Stupid is as stupid does, Ctd

Not surprising either that he comes from Palmerston North.

His Facebook personalised url is

And he looks like another stupid neo-nazi cocksmoker with a Swastika and Eagle as his Profile wallpaper. In his images he has the White Pride Logo.


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  • Joe_Bloggs

    I guess there’s a lowest common denominator in every society.

    I’m pissed off though that my hard-earned taxpayer dollars will likely end up supporting this loser’s stretch in prison 

  • Tweakin’

    Probably Matt Blomfields’ dealer.

  • Jimmie

    Please can he be the first of Shearer’s mythical folk heading overseas……

  • smh = Sydney Morning Herald?

    • Rob

      “shake my head” i believe.

  • TravisPoulson

    Oh it gets even dumber than this post:  

    Jowe Cootes was at anyone after weed txt me or pm me on 0274171087.6 hours ago

    • TravisPoulson

      give him a text constable!

  • Mickrodge

    This speaks volumes really about the intellect & social standing of your “run of the mill” white supremacist.

    Are we born this stupid or do you really have to work on it?

    • TravisPoulson

      The saddest part is he has ‘friends’.

  • Troy

    Geeze, if ever there was a model of clinical stupidity it must be this guy, what a drip.

  • Exclamation Mark

    Sorry, I couldn’t understand any of that, what language are these fucking morlocks speaking?  

    • Rodger T

      Its Fucktardian EM. They run classes in it at schools these days.

      Welcome to the future.

  • Glenn

    It’s tempting to text him with a request to bring his stash to 330 Broadway…

  • maninblack

    That is just unbelivable- i actually cannot believe people like that exist..

  • Razorlips81

    So what exactly is the problem with White Pride? Think about it White folk – we are the most descriminated against race right now! Joris De Bres who remains mum when Maori make some  rather racial statements has the audacity to comment on Mr Crimps call for equality! De Bres is like an autoimmune disease!

    • Brian Smaller

       You have a point. The only racial group or culture that has become verboten to have any pride in is European. It has got to the point in the UK where the Cross of St Goerge – their bloody flag for god’s sake, is seen as a racist oppressive emblem akin to a swastika.

      • Razorlips81

        Brain I follow what is happening in the UK too. I am very uncomfortable with what I see happening there. This is becoming a world wide trend though and we are just lying down and accepting it! I think that her name is Emma West, she lost it a bit and was filmed then posted on Youtube. Has anyone seen some of the black Youtube responses to her little reaction? Those chaps can say what the hell they like, Emma West went to jail. This is just one little example. Listen to some “rap music” for further racial harmony.

      • ConwayCaptain

        The reason the Corss of t george is seen as racist etc is because of the people who use it.  They are of the mentality of the retard shown above.

    • Rodger T

      Seriously Razor, you want cretins like this and the obviously senile Crimp speaking for you?
      I got my pride ,I don`t need fuckwits like these .

      • Razorlip81

        Did I say that they speak for me? I see Crimp’s comments as a call for equality. What is wrong with that? Why should we live in a segregated society? Why should race allow some peoples more privelages than others? Why should Maori be allowed to make blatant racial suggestions or comments, while Whites get crucified for the slightest hint of racism? 

    • Exclamation Mark.

       Anyone claiming pride in their race marks themselves out as a fucking looser in my books – black, white, brown, yellow, whatever. 

      It speaks to me of a person with a totally empty life, with no personal achievements or accomplishments to be proud of and all they have to fall back on is the colour of their skin – something they have absolutley no control over. Whats the point? It may as well be “being born with two arms and two legs” pride.

      Next time you hear of someone talking about their racial pride, you can just about gaurantee it will be coming from the lips of some sniveling failure or violently hateful degenerate who wants to feel suprior beacuse of the colour of their skin.  It is almost always because they are incapable of making any kind of positive mark on the world as individuals.

      I’m certainly not ashamed of being white but why would I be proud of my race when it includes fucking dickheads like this?

  • Brian Smaller

    @Conway Captain – it is more than just that the neo-nazis use it. It has been deemed offensive to Islam because it is the Crusader Cross. It the neo-nazi fools never went near it it woul dstill have the same racist connotation.