Shearer dying in a ditch for Jones

NZ Herald

The NZ Herald has finally woken up to the fact that in the court in Auckland there is an apparent case of political corruption unfolding that doesn’t involve National, or ACT, or John Banks. But it took a Wellington based gallery journalist to right it because David Fisher is still fixated on fruit bowls.

David Shearer, who was quick to call for John banks to resign or be stood down doesn’t think there is anything untoward in the Bill Liu case that warrants Shane Jones or indeed David Cunliffe being stood down or even axed altogether.

Mr Shearer has been calling on Act leader John Banks to be relieved of his ministerial portfolios while police investigate whether he breached the Local Government Electoral Act by declaring donations to his 2010 Auckland mayoral campaign from German billionaire Kim Dotcom as anonymous.

But he said last night the questions around Mr Jones’ involvement in the Yan case were not as serious as those around Mr Banks donations from Dotcom.

The strength of the evidence against Mr Jones was “very arguable”.

David Shearer is wrong on this. He has played “gotcha” politics despite saying he wouldn’t and now it is one of his own under the cosh.

There is a massive difference between a private citizen lobbying for someone, who incidentally was refused that for which he wished and the case of Bill Liu where two ministers went against official’s advice. Bill Liu got exactly what he asked for and not only that was almost paraded by Labour MPs as they bestowed citizenship upon him in what is probably the fastest ever recorded application for citizenship.

It lloks very much like corruption,  and Shane Jones and David Cunliffe were ministers at the time, in government, not private citizens. Those are the facts as presented in a court, not the mad ramblings of a fat German git.

David Shearer needs to act with integrity, so far he hasn’t.


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  • Argon

    /whois David Shearer?
    I bet Phil Goff is sitting back thinking “All this could have been mine – phew, dodged a bullet there”.
    Either that or he’s hoping no one goes diggng through his closet.

  • Hang Him

    How much did he give Labour as a bribe, op’s Donation. I thought Labour hated the Chinese the way they have been going on about the Crafar farms.

    • Le Sphincter

      Crafar sale was illegal, the court agreed. Labour was on the right side of the law once and will be again.
      Where was National ?  Lots of big donations from Chinese persons associated with buying dairy farms might be a hint.
      Goodfellow tells the National board hes hooked a big donor and is reeling him in.  Thats will be another big dairy farm they will have to bend the rules over

      • Markm

        Following Rules written by Labour is bending the rules in your world Le Sphincter.
        Not sure what world you live in , but your nom de plume suggests its somewhere normal people don’t go

      • Euan Rt

        Crafar sale was not illegal and the court did not agree. The court asked for the deal to be reconsidered, which it was.

      • johnopkb

        The Court did not agree that the sale of the Crafar farms was illegal you muppet, it directed the OIO to reconsider its decision to approve the sale to Shanghai Pengxin.  

      • Gazzaw

        Fuck off Phil. New format, new  pseudo-French, same old Phil.

      • Le Sphincter

        OIO didnt follow the law.  Thus the approval was invalid. Same as Labours position. 
        Two ministers didnt follow the law either- what is that called.

        Save this for another day  Les Miserables
        Phil Who ?

      • Roger

         Spincter’s are generally clever. They know when they have company and can discern the difference between s**t and gas and only let the gas out if wanted. You fail on all counts

      • johnbronkhorst

        What bullshit you talk!!!

      • Kock103 is a big buttplug

        Fuck off Phil

      • In Vino Veritas

        Sphinc. The Crafar deal was entirely legal and the OIO did indeed follow the law. On appeal by dissaffected propsective purchasers, Justice Miller added further interpretation and told them to review it under that interpretation. That is all.
        Law is clearly not your strongpoint. Steer clear.

      • Pukakidon

         Third form French twat.

        You are once again wrong. It might pay for you to do a bit more homework before making nonsense statements such as the Crafar sale was illegal.  

        Trying to speak French by looking on the internet is showing up your ignorance as well, your are an idiot.

      • Mediaan


      • TravisPoulson

        Silly Le Arsehole. 

        Crafar sale was not illegal, have you been on the catnip? The investors met the criteria of the OIO and they had no reason to deny the sale. As John Key said, he had to let the OIO do it’s job, it would have been illegal for him to interfere in the legal process.

        You really must check your facts before spouting foolishness. 

  • Andy

    It’s simple. The Minister of Internal Affairs can revoke his Citizenship anytime as it was fraulently obtained by Bill Liu or whaever his name is.
    Take it away and send him packing. Easy peasy.

    • Euan Rt

      I have no doubt that will happen as soon as he is pronounced ‘guilty’,

      • AnonWgtn

        No there will be years of appeal and in it Labour Obfuscation.
        Shearer will follow Clark’s Philip Field – Not guilty until until until.
        Not a good look for Shearer ——??a man of integrity??
        I was wrong after all. Just a typical labourite.

    • Roger

       And then watch the show as he makes the calls. Pass the popcorn.

    • Guest

      But once you start revoking citizenships where do you stop?

      Jones & Cuntliffe surely.

      • Le Sphincter

        You cant revoke citizenship of natural born  persons.

        ce qu’est un dingue 

  • johnbronkhorst

    “very arguable’…..the only arguable part of this corruption, is exactly HOW MANY labour ministers (at the time) were DIRECTLY involved. Cunliffe, Cosgrove etc…..

  • Le Sphincter

    John Banks is looking at a charge that carries a 2 year jail penalty.

     So thats  the same as Jones exercising his ministerial discretion, a matter of poor judgement.
    Ive heard of blowing smoke but your efforts on behalf of your good friend  Le Banque are incredulous.
    Where does old memory banks flick on his new buddy until he is locked up in Mt Eden?

    Hes crawling all over him, his birthday party, his house buying , his visit to HK.

    • johnbronkhorst

      not poor judgement….corruption….since it corresponds to DONATIONS made to the labour party and his residency was opposed by the dept too, so involves cunliffe and cosgrove too….how many others in labour knew or helped get these funds this way?
      Bank’s case is a simple he said she said case, It must be PROVED that he knew…..good luck with that!!! In jones’ case, the proof is right in front of you, and in writing!!!!

    • 4077th

      Le Butthole, Banks has done nothing illegal. He was a private citizen at the time. Read a little and you may become informed! Are you still chewing on your beret from that stupid 0.5T digger comment?

      • Riskit

        Banks was a minister when he lied. End of story Banks is as guilty as sin and has to go as does Jones.

      • AnonWgtn

        Sphincter perhaps your acronym is correct – to stop your arse closing with a bang.

    • Roger

       Just in “…. Shearer has accepted Jones explanations that he followed the law and made his decision (on Bill Liu) lawfully in spite of officials’ advice to the contrary”. So OK for Shearer to accept Jones’ explanations but not OK for Key to acccept assurances from Banks. Pot, Kettle, Black Shearer. 

    • Guest

      Bribery is 14 years

  • Busman

    lets hope this story develops further ! Shane Jones better hope his T`s are crossed and T`s dotted – ditto for Cuntliff

    • 4077th

      The only things those idiots have crossed is their fingers!

  • johnopkb

    I note that MSM is now reporting that Liu’s citizenship application form was filled out by a Labour Party organiser, one Shane Te Pou. Beginning to smell like a Simunovich packing house

  • ShaunHay

    It’s suspect, but no one is guilty yet.  Innocent until proven guilty, so while we should follow closely lets not go overboard on that count.  

    The issue here is the double standards from Shearer.  The way he commented on Key’s handling of Banks means he doesn’t consider guilt necessary to stand someone down.  If that’s the line then so be it, but stick to it.  

    My opinion is that people should be stood down if and when charges are laid.  Sure they may not be guilty, but at that point you could suggest there is a question of guilt.  Prior to that it’s more difficult as otherwise people members could go on accusing each other and very shortly we wouldn’t have a parliament (let alone a government).

  • Le Sphincter

    Le Tondeur says 

    He said Mr Jones had also rejected suggestions of financial incentives from Yan, including that he had offered a trip to China.He said Jones said he had received no money, gifts, or travel from Yan.”Shane is not a friend of Mr [Yan]. He believes he has met him on one or two occasions.”Monsieur Jones saysHe also rejected claims in Court he had approved citizenship the day after the file was passed on to him. He had received it on 14 July 2008 and it was approved on 6 August 2008. The ceremony was on August 11, 2008. 

    Opps the falsehoods are showing 

    • Roger

       Ahh, yep they are. With someone as loose as you around, anyone in Labour associated with this will need to check their undies.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Yes jones’ falsehoods are showing…..Notice the deception, he (jones didn’t PERSONALLY recieve….”) no but the labour pary did, didn’t they? As for the speed, my wife is English, we were maried at the time and in London…….It took 3 months to get her residency, and several years to get citizenship, MANY interviews and she was married to a NZ citizen by birth. Now tell me this wasn’t indecent haste!!!!

      • Le Sphincter

        So !
         Everyone has to wait at least 5 years from residency to get citizenship

        Only after all the interviews and paperwork had been completed and the file was with the minister for  a month. probably a standard time  for the ministerial paperwork

    • johnbronkhorst

      since gifts to politicials are value at below $50???i think He can recieve all the pornographic videos he wants, in exchange for citizenship!!

      • Blokeintakapuna

        Or nice little asian girl – save sore wrist and terris elbrow…they love him long time good friend…

  • Phar Lap

    Shearer is showing his true colours hazy black.Seems he is also good at whitewashing.Same as Goff and King on the great Darren Hughes scandal.Love to hear from his media mates.TV3s three stooges.Campbell, Garner, and Paddy whack.Not forgetting the unemployable Horrids John Armstrong. Allegations say at least four Lie-bour     Ministers  were in residence in the Jade Restaruant when the   Asians were putting big money in the pass the bucket caper.Surely not, Asian Passports for cash for the Lie-bour  Party,never .Yeah! Right!.

  • james 111

    Very interesting this Eddie at The Standard (joke) was rabbiting on about higher ethical standards and saying that Key should ditch Banks for Higher ethical standards reasons.
    I quickly reminded him of two during Huluns army time where higher ethical standards didnt apply. Those being Winston (hide the donation ) Peters and Phillip (lets rip off the tilers  ) Feild. Hulun & Heather did nothing about them. Will the new Labour under Shearer do anything about Jones. I think not listening to his media release already defending the toad

  • AnonWgtn

    Sad Shearer – expected better of you.

  • Guest

    Bill Liu got exactly what he asked for 

    no, Whale.

    Bill Liu got exactly what he paid for 

    • Gazzaw

      Express delivery too.

  • Phar Lap

    The Mogadishu   Mammys boy   Shearer,  will be  on trial in Parliament tomorrow.His creed,see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,as long as it concerns any member of his corrupt caucus.The Nats will hang him out to dry for his hypocrisy,especially with Jones.

  • Russell Belding

    Guess what? I saw a sensible comment from David Shearer today. He reckons the current superannuation scheme is unsustainable. Don’t we all know that? John Key — please do not die in a ditch for this. Please ramp the age up to 67 and put further actions on a watch to make make more sense of this coming tsunami.

    And more sense from David Skinning
    “Skilling likens the domestic focus to that of former Prime Minister Muldoon, whose so-called ‘Fortress New Zealand’ was embodied by policies such as the ‘Think Big’ projects, aimed at reducing the nation’s reliance on international oil, and state subsidies for the agricultural export sector.
    “We have not figured out how to position a small remote economy to compete in a global economy with factor mobility, intense competition and where global politics and economics are intersecting to a much greater degree,” Skilling said.
    “After the reform process wound down in the mid-1990s, the policy machinery seems to have run out of steam in terms of new ideas and debate.”

    • Russell Belding

      .oops. “Skilling” Bumble fingers me.

    • davcav

       And what the fuck has this got to do with the price of eggs (especially those that hopeful Chinese immigrants hope to buy)???

      • Russell Belding

        DavCav … seems to me this is an open discusssion with few rules. Shearer is in focus in this thread. He made a sensible comment today. So there is a link. And Skilling is a thoughtful, provocative commentator on economics in NZ. These topics are linked. And to end it all you got to fuss at me which has nothing at all to do with Shearer.  Are you biting the freedom that invigorates you?

      • Pukakidon

         Russel you are probably correct, when Shearer makes a sensible comment we should all take note.  It has finally happened and it will probably be very scarce event in the future as well.

        Lets all celebrate Shearer made a sensible comment!!!!!!!