Sure you are

I just received this email, pretty sure it is legit…I mean they have branches in the UK, M alaysia and Ghana…what do readers think?

They are reccommended by the general loan lending commission after all…surely it is safe?

I wonder what their fees are? Seems a real bargain.

This is a general notification to the public. We are a reputable and
legitimate loan lender company in United Kingdom,Malaysia and Ghana.We
give out all kinds of loans, such as personal loans,commercial loans,
business loans, investment loans, etc. We offer long and short terms loan
services with an affordable interest rate of 3% only. We offer the best
loan services on the internet,because our loan services are very genuine
and efficient.

We have also been awarded by the general loan lending commission as the
best loan company on the internet. For details about our loan services,
contact us via email for more informations.To apply, send down the details
below to this email: [email protected]

1. Names in full :
2. Country of Residence/Address :
3. Amount :
4. Duration Of Loan :
5. Age:
6.Phone Number:
7.Applicant Address:

We look forward to your patronage.


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  • Wayne

    Safe as houses – go for it Cam!!!!

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Seems Legit…

    Give them Trev’s and Little’s adress – they’re gonna need some deep pockets soon to pay for the slander on Crusher…

  • RightNow

    Is it too late for Seripissoff to apply?

  • johnopkb

    We offer long and short terms loan
    services with an affordable interest rate of 3% only.
    per day?
    per hour?

  • Jimmie

    Wonder if they’d lend me $$ to buy the Auckland Harbour bridge?

  • Nisugo_Neep

    Dear Friend Mr Oils,

    Please I see you have been contacted by my West African colleagues for the offering of their most excellent loans at 3 percent only.

    It is most respectfully important you do NOT rush to take the offers of these fools only to be crushed by the weight of their crazy 3 percent loans.

    Mr Oils my most happy friend I do not wish to see you struggle under the burden these Ghana devils are here trying to put on you like a small girl sweating to carry a full barrel of water from the well.

    I am most honest and generous Officer of the Governing Army of Nigeria, and also in banking too, and my special loans due to happy accidents are now to you available for only a gentleman 2 percents only.

    Please we must do business as men, and if you quickly have your servant send to my office your banking details, we will grow rich and drink beer in the sunset together, and laugh at the screeching of the Ghanian monkey devils and their womanish loans at 3 percents.

    Your humble friend,

    Lord General Most Excellent & High,
    Chief Goodluck Mugabutu

    • Roger

       Give it away Trev. Stick to Trademe

  • Mark

    Looks like a fantastic deal. As well as your name address etc I think you should also give them your credit card number and all pin numbers and passwords. They only have your best interests at heart so nothing will go wrong.

  • Rick Rowling

    Me, I’d rather use the services of Esenam Ayele and his Society of Charitable African Millionaires.

  • jaundiced

    I was a bit sceptical, until I read that they have been ‘awarded by the general loan lending commission as the best loan company on the internet’

    I’m in.

  • dogbox64

    I dont know why Looney Len hasnt applied.He could fund his whole new train set and the rate payers of Auckland would be ever so gratefull.Wish that guy would send me a application form.

  • Whollyghost

    I was ok with the branches in Malaysia and Ghana, they are solid countries – but there’s no way I’m trying for a loan when they state the UK is also a host country – dodgy as…