Shearer supports Hekia Parata

Once the Government fixes the teacher-funding ratio cock-up as they’ve promised to do, I’m looking forward to a good discussion and debate on the quality of teachers in our schools.  This will inevitably include debate about performance pay and how we better reward the good teachers.

This is probably the most important discussion we can have about our education system and I hope it’s not lost in the politicking over class sizes. It’s worth remembering that the overall education Budget is growing by half a billion dollars, and as Farrar pointed out the other day, big increases in the number of teachers hasn’t been equaled by outcomes.

So, improving the quality of the teachers in front of our classrooms is critical to the education system, and this is where Hekia Parata has hit the nail on the head.

She even has the support of the Labour Leader on her crusade.

Given that Shearer supports Hekia Parata’s focus on teacher quality, it’s little wonder he’s trying desperately to over-hype the class size issue – because below the opportunism, Labour actually agrees with Parata’s quality-based approach.


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  • CJA

    Where’s Kosh? I would like him to specifically comment on Shearer’s comment on whether he agrees or not.

    • Euan Rt

      With a ratio of 1 teacher to 10 students at his school, he may well be first in line to pack his bags. There, that should bring him in.

      • TravisPoulson

        just call him ‘Paul Gordon-Ruddell’, that usually gets his attention. If you play your cards right, he might even add a few “fucktards” in his comment, starting with a “LMAO” or even a “ooooh my my” with a “telling lies again I see” somewhere in between.

      • Euan Rt

        Just looking at Kokopu Schools’ webpage. I have pinned Kosh to room 5 I reckon ’cause there is a topic under room 5 called Cyber Saftey – dead giveaway really.

      • Boss Hogg

        Euan, “Saftey” – is that your spelling or as per web site? 

      • Euan Rt

        That is my point Boss. I know how to spell ‘safety’.

      • Boss Hogg

        Euan – As I thought.  What a pathetic example.  What else can one say?


      • AngryTory

        Has the teachers’ council complaint gone in yet?

    • thor42

       Shhhhhh….. don’t wake it…… ;)  

  • Grandstream

    bet he wasnt addressing the teachers union ! 

  • David

    Isn’t it amazing how the teachers union captures the media, just incredible. Relentless nonsense on minor staffing changes dominate the headlines, one can understand labour doing the bidding of their paymasters but there appears to be NO Journo who dares even question the unions.

  • Orange

    The chart on this page suggests that NZ teachers are doing really well in the performance/pay ratio?
    In other news, today I was chased by a fat angry pigeon down a hallway outside an exam I was minding.

  • Tony

    The answer seems simple. Make sure that the teachers we lose in this exercise are the worst performing ones. Then the children who are disadvantaged with those teachers will be placed in classes with better teachers. 

    • Gravedodger

      And best of all for labour, more failed teachers in the recruitment pool for party renewal.

  • Dion

    “Most of them are good ones”

    From my (somewhat limited) observations it’s about half and half.  Half are really good – and the remaining half range from “don’t give a shit” to downright hopeless.

  • AuntZinnia

    How much dosh would it take to lure you clearly learned gents into fronting a class of year 10s (4th form in the old money)?

    • Euan Rt

      No problem for me. I used to teach religious education in schools some years back and got plenty of stick until the class and I built up a rapport. Then it was great. Also have taught tertiary students.

    • Boss Hogg

      About the same amount required to make me want to be a Nurse or Policeman.  All of the good ones deserve huge respect and good rewards.  All the low performers need to be weeded out.  Just my thoughts.

    • kosh10003

      Can’t you shut up Aunt Im getin heat

      • Steve (North Shore)

        Just washing some bait?

  • Mark

    The teachers were ready for this. Emotional letter arrived home with year 8 son on the same day of the announcement. No facts, just crap about parents needing to “rise up”. For gods sake I’m in a blue sth island seat. We barely rise for the All Blacks.

    Today they allocated 20 minutes for kids at local intermediate to write to John key with messages delivered by the teacher. When my son refused to write a letter his teacher said to him that “if he didn’t care about Technology, then so be it…”

    Time to hammer them harder.

    • Euan Rt

      Mark, that needs to be reported. It makes me sick to my stomach.

      • TravisPoulson

        I second that. That communist needs to be exposed. 

  • Benito

    I just listened to Hekia Parata on the maori news, if the translation is correct it very clear she considers both in word and deed that non-maori children are second class and deserve to be screwed over to favour maori. I hope the transcript becomes available and published widely so people can see for themselves what this two-faced foul dishonest traitor is is saying to the general public of NZ an to the maori audience, she’s indulging in double language taqiyya no different from an Islamist enemy.

    Why is this racist bigot bitch our minister of education?
    Why is this Maori supremacist even in the National Party?
    Did National promote her as a token Maori to curry favour with liberals or was it just another secret sell-out deal with the Maori Party?   
    Shame on you National, shame, what an absolute disgrace shitting on our children.

  • ploughboy007

    our teachers posted out a letter about class sizes with the school newsletter.there is a letter of complaint going to the board of trustes because a group of parent dont beleive that the school newsletter should be used to promote political use the pupils used to deliver it.
    if the teachers got the kids to write letters all hell would break loose.

    • Riskit

      There is nothing wrong with schools informing their parents of what will happen with staff cuts . But it is not good if they offer an opinion.