ”

    Not being exposed to anything but Marxist political policy has that effect.

    I’m a traditional US style Conservative. You’re a Marxist because you constantly use the language of Marx (example- equality, an illusory and completely left wing concept) , you subjugate the individual to the collective or the state, and you are no doubt as equally confused about the other beliefs you espouse. Why does having a social conscience have to involve huge and powerful government? Why does having a social conscience involve having your money stolen by cynical vote grabbing politicians so they can distribute it among the worthless thieves who vote for them? A modern day liberal is a bad thing given that they and their misguided narcissistic pathological ideas are at the root of almost every problem (and there are more than ever before) that exists in our society today.

    • Random66

      Thank you for your response.  It may surprise you that I agree with much of what was written in the 3rd, 4th and 5th paragraphs re your link.  You say I subjugate the individual to the collective or the state.  The context of what I said was that an individuals right should not be such that their right to cause harm in the community should outweigh the communities right to not put up with it.  In fact I think your link says something similar; 

      “In the civil society, the individual has a duty to respect the unalienable rights of others and the values, customs, and traditions, tried and tested over time and passed from one generation to the next, that establish society’s cultural identity.”