Sky City Winner

That’s right Whaleoil is pleased to announce that Sky City have indeed selected their next Government Relations Manager.

While Tracy Watkins may be of the view that Whaleoil “runs half-baked conspiracy theories and innuendo” it turns out that yet again my sources are better than hers. Perhaps if Watkins talked to a few more people other than the Labour party she might just get a more accurate range of information.

Surprise, surprise, the winner is a mate of Bews-Hair which puts the odds of 5 to 1 as pretty bloody average.

The ever so slight twist is that the winner is… Sifa Taumoepeau. Sifa has already been Sky City’s Government Relations Manager. He had a stint a few years back before following then head of Sky City (Evan Davies) to Todd Property.

So how close is Sifa Taumoepeau to James Bews-Hair and did Bews-Hair really have a role in getting Sifa back in there?

Let’s have a look at a bit of history first:

  • Bews-Hair recruited Taumoepeau into the Labour Party Research Unit.
  • Bews-Hair no doubt got Taumoepeau his job at Tourism Industry Association (when Bews-Hair left to join Sky City)
  • Bews-Hair then handpicked Taumoepeau to take on the New Zealand aspects of the Government Relations role at Sky City (when Bews-Hair left to go to Northland and try and help mine the place to bits)
  • Bews-Hair and Taumoepeau continue to be close friends.

Under Bews-Hair and Taumoepeau’s stewardship Sky City largely flew under the radar, built relationships with the various problem gambling groups and did a whole lot of wanky community outreach crap. All lovely cover for the true corporate (and completely appropriate given they are a bloody corporate) to get what they needed to extend their business in New Zealand and Australia.

So, how will Bews-Hair manipulate his friend this time (and isn’t it remarkable that anyone still trusts him)? and to what end? To help Len get that conference centre and theatre?

Anyone noticed how all of a sudden Len has suddenly got all tough on gambling again?


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  • And WO does it again. I wonder if he should run his own digital channel over the net, never know he could outstrip One News in the viewers department :P 

    But speaking of Len I did see this come up this morning hmmm…

    • Neil

      There is nothing like having a faithful team of blabbers to put you ahead of the media. I was just thinking last night actually thats what the old Duke pub was in the 1970’s – all the press guys used to meet there and get the latest goss (along with all sorts of other stuff) – this type of thing don’t happen as much and noone wants to be seen with the current crop…..

  • Cullen’s Sidekick

    “Perhaps if Watkins talked to a few more people other than the Labour
    party she might just get a more accurate range of information” – ooooh hurts pretty bad!

  • Peter Wilson

    Now Sky just have to choose the Minister for “Sky City Relations” – the cabinet minister that will co-ordinate any other law changes required.