Suing for a hard on

Sydney Morning Herald

Only in America could you sue for getting a woody while riding a motorbike. SOme people actually take drugs for long lasting erections and this guy wants to sue for it?

A Californian motorcycle enthusiast has taken legal action after a bike seat gave him long lasting erections.

Straight from the “only in America” files comes this – a Californian man is suing BMW North America over a seat that gave him a severe case of priapism (A persistent, lasting erection) that has lasted for 20 months.

Henry Wolf claims his 1993 BMW motorcycle, or more specifically the bike’s “ridge-like” seat, gave him a “severe case of priapism” when he took it for a four-hour ride on May 1, 2010, according to the Courthouse News Service.

Wolf is suing BMW North America and the seat’s manufacturer, Corbin-Pacific, in a product liability lawsuit in the California Superior Court in San Francisco, claiming the “negligent design, manufacture and/or installation of the seat” has caused the painful condition.

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Narrow, “banana” style seats similar to the one reportedly fitted to Wolf’s motorcycle have been associated with problems such as genital numbness and even erectile dysfunction, however Wolf’s case is the first known to tackle the opposite side of the problem.

The court notes state the Wolf “has been experiencing continuing problems since his motorcycle ride” including “substantial emotional and mental anguish” and the inability to engage in sexual activity.


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  • Alloytoo

    ““substantial emotional and mental anguish” and the inability to engage in sexual activity.”

    Silly me, I thought a ‘Woody’ enabled normal sexual activity.

  • Dave

    Knowing BMW’s target market:   I would suggest they use this in their advertising and promotion.   

    Warning the seat on some BMW bikes are likely to give you a Long Lasting erection.   I can just see the response at BMW bike dealers.   

    “Hi, are you looking for the 1993 model…… Yes, my wife suggested i get one now”   

  • BJ

    What a crock!

    • Phar Lap

      Some Sheilas might think what a cock.!

  • Guest

    I’m buying my old man a motorbike tomorrow. Does he need to know how to drive one, or is it merely enough to sit on it in the garage?

    • Boss Hogg

      Post of the Day !!

  • bristol

    A mate of mine went to see the Doc, claiming he got a massive erection every time he sneezed. The Doc asked him if he was taking anything for it. “Yes”, my mate replied, “pepper” 

  • Polishpride

    Only in America