She must be really tall

My mate reckons tall blokes never have a problem getting women, particularly if they are standing on their wallet.

Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart is now the richest woman in the world.

It’s been revealed she earns two and a half million dollars every hour.

Rinehart has an estimated fortune of more than 37 billion dollars.

Good looking gal and all…but she must be really tall too.


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    All the money,and fancy knickers would not help.And height wont either.

  • Le Sphincter

    Inherited a bit of dirt, and was lucky to ride the resources boom.
    Usually owns the mineral rights and lets a major partner do the hard work of building the mine and running it.What sort of person  has been in continuous legal battles with her step mother and her children

    • Rodger T

      Paid her kids $6 bucks an hour to weed the garden, they obviously failed that lesson in reality.
      Fuck, I only got 50c to mow the whole fucking lawn . Perhaps I should sue?

  • Petal

    I’d like to think she’s a nice person, and the rest wouldn’t matter too much then.  But then I like to think all sorts of things.  I figure you don’t become the richest woman in the word without knowing how to bust some balls.

  • J. Gigolo

    one of the most beautiful women i have ever set eyes on

    • Le Sphincter

      An Eiffel tower in your pants Gigolo ?

      • J. Gigolo

        you got any french in you le sphincter? would you like some??

    • Rodger T

      Sorry , day off too much time on my hands. : )

  • Petal


    •  Thanks for the vid link – interesting – I was thinking if she was a male and looked like this she’d probably be looking at her fourth marriage and have the latest bimbo clinging off her arm……

  • Grizz30

    Any man close to her would have to really work hard for their money. I mean really work hard.

  • Petal

    I get the sense that if you took all the money away, she’d still be (let’s be generous), a most awkward person to deal with.  

    Of course, having all that money forces people to have to deal with her.  That’s the difference.

    As for being a non-super-model and grossly overweight – that doesn’t  really matter to me to be honest.  Similar people are my friends, my children’s teachers, mates down at the club, and so on.  You can weigh a ton and look like a road accident and still be a Good Bastard(tm).

  • Boss Hogg

    Years ago this woman seriuosly put forward the idea of using nukes for mining blasts to speed things up.  That is out there !!!!

  • Brian Smaller

    I’d give her one. But seeing as she is getting two and half mill an hour, she probably wouldn’t want me:(

  • 4077th

    I’d tap that for a few bucks..why not? She would be grateful. God invented beer so chicks like her could get laid!

  • Grandstream

    I cant believe Bar Refaeli bveat her in tehy MAXIM hot 100 !!!! What is the world coming to ?

  • starboard

    gawd thats ugly, got more chins than a chinese phonebook ,  but Id do her doggy just to get ma greasy mits on her cash

  • Doug

     Bet she could eat three Pork Chops for

  • Mediaan

    All those people commenting on her on the basis she’s not pretty enough for them:
    Cue violins: “Jealousy…”

    Go Gina!

    You got out there with your Dad, you lived an amazing life in the Real Man’s countryside, you saw stuff. Then fortune or destiny or Cap’n Custard or something wanted to give you a giant stack of money as well.

    Your dad knew his stuff, and it looks like you do too.

  • Badmac

    I’m available for an hour! Then I retire, but could remain “on call”. There are worse ways to make a living!!!!!