Shearer supports Hekia Parata

Once the Government fixes the teacher-funding ratio cock-up as they’ve promised to do, I’m looking forward to a good discussion and debate on the quality of teachers in our schools. ?This will inevitably include debate about performance pay and how we better reward the good teachers.

This is probably the most important discussion we can have about our education system and I hope it’s not lost in the politicking over class sizes. It’s worth remembering that the overall education Budget is growing by half a billion dollars, and as?Farrar pointed out the other day, big increases in the number of teachers hasn’t been equaled by outcomes.

So, improving the quality of the teachers in front of our classrooms is critical to the education system, and this is where Hekia Parata has hit the nail on the head.

She even has the support of the Labour Leader on her crusade.

Given that Shearer supports Hekia Parata’s focus on teacher quality, it’s little wonder he’s trying desperately to over-hype the class size issue – because below the opportunism, Labour actually agrees with Parata’s quality-based approach.