Stupid is as stupid does, Ctd

The Sun

A classic case of stupid is as stupid does:

A PRANKSTER was red in the face after painting himself green – when his new colour wouldn’t wash off.

Brazilian man Enrique dos Santos,35, a swimming pool attendant, was trying to look like superhero The Hulk but used a paint reserved for ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines.

The comic book fan tried to scrub off the glossy green in the shower, but the substance stained his skin.

And more embarrassment was heaped on him when local papers in Brazil said the woman trying to help him was his girlfriend – when in fact it was his mother.


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  • Fost

    Hope she disinfected the toilet brush before using it on him.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    A rising star for The Green Party…

  • CJA

    The only question I have is: “Where the hell did he get the paint from?”

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Yep… and who’s ya mummy, mummy fucker!

  • Sthnjeff

    Gareth Hughes pulling another stunt?

  • That is just too bloody funny…….!!! Made my lunch time….

  • Gazzaw

    So he’s a comic book fan? I’m guessing that he just looks at the pictures.

  • John Q Public

    He should change his name to Jade.

  • TravisPoulson

    I’ve always said: if you set an idiot trap, it will always catch one.

    Seems evident here though, that they catch themselves without any outside interference. 

  • Rodger T

    My ballistic missile needs a touch up, oh ,and some paint too.
    Where can I get some?

  • Area86

    dont make him angry.  you wouldnt like him when he’s angry…

  • MrV

    Is that Faafoi?