So Bloody What

Campbell Live

I was very pleased to see John Key using the “So Bloody What” defence to the carping of John Campbell with his faux outrage over whether or not john key had dinner with someone, or met someone else.

Politicians should deploy this more often.

So bloody what….is damn good answer that I use almost daily.


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  • Petal


    (All the ducks dead already, or have they all disappeared to healthier environs?)

    • Ducks were few and far between today, but two Mallards made the mistake of dropping in at 6pm..boom, boom, two deal Mallards

      • Liberty

        With your skillful 
        shooting/writing   Mallards are
        such easy pickings. 

      • worksux

        You got good eyes, I didn’t put a shot up till 6.30 when I could see them on the water

  • Positan

    Campbell’s interviewing style is teeth-gnashingly enraging.  He interrupts his subjects ceaselessly – often on matters irrelevant to the central theme of what he’s purporting to follow.  Like so many TV front-people who are heroes to viewers only in their imagination and, as a result, have no sense of substance or “being” in the real world, he appears to be driven by arrogance and a sublime belief in his own infallibility.  

    Avoiding his slot – along with those of Sainsbury and Holmes – has increased my enjoyment of life and greatly assisted my blood pressure.

    • Liberty

      Change  to channel 4

      Mr Burns would be the anti Christ  to the likes of Campbell and his fellow pinkos

      • Roland

        Is it unbiased news? If so, I will give it a go, sick of Garner and Gower giving the same old spin virtually every night, that is why I switched from One to Three quite some time ago, Patrick you still need to tie your hands behind your back or learn to rotate your cuff links

    • ScarfaceClaw

       Amen to that.
      This is the reason we do not watch this arse………what a BOZO ! ! !

  • maninblack

    John Campbell is just a discrace. Why must he feel such a urge to find some dirt on this Government.. when there is bugger all or non!! He is becoming NZs Micheal Moore.
    His show is crap.. when he is not mud raking, he is fund raising.
    And the ratings reflect it.

    • AnonWgtn

      At 7pm my wife swirtches to Shortland Street as both TVNZ and TV3 are crap she says – so is Sortland Street also, but different crap.

  • Johnboy

    How can anyone, with any taste whatsoever, waste say half an hour of their precious lives bothering to watch such a funny looking little creature as Campbell?

    Must be a Jaffa thing I guess!

    • Gazzaw

      Johnboy, Johnboy. Do get it right.

      Jaffas come from Dunedin, Jafas are proudly Auckland.

      Campbell by the way hails from Wellington. Born, bred, ‘educated’ & trained by Radio Red.

      • Guest

        Just Another Fancy Fucking Aucklander

      • Gazzaw

        Tch, tch. Such provincialism.

      • Tom

        Just Another Fucking Aftershock

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Campbell Dead

    7:00 Week nights.

  • Campbell + Dotcom + Mallard + Williams

    It’s an interesting demonstration of the media trying to create news, aided and abetted by a politician and a party official, with the obvious aim of destablising the government. Is Mike Williams the link-man in all of this?

    • Positan

      One thing’s almost certain – sooner or later Williams will become the object of media focus.  As with all media pursuits, when one appears to have something, all the others will join in, afraid to be in the “missed that one” queue.

      Perhaps Cam could stimulate something to initiate matters.  Casting sunlight on hitherto unknown gyrations of “official” Labour and its attempted activities must have enormous potential.

  • Mickrodge

    John Key has handed “the little creep” his arse on two occasions in the last 2-3 weeks.

    Campbell has been goading him most nights about not fronting over the “big” issues so it was good to see the PM front up & pour cold water all over John Campbell’s wet dream.

    He owned him from start to finish which was a thing of beauty.

    • Mooloo

      Whats a big issue to Campbell is small cheese to the rest of us. Key has their measure 
      This week in parliament he ripped Shearer up for arse paper. But you would never know .
      Some of the old hacks like Barry Sopper realize his value and are more pragmatic.
      They understand they have a leader in a generation to deal with . Key is as good as it gets .
      their would be few leaders globally that would hold a light to Key including Obama .
      The big worry is where to from here once John  go’s .  

  • Phar Lap

    Thought John Key was sensational against Campbell.Hard to believe Campbell gets paid more than John Key.At the end of the grilling when John Key smashed Campbell,i almost thought for a moment Campbell was going to ask John Key for a job,OR EVEN HUG HIM .Campbell knows he has met his match when the PM, gets Campbell to stop making grimacing faces.

  • Curmudgeon1

    yip …handed to him on a plate again…. Campbell really struggling to make a story of relevance out of the issues he raised. Campbell seemed a little more polite this week after severely embarrassing himself last week. If only other MSM could similarly be brought in to the world of reality ……..

  • Michael

    For Campbell to claim there is some big conspiracy against Dotcom (and given the Left’s recent comments about influencing of politicians) you have to wonder if he’s been bought by Dotcom.

  • Fozzzie

    Don’t care – can’t be bothered – no great discussion – haven’t talked to him – geez what a leader our PM is  – if my teenager gave me this vague run around responses like this to direct questions -I would be pushing the bullshit button. Well done John Campbell you flushed out Key … can’t wait for the next installment – that is if Key is game !!

    • TravisPoulson

      Flushed out Key? get off the crack son. Key can rip Campbell a new arsehole any day of the week, he’s already shown this. Campbell is a weak interviewer, only knows how to distort facts to bolster his argument and get shown up every time he does it. Another victory to Key, Campbell failed to rattle him and by the end of the interview it seemed pretty clear Campbell knew it. 

  • Et Lamcrae

    Campell is not in the same leage as John Key . The PM left him for dead !

  • Johnboy

    Jesus you lot are a pack of sad arses! Get a bloody life. Stop watching TV.

    Specially that creepy little dude with the eyes too close together!


    • Steve (North Shore)

      There are many creepy pricks with the eyes too close together.
      Watch TV1 tomorrow at 9am. No don’t, serious, you will be sorry if you do

  • Kiwikea

    Perspective – The GC outrates Campbell Live.

  • Big Bruv

    Note how Dotcom has become the darling of the left in the last week or so. Many (or most) did not care less if the fat prick was sent packing to the USA, however now that he has come out swinging at Banksie the left love the guy.

    • Robert Anderson

       So Bruv does that mean what we always thoiught,. that you are a closet leftie anyway.
      Lots of us thought the opposite, especially those on the right when we saw the state and its brothers big brother steal a persons freedom and assests. A billion or so worth of assests using what has been deamed  and admitted to be illegal means. I hope you and the rest of the lefties who thought that was the right thing to do have fat cheque books to repay Dotcom when he sues the NZ Govt. Becuase  a lot of us are fed up with proping up corrupt govt. and this action was just that.
      Oh but I can hear you lazy lefties shouting and screaming that it was all in the cause of socialism and American bully boy companies.

      • Big Bruv

        Robert, leaving aside the fact that you must be a bit thick it is interesting that you claim to speak for the entire “right”. Might that be because you are stupid or is it just a sign of your out of control ego?

        Anyway, if you are indeed a true right winger you would know that we worship property rights above pretty much anything else. Dotcom is a man who has made ‘his’ money through stealing other peoples work. What ever way you look at it the man is a thief.

        Still, if that is your idea of what constitutes a right winger then knock yourself out.

        Or….are you one of those bible bashing folk who call themselves a “Conservative’?
        Because if you are then please disregard everything that I have said in this post, if you are one who believes that your belief in the sky fairy gives you the right to tell the rest of us how to live our lives then you are right, i am not in the same part of the political spectrum as you and thank goodness for that.

  • captain Kidd

     People have little knowledge of what a prime minister does and how he fills his day.They are under the impression he has all the time in the world to get involved in any/every thing.if this could be the case why would we need ministers as the PM could do everything.

    •  Too true Captain Kidd. Whereas Helen Clark was a micro-manager/control freak, Key lets his Ministers do their jobs and stand or fall by their results. That’s how government should be.

      • TravisPoulson

        Whereas Helen Clark was a micro-manager/control freak”

        Never a truer statement Inv2, and it shows in the vacuum she left behind in the Labour Party. Nobody knows how to do their jobs, even the old guard. Just focusing on being as nasty as they possibly can. 

  • David

    Far better interview than you get on state TV, Campbell needs to stop interrupting but he is streaks ahead of sainsbury. QandA with Boyd and Taurima is just appalling to watch considering it is a Sunday morning and a longer format.

    • Positan

      Agreed – Taurima has been an appalling replacement for Espiner.  His interviews are an embarrassment to watch with the obvious contempt he demonstrates for those he interviews.

  • Roland

    To tell you the truth, thought there would be more comments here about Keys handling of Campbell the other night, I particularly liked it when Key said with a wry smile, that he watched Campbell occasionally…I posted off comment yesterday about Rodney and with permission will repeat here…’ Just off subject here for a moment, In reply to Kosh, I thought John Key had a ‘sterling interview’ with Campbell tonight, esp with the ‘salient’ comment and correction, he is very comfortable with telling the truth and not about to be bullied into saying something or being coerced into admitting untruths. The best policy is honesty, like my dad said, tell the truth and the lies will never catch up with you’ps Is Kosh on school camp? Very quiet  

    • Kosh103

      I have been busy today in the real world. Try it sometime.

      Key is a smary little git. Dismissive and too full of himself and it will be his downfall.

      • Ngrim

        Just like Helen Clark ;-)

      •  Do you see a lot of yourself in John Key then Kosh?

      • Kosh103

        Ngrim – Helen was a true statesperson – Key is just a smary prick in a suit.

      • Whollyghost

        John Key is a self-made man. Helen Clark was just a regular guy.

      • Arnold

         you gotta be on the booze for a comment like that on Helen…she was a dictatorial bitch…..

  • Kosh103

    Being a self made man doesnt mean you cannot be a smary git in a suit.

    • Calonz

       Get your hand off it, northy… 

  • Jim

    Kock, whatever your name is,  Helen Clark was nothing of the sort, she was, is, and always will be a androgynous red commie who has used NZ to drive her cosmopolitan, multicultural idealism just so she could step up to her current role where she can look down upon tossers like yourself and sniff with such statements that NZ doesn’t concern her now, she has bigger fish to fry.

  • Positan

    Kosh, your writings are consistent – a willfully-blind, head-in-the-sand attitude to whatever might be the actuality.  That’s fine, it’s a free country and the Left and its followers are entitled to be an ill-informed, useless entity that’s convinced itself it’s capable of governing – but surely you owe it to yourself to at least attempt to determine whatever is the actuality before you blurt out your fatuous nonsense.  

    On the plus side – now that this blog is established as by far the country’s most popular, your inane “visits,” which never contribute anything, only serve to increase the fact of its audited popularity.

  • Kosh103

    I love how the right are still scared shitless of one of NZs greatest PMs. Poor patheic right wing idiots.

  • AngryTory

    Such a pity since there are a lot of real questions an interviewer would ask Key.

     * why are my taxes so crazily high?

     * why are you borrowing a billion a week to flush down the toilet of benefits? 

     * why are we paying the DPB to people who don’t care enough about their kids to look after them themselves?

     * why are we paying the dole to people who can’t be bothered working?

     * why are we paying the super to people who didn’t make provisos for their retirement?
     * why are there only two charter schools — why is every other school run from a Ministry in Wellington?  * why have you continued the communist policies of the previous Government?

    Want to see Key squirm? ask him so real questions! 

  • Paul

    Poor pathetic right wing idiots ?? Cam, run a new poll on whether this fuckwit kosh stays or gets fucked off to bother somebody else, I for one, am sick to my hind teeth of listening to his constant, banal, trite bollocks…what say the rest of the army ?.

    • James Gray

      Meh. He’s merely irritating at the moment.

      Banning things that merely irritate is what socialists do.