Shearer, Petard, Hoist

Speaks for itself, but David Shearer was in full frontal attack when going after John Banks on Breakfast.

Very different to the David Shearer that fronted on Larry Williams NewstalkZB show last night.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    And this bloke wants to be PM??  He waffles.  If he was at sea it would be impossible to get a coherent order out of him and we are told he faced down Soamli Warlords Yeah Right.

    • Euan Rt

      I guess the translator didn’t stutter, or got so fed up with Shearer going around in indecisive circles, that he said “leave it to me, I’ll handle it”.

      • Random66

        Good answer, or I thought it might be that the Warlords took one look at Shearer and recognized a non threat when they saw one and dismissed him as being so inconsequential as not to be worth their time.  I think that is what John has done.

    • Pete George

      Jane Clifton’s latest column may have an explanation for the limitations of the warlord experience.

      As a sales job, this draws very near Shearer’s old gig of reasoning with
      Rwandan warlords. (And in the Labour Party, there is no equivalent to
      the UN’s blue “don’t shoot!” livery.)

  • Pete George

    I feel a bit sorry for Shearer – and question the competence of his support and advisors – but he’s been very pe-tardy on this.

    • Shearer’s a twat

      I have no such feelings of sympathy towards Caspar. He and the rest of the Nasty Party have had how many years to prepare for this? Yet he was forced by Larry Williams to admit that he was clueless about what was going on.

      But I do agree that the competence of him, his supporters and his advisers is sadly lacking. 

      Internal Affairs’ file on Bill Liu is unequivocal – as far as they were concerned, the guy simply didn’t measure up :

      The silence from the Left over this cash-for-citizenship corruption is deafening – particularly after the clamour of empty vessels over Banks and Dotcom’s dealings.

      • Computer jammed Mediaan

        Many thanks for that link to the citizenship application file, 13 pages, well worth a look.

        No less than three now-discredited Labour politicians writing letters to Shane Jones to urge him to grant the citizenship, getting more frantic in mid-2008 as election defeat approaches. Clearly trying to fulfil all dubious promises while they still could.

        Mr Yong, Yang, or Liu (choose one) appears to have arrived here aged around thirty in the three months of chaos following 9/11.

        I note with great interest the recurrence of the same Chinese surnames (supporting him here) as we’re involved in the Carrian banking stand overs and murders scandal that swept

      • Mediaan

        Late editing correction, sorry, Pansy Wong was of course National. Silly me.

  • In Vino Veritas

    I have to say, I have a bit of sympathy for this guy. Whilst he isnt cut out for the role, he has a good chunk of his party wanting to stab him in the back. His finance people,Parker, Mallard and Cunliffe are in fact financially illiterate (don’t even know the basics around asset divestment), Adern has no experience at anything, and has made Social Development spokesperson, Education – Mahuta, a lifetime politician with little real world experience, Hipkins, another wet behind the ears idealist (Victoria Uni greatcoat wearer), Fenton, Little, Dalziel, Moroney etc, unionists with no feel for creating wealth for anyone. Sheesh. The guy is on a hiding to nothing straight up, no matter how bad a speaker he is.

    • Patrick

       you could substitute the names above for any in the Liarbour party in the last 20 years & still draw the same conclusions, no good layabout never worked sucked off the public tit good for nothings bleeding the taxpayer & dragging the country down.

    • Mediaan

      Let’s see if my computer jams this time. Touchy little machine it is, with strong political opinions.

      Good comment there IVV, but Parker is not so financially illiterate. He knows how to use wads of taxpayer money just before an election, to grease for votes.

      Thus we have the unedifying spectacle of public servants with five years of service suddenly getting an extra week’s leave, just before an election. Covered 42,000 full time equivalent public servants in 37 government departments.

      All they have to do is Maintain Bums In On-seat Position for five years (not difficult as no other performance criteria are known to apply).

  • AnonWgtn

    Sad interview. If this is the best he can do he should stand aside and let Grant Robertson have a go.
    He could not do any worse.

  • Wayne

    On Larry Williams, “I have interrogated Shane on all the questions you have put to me” – yet throughout the entire interview we heard. ” sorry Larry you will have to ask Shane that, I’m not sure about that” – what a bumblimg bafoon!  

  • Russell Belding

    Oh dear. If there is any doubt that David Shearer is not fit to lead and not capable of shovelling aside BS then this “Um, … Ah..” interview settles the case.
    He tried.

  • Joe Bloggs

    this is a “tragic fail” on any marking rubric.

    Caspar comes across as a clueless fool … again.

    As for Jones shaping up to go after Internal Affairs ministry officials? Just another reason why Labour must never regain the treasury benches. The sooner this Nasty Party disappears the better.

    • Gazzaw

      Can you imagine the uproar from the PSA & labour’s union MPs if a Government minister went after Internal Affairs staffers in order to cover his arse.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Every unfortunate experiment must come to an end – especially if it blows up in the alchamists face, taking your “comrades” out with it.

    Shearer didn’t lie though…. he just did the political equivalent of throwing Jones under the bus by telling the media to “Ask Shane about it”

    The media can smell politican blood behind a wall of deceit, lies, and entrenched corruption from the Labour Party, so it will be interesting to watch how the leftie media try one one hand to out-make a sensational story about the Labour Party corruption, but on the other hand attmept to paint it as an “easily made human error in judgement – nothing really to see here, now back to Banks and Dotcom”

    Hey Shearer – hypocricy’s a bitch eh! Especially when it bites you, your leadership or lack of, your political party, your colleagues and all of NZ who are watching your every move over this issue. Don’t drop the ball now…

  • Seen this Cameron? FYI – below is a copy of the letter that was pushed into the gap between doors at John Bank’s empty Epsom electorate office at 27 Gillies Ave, yesterday, Monday 21 May 2012.
    Today, there is a protest being held outside your electorate office at 27 Gillies Ave, Newmarket from 12 noon till 2pm.
    The purpose of this protest is to encourage you to do the ‘honorable’ thing, and resign forthwith as the ACT MP for Epsom, and leave the NZ House of Parliament, before you bring it, and this country ‘perceived’ to be ‘the least corrupt in the world,( into further international disrepute.
    How can you honestly consider yourself to be ‘fit for duty’ as either an MP or a Minister of the Crown?
    Why is it that former Labour MP Taito Phillip Field got sentenced for SIX years for ‘bribery and corruption’, for providing ‘immigration advice’ to Thai nationals in exchange for work on his properties – whilst yourself, the Minister of Regulatory Reform is effectively getting political protection from NZ Prime Minister John Key, after you have given ‘immigration assistance’ and Coatsville property purchase ‘assistance’ to a German/ Finnish national, in return for $50,000 donated to your 2010 Auckland Mayoral campaign fund, and gifts valued at over $500 which you failed to declare?
    Are you aware that Kim Dotcom’s ‘John Bank’s song’ has had over 140,000 ‘hits’ on You Tube, in my opinion, helping to make NZ an international laughing stock?
    It is also of great concern to me, as a fighter also against ‘white collar’ crime, that ACT’s ‘one law for all’ has yet to apply to both yourself and Don Brash, current and former Leaders of the ACT Party.
    As former fellow directors of Huljich Wealth Management (NZ) Ltd, you both signed Huljich Kiwisaver Scheme registered prospectuses dated 22 August 2008 and 18 September 2009, which contained untrue statements, but you were never charged for so doing. This is a strict liability offence under s58(3) of the Securities Act 1978, but neither the old Securities Commission, the Finance Markets Authority (FMA), the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) , nor the NZ Police arguably ‘did their job’ and charged yourself or Don Brash.
    John Banks, you are now the Minister of Regulatory Reform, yet four different ‘regulatory’ bodies failed to act against you, someone, who arguably couldn’t properly run a Kiwisaver Scheme, yet now has a key Ministerial post and you are supposedly helping to run the country ‘perceived’ to be the ‘least corrupt in the world’
    (Copies of this correspondence are available on )
    Have you been politically protected at the highest levels, because this minority National Government has only 59 out of 121 MPs, thus no mandate for assets sales, because there is not a majority of National MPs, so is dependent on your pivotal vote?
    Is this why NZ Prime Minister John Key is arguably continuing to ‘defend the indefensible’ and still express ‘confidence’ in you, although former MPs, Richard Worth and Pansy Wong appear to have lost his confidence over a lot less?
    Penny Bright‘Anti-corruption campaigner’’http://www.dodgyjohnhasgone.com “

    • Random66

      I know this is just too obvious but why deliver the letter to an ’empty’ electorate office and why protest outside an empty electorate office?  Whats the point of making a noise if no one is going to hear it.  No wonder you have felt the need to contact WO, clearly you need the publicity.

      • Euan Rt

        Random, she had to protest outside an empty office so that noone would see she was Penny nomates.

      • Pukakidon

         Empty office, empty threat, empty brain.

        Even the name is an oxymoron Penny Bright, more like penny waster.

        What a load of twaddle!

    • johnbronkhorst

      Any evidence yet penny???? Proof perhaps???? NO…Just more supposition, inuendo and hear say…More of the same then. YOU MUST PROVE John Banks KNEW (no doubt) that the donations came from Kim Dot Com, AT THE TIME THAT THEY WERE MADE AND DECLARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Phillip Field was sentenced AFTER it was PROVED he committed a corrupt act!!!See that word there….PROVED!!!!!!!!!!! There is SIGNIFICANT
      E V I D E N C E….in writting, that implicates jones, cosgrove and cunliffe here, they KNEW Lui gave money to the labour party, they KNEW he was under investigation for criminal activity (with an arrest warrant out), they KNEW he used several alliaces, they KNEW the immigration had recommended he not be given citizenship…All this is in writting with jones’ signature on it!!!!!!No such PROOF exists re Banks!!!

      • Random66

        And Banks was acting as a private citizen whereas Jones was a Minister.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Richard worth……………..NO CASE TO ANSWER (driven out of parliament by sleeze politics and a complainant who misteriously withdrew the complaint AFTER he resigned)
      Pansy Wong….stupid, but it was her HUSBAND!!!!!!! No criminal act here either.

    • Joe Bloggs

      I trust that you’ll be putting a similar amount of effort into the citizenship-for-cash corruption of Shane Jones and his ilk in your role as ‘anti-corruption campaigner’

      • Agent BallSack

        She just wants Banks out of Epsom she has some deluded idea once he’s gone the populace will vote for her.

    • Agent BallSack

      Fuck off and vandalise more signs Penny.

    • Wayne

      Go away you stupid woman – you are a bloody nut case. The same Penny Bright who supported those losers who occupied Aotea Square – where’s your head? “Somewhere the sun dont shine”?

    • Rum


    • Phar Lap

       You got the wrong address,again.You should learn how to spell since when did Jones spell Banks.Go and get the scribble you dropped off and put it in the correct mail box.You might even get a reward such a a porno Dvd.

    • davcav

       So, when are you going to do this to Shane Jones???

    • Karlos

      Hi Penny,
      Good work, now that you have wasted your time on these unsubstantiated claims, as an Anti-Corruption campaigner are you going to be going after Shane Jones and the Labour Party over the Bill Lui ‘Party Donations for Citizenship’ saga?

      Also, have the police been made aware of the photographic evidence of defacement of private property shown on your website? I am pretty sure the good people of Epsom would be very happy to see this kind of behaviour dealt with in a severe manner. Great work tracking these thugs down and risking your own saftey photographing them.

      Anyway, keep up the good work, looking forward to your letter to Shane Jones. Not sure how you go about bringing down a whole political party in the case of the Labour donations, but good luck with that also.

      (Tried posting this on her website but it didn’t work, no wonder she has had a grand total of Zero comments on all of her posts)

    • Mediaan

      Section 58, Clause 4, Securities Act 1978, Penny. I can send you a magnifier from the Two Dollar Shop if you have difficulty with fine print.

      Banks did not prepare the graph in the Huljich statement and would be expected to rely on advice.

      If your opinion is that every Director should have checked every bit of every graph, no advisers helping, that would make New Zealand commercially unworkable.

      I guess it would be good for sales of spades, as we all headed for the hills and prepared for a return to caveman existence. Is that what you hope to achieve for Auckland if voted in as Mayor?

    • Fuck off Penny, go post letters through Shane jones office window.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Penny. Unfortunately you are a raving lunatic, stick to posting on the Standard, there are kindred nut jobs there. Firstly, your point regarding “regulatory bodies failing to act”. That is because there was nothing to act on, both Brash and Banks were not guilty of any offence. Your interpretation of the law is in fact, not the law.

      Secondly, if National have no mandate to sell assets, Labour had no mandate to raise taxes, and therefore I want all my overpaid taxes back. What you are saying, is that no Government without a clear majority (something that is unlikely to happen under MMP)has a mandate to do anything. Country therefore paralysed politically. Interesting……. but stupid.

  • CommonSense404

    Cam, PLEASE can we have an ignore button….

  • Lulu

    Hey Casper
    Umm… I don’t want any of your ghost chips.

  • Apolonia

    A guy with multiple identities would make an ideal citizen for Labour, given their history with multiple voting.