Serve them at Parliament

Legal Beagle

The erudute Graeme Edgeler points out that Mallard and Little can be served while at parliament….it just requires the Speaker’s permission. Considering that Trevor Mallard has been a constant prat in parliament with silly points of order and his own poor behaviour I suggest that Speaker Smith may actually give permission.

But I am more interested in the claim than MPs cannot be served legal process in Parliament.

Mostly, because it simply isn’t true. There is a limitation, but it’s not nearly as extensive as Andrew Little appears to believe. Standing Order 407 lists as example of a contempt of Parliament:

(c) serving legal process or causing legal process to be served within the parliamentary precincts, without the authority of the House or the Speaker, on any day on which the House sits or a committee meets:

The House is currently in recess. And even when the House is sitting, or a committee is meeting, the Speaker can still give permission for service to be effected (he might, for example, allow it on a day when no committee that member is on is sitting, or on Tuesday morning before the House sits, and during which time select committee’s rarely meet).


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  • Kosh103

    Time to shock the right wingers – the speaker needs to give permission. While Colins is being a thug, Mallard and Little are being very stupid.

    • Euan Rt

      Please explain your use of the term ‘thug’ as it pertains to Collins in this instance?

      • joe bloggs

        Euan, please allow me a moment to qualify Kosh’s use of the use of the word THUG.

        This is a psychological defence mechanism called psychological projection or projection bias.

        When people deny their own thoughts or emotions or behaviours, they will often ascribe them to the outside world. It’s a process of imagining or projecting the belief that others are to blame for self-failure, short-comings or weaknesses.

        Kosh’s use of the word THUG is a projected false accusation that helps Kosh maintain a self-created illusion.

        Noted psychoanalyst and psychotherapist Otto Kernberg notes that projection is a commonly used defence mechanism in people with primitively organised personalities:
        – borderline personality disorders
        – narcissistic personality disorders
        – antisocial personality disorders
        – psychopathy and paranoia

        So having identified the mechanism behind the use of the word THUG in this context and in relation to process servers, one may then deduce that Kosh and his/her brother-in-arms Chicken Little both have primitively organised personalities, and that they are using projective mechanisms as a primary defence because it allows them to disavow their own unpleasant personalities and behaviours and attribute them to others.

        In the case of Kosh, one might conclude that he/she has thuggish feelings, and is (perhaps) a practising, and frustrated, schoolyard bully.

        In the case of Chicken Little, one is on safer grounds. Chicken’s characterisation of process servers as “leather jacket wearing thuggish guys” is completely consistent with the theory that the individual “projects” something of himself or herself into everything he or she does. As Cam comments: “Leather jacket-wearing thuggish guys? Yep sounds like a union boss on the picket line to me.”… or indeed, a form of grown-up schoolyard bully…

        This borderline psychopathic disorder is reaffirmed in Chicken’s comments that “people should be able to see the lengths to which this minister is prepared to go in what is a political exercise.” 

        Clearly Chicken wants to turn the serious business of litigation and its underpinning processes into a self-serving political exercise, and manifests this as a form of projection bias against the Honorable Minister. This is another fascinating insight into the psychopathology of the Labour Party, and why it has become the Nasty Party of 21st century New Zealand.

      • Euan Rt

        Joe, you could have just said, “It takes one to know one”. :-)
        Some interesting analysis there.

      • Kosh103

        She is using the law and cops to bully opposition MPs into inaction. She is a thug.

      • Apolonia

        I thought Mallard was the one with a conviction for an act of violence.
        He’s a convicted THUG, with a record.

      • Euan Rt

        So Kosh, if a kid at your school comes to you saying that she is being called names by 2 other kids, you would call her a bully? That is all Collins is doing – using the avenue open to her to address grievances directed at her. Kosh your perspective of bullies is warped and to call someone a thug for legitimately standing up for themselves is very poor form. I seriously have issues with your credentials for being a school teacher. 

      • Dion

        Euan – I wouldn’t rule it out.  Teachers have a habit of blaming the victim in these kinds of situations.

    • And who is the Speaker…oh that’s right Lockwood Smith a National MP.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Typical idiot Kosh…….Try empathy……..if someone told lies about you and say a student, in public…………what would you do?????…and by your own definition, the defence of your “good” (I use this word reluctantly) name, you would be a THUG!!!!

      • Troy

        Kosh is a goat’s cock who gets his rocks off supporting labour, even when they are lost cause – good on him i suppose given that labour support is declining.

      • Kosh103

        LOL, always amusing when the right get their knickers in a twist.

      • Kosh103

        Oh troy you really shouldnt lie.

      • Pukakidon

         Kosh you are supporting liars.   That is the point, your good friends the chicken and the duck have been found out what they stand for.   Nasty and dishonesty.  

      • TravisPoulson

        Standby for an in depth, well informed rebuttal from kosh103:

        “Oh troy you really shouldnt lie.”

        Alright, so I might be guilty for a little false advertising. 

    • Pukakidon

       Kosh once again you are proving you are in support of the side of dishonesty and nasty.

      Admit it you friends are just bad people and you are trying to justify their actions.  Have some moral fortitude.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Given to me, I would give permission for papers to be served…in the chamber, during question time, while all the cameras are on…and serve it as a warning to ALL MP’s (no matter what the hue), that they can’t use parliament as a place to hide from the voters, public or the laws that they themselves draft for the afforemensioned people to obey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The thing I find most interesting in this situation is deciding who of the three is the most stupid….Judith Collins should have just let it go and the two Labour attack puppies would have been ignored – the trouble with getting up on  your high horse is there’s a long way to fall – even if you’re right…..

    • johnbronkhorst

      Neil…a quote from a wise man…who told me once…”Those who don’t stand for something, will fall for anything”. Also a common one (don’t know who said it).. “All it takes for evil men to triumph, is for good men to do nothing”….Go get ’em Judith…give ’em hell!!!!

      • I agree with you John – I just hope she’s had good advice on the possibilities

        For you information:
        “Those who don’t stand for something, will fall for anything” (British journalist – Alex Hamilton)

        “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
        (Irish political philosopher – Edmund Burke)

      • Pukakidon

         The thing here John, is that it is a woman standing up to these evil little wimps.   More people need to stand up to the Labour party liars and criminals.   Good on her!!!!

  • Pete George

    If Mallard means what he said yesterday he only has about 28 years to avoid being served papers while he’s in still parliament.

    Mallard retirment – 2040?

  • Gaz

    Hell, joe bloggs – you could replace the word “THUG” with “BIGOT” or “HOMOPHOBE” or “FUCKTARD” wrt Kosh.

    I think you’ve got your analysis of him spot on.

    Shame Kosh/Paul is let loose on kids.  Not the kind of person I’d want as a teacher.

  • Le Sphincter

    Doesnt need to be in parliament. Le Canard is tweeting his everymove

      A new season of Are you being Served is about to start- guess who is Mrs Slocombe

  • Pukakidon


    I hear a new season of Allo Allo is about to begin and guess who is Lieutenant Gruber, the Trou du cul.

  • Guest

    If Little is so sure that Collins does not want to go to trial he should go knocking on her door for the papers.

    A contradictory bluff from little