Surely sterilisation is a valid option

NZ Herald

A child killer has been sent to prison for two years. So far she has managed to kill two of her children, there are 5 survivors…surely this is a case for sterlisation in order to protect other children.

She has been sent to prison for longer than her children lived…but only just.

A mother who admitted killing her baby boy by accidentally suffocating him after a day spent drinking has been sent to prison.

It is the second time one of Ngaire Kura Tukiwaho’s babies has died in her care.

Justice Graham Lang handed down a sentence of two years and one month jail when Tukiwaho appeared in the High Court at Rotorua this morning after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of 2-month-old Tahi Elvis Edwards.

According to a summary of facts, Tukiwaho, who is a mother of five, had been sleeping with the baby in the back seat of a car on January 5, 2011.

When Tukiwaho woke up the baby was blue and not breathing.

It was found Tahi died as a result of probable accidental suffocation associated with an unsafe sleeping environment.

It was the second time one of Tukiwaho’s babies had died and the 30-year-old had received information about the importance of safe sleeping practices following the cot death of the first.

In January 2008, police were called to a property where Tukiwaho was found intoxicated.

Tukiwaho told police she had discovered her son Hoani Benino, who was 1 month old, dead in his cot.

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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Now this is a topic Hone should be working himself into a frothing lather about!

    • John Q Public

      Yes. Am expecting the hikoi to stop child violence to be announced any day now….

      • thor42

         Well said, JQP! 
        Yeah…. fat chance of that. The bro’s and sis’s are more interested in smoking dak and wandering off to the pub to spend their dole money.

      • frosty

        Just find the last hikoi – whatever road it is currently driving down between short leg stretches – and swap banners while they have a pub and smoke stop.  And give all of their kids t-shirts.  And pedometers for all – first one to hit 1000 steps gets a prize.

  • Allan Chesswas

    Compulsory adoption…

  • In a past life I worked as a security guard and was tasked, when we were called to attend, with preventing certain people from getting near the mother and baby while newborns were removed into protection. Man that was some wake up to what some of our fellow humans turn out like….It does end up giving you some really hard arse views on circumcision and sterilisation I can tell you.

    • 4077th

      Correct me if I’m wrong Neil but circumcision is not a form of birth is on the other hand a form of fun control especially for the girls.

  • Rocky

    She’s going to be out before Tama Iti…..about 7months.

    • Richard B.

      Just about long enough for the next victim to cook.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    8 Grains of lead administered topically at high velocity should work. I think you’ll find it will be self sterilising….

    • Bawaugh

      1) Not everyone is killed by a gun shot.
      2) Innocent until proven guilty. 

  • Bawaugh

    While I hope this lady will change in the future, the best option is to remove her from her children for her children’s sake and the sake of this lady (so she reduces the change of re offending). 

    I would not be surprised if CIPS has a very large file on this lady. The will be a lot we don’t know, and CIPS may be looking at putting her children out for perminant  guardianship. I don’t think compulsory adoption is allowed in NZ. 

  • tarkwin

    Once could be an accident, twice is a crime – shoot her.

  • Sweetd

    Bullets are cheaper than sterilisation.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Oh you cant sterilise her that woukld impinge on her right to have children!!!

    Sue Bradford woukld have CONIPTIONS!!!

  • 4077th

    It occurs to me that she is her own form of birth control! 

    • Phronesis

      Post-natal abortion?

  • wiltinpenis

    For God’s sake everyone – give this woman some space!!!
    Oh, that’s right… she’s got it – about 3 metres by two.

    Am I correct in understanding that kid-killers are considered low scum in male prisons?
    I wonder how she will be treated by her new peers.

    • Euan Rt

      she might get a job as a nanny on the maternity wing of the jail.

  • Stevo

    Evolution at work.

  • Dion

    Of course the other way to look at this is that she has a 71% survival rate.

    • Euan Rt

      Yes, people don’t ‘fail’ in NZ do they?

      • Dion

        Exactly :)

    • Stevo

      She hasn’t finished yet.

  • Andrei

    The only difference between this woman and kiwi middle class slags is that the middle class slags murder their babies before they are born – which makes all this hand wringing hypocrisy of the first order

    • A-random-reader

      Please go away. Nobody here cares about your point of view.

  • Jman

    Low life scum like this will continue to churn out more offspring until eventually we are another 3rd world basket case.


    Sadly proberly means tax payer saves in the long run.Can only imagine how the rest are going to turn out.If they make it that is.