Swedish politicians don’t believe in Global Warming

The Local

Great stuff in Sweden, now if we can get Steven Joyce and John Key to see the light:

Six of ten local politicians in Sweden doubt whether human activity is to blame for global warming, a new study has found.

In addition, one out of ten municipal politicians and local government managers totally deny that the phenomenon of global warming even exists, according to a survey carried out by the Swedish Defence Research Agency (Försvarets forskningsinstitutet – FOI).


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    It would be hard to believe in global warming when under 10′ of snow…

  • Martin

    So because you do not believe it either it cannot be true then?  Likewise if you do not believe that HIV causes AIDS or smoking causes cancer that cannot be true?  

    Belief does not matter – only scientific probabilities, some of which – like global warming, and the links between HIV and aids and smoking and lung cancer – are so certain that they are considered as facts.  

    So local politics in Sweden is a bit like Epsom and Act politics here – definitely do not want more of that.   

    • leocat007

      I get what you are saying but even the majority of the earths scientist’s don’t believe in anthropogenic global warming – whereas they do agree on smoking/lung cancer, HIV/aids…they are just not convinced about man destroying the planet gobbledegook!

  • Looks someone posed the wrong question? Shouldn’t the question have been about CLIMATE CHANGE, not global warming, as that was dropped quite some time ago…I’m sure that they would have gotten a entirely different result, with that one! hah hah

  • Hnk

    Nine of the top ten warmest years on record (that’s going back 130 years) have occured since the year 2000. See the two below links:


    The below video, while also taking a shot at a ridiculous global warming/climate change denialist claim, gives an explanation on how you get extremes of weather (droughts, floods, snowstorms, etc) with a rise in global temperatures:

    • Karlos

      So what? There has been natural warming as the earth climbs out of little ice age so of course the latest years are going to be the warmest. 
      The point you have completely missed is that it hasn’t continued to warm for 15 years which was impossible by all climate ‘science’ models. Their own models are shot to shit, how can they still believe in AGW let alone the general public! 
      I can give you dozens of models that don’t work for pretty much anything you like, I’ll even make a youtube video if it helps you believe? Seams to have helped you believe in AGW.

  • Magoo

    @ HNK & Martin.
    I don’t think you’ll find many people who deny the warming attributed to CO2, but what you guys seem to be missing is what is supposed to happen after CO2’s tiny warming and how it isn’t happening. There’s no trick, sleight of hand, or denial, just a failure of the AGW hypothesis:

    Over 40 yrs of weather balloon measurements, 2 satellites, and the surface temperature measurements confirm the failure of the AGW theory. Notice the models predict temperature rises 3 times higher than that measured, the same amount that the water vapour was supposed to amplify the initial warming and isn’t. Proof of warming is not proof of WHY it’s warming.


    • Mooloo

      The big problem for the warming lobby has been the self righteous wankers who have lead the charge, They have lied and deceived to get their point across meaning they have lost credibility. The carbon credit industry is in tatters,At the copenhagen summit the
      Russians were gifted credits, they had no way of knowing what credits they should be reconciled it was guess work. Most of the Russian credits were sold to fund their drinking habits. Carbon prices halved and Vodka stocks went through the roof . What a shambles