Tame Iti gets jail time


The four – Iti, Urs Signer, Kemara and Emily Bailey – were found guilty of unlawful possession of military-style firearms and Molotov cocktails at training camps held in the Urewera Ranges in 2006 and 2007.

They were appearing in the High Court at Auckland for sentencing today.

Iti and Kemara were jailed for two and a half years.

Signer and Bailey had their sentences adjourned but home detention was signalled.

Good job.

I have blogged about Kemara’s activities before.

His computer vandalism goes unanswered?

Here is what the Police Commissioner has to say about the case and investigation. He does not mince any words. I must say it is refreshing to have  Police Commissioner who isn’t a namby-pamby toss-pot.


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  • BD

    Bet he wont bare his arse cheeks in there. 

    • Troy

      Iti would do anything… anything, to promote his subversion ideals.  He will be dealt to in one way or another some time in the future – the average kiwi has very little time nor tolerance for assholes of his ilk.

    • Whiteman


  • Kthxbai

    At least, if there’s any justice, we stand a chance of getting rid of Signer.

    • insider

      Well if Liu can get citizenship no chance of getting rid of him

    • AnonWgtn

      What is boy Signer’s immigration position.
      I agree after serving his sentence he should be shoved back to where he came – Switzerland I believe.

  • fecnde

    Wow! I love this guys firm professionalism.

    • Apolonia

       He should have been Commissioner years ago but was overlooked by Helun in favour of Broad Howard.

      • Le Sphincter

        The operation was planned and executed while Labour was in government.
        Not that they liked it one bit…..the police were a buggers muddleThis guy wasnt even in the country

      • fecnde

         for some reason I can’t reply to “Le Sphincter” who seems to be talking out of it.

        I can’t see what his point is – who cares whether Marshall was in the country or not? That’s not relevant – who cares whether he was in the country, on holiday or attending a conference – its not relevant

  • JPS

    Awesome – that man and his staff deserve a DB….

  • BJ

    The Commissioner said it all and said it well.

  • Vlad

    That is an outstanding, direct and very reassuring presentation by this officer and I feel very pleased that he is in charge of our police force.  And equally I am entirely confident that he has no bias but is focussed on the police doing their duty with diligence and respect for all.  Don’t know where this originally appeared but it is compulsory viewing.

    • Unitedtribes

      The one thing he didnt say was what the outrage would have been if they didnt do anything and whatever Iti was planing hapened!

    • Greg M

       I agree Vlad.

      What an absolute breath of fresh air this professional man is compared to the last commisioner, a Hullun appointed yes man.

      Thank you Police.

      • Le Sphincter

        wake up dopey.
        This guy was out of the country when it all happened

      • Greg M

         Ring hole why don’t you fuck off. I don’t give a flying fuck “where he was when it happened” This man is standing up and supporting his staff who apprehended and brought to trial shitbags who have now been convicted and imprisoned.
        What are you on? Or do you condone the behaviour of Iti and his ilk?

      • Dave

        I agree Greg.   Le Arsehole – It does not matter where Peter Marshall was, where and when whatever took place.   He is the LEader of the police, sets the direction, strategy and ensures it all happens.  He also supports and when necessary scolds his team of frontline police.    Here, they have clearly done a fantastic job, and he is commending them, and telling other wannabe wankers not to do it.   

        A true leader, whom I admire.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Outstanding effort well done NZ Police.

    Since you have some “free time” now – could you please start investigating the Labour Party’s cash for passport corruption and their bully-boy union thugs who have misappropriated $4 Million dollars of union members fees?

    Thanks heaps,

    Signed – intimidated into silence Union & Labour Party member.

  • Scanner

    Very disappointed in the sentence, only half the length it should have been, never mind we can look forward to the fat little tattooed dumplings disjointed ramblings from jail, yawn.
    With any luck he will be playing mummy’s and daddy’s with Buba after lights out tonight, here’s hoping, it may stop the little black shit from flashing his arse about the place.

    • alex

      @Scanner – What are you talking about? The sentence was ridiculously harsh, given that part of the rational was that they were supposedly in a private militia (a charge they were found not guilty of) A cynic would suggest that the judge has the same racist attitudes that your comment displays. 

      • Johnny58

        The sentence is about illegal firearm use. So, either you do the usual “here’s a wet bus ticket, go and flagellate yourself with it” or the judiciary look at it and say “playing around with firearms is illegal, dangerous and here’s a big punishment. 

        Don’t look at Iti or his friends, look at the crime, found guilty by a jury, and the punishment. Anyone who want’s to play with firearms without a license or fucks around with firearms should be locked up – gang members, ACT party supporters, vigilantes shooting at thieves.

        I don’t care about Iti and his narcissism, but I do care about any idiot that plays with firearms illegally. Throw the book at them

  • AngryTory

    The RUC, 2Para & the SAS didn’t make the same mistakes the STG made.

    Iti think’s he’s NZ Mandela.   No doubt now he will act like NZ’s Bobby Sands. 

    • JPS

      couldnt see tame refusing food for very long…

    • AngryTory

      To be fair, I guess we should remember Broad was commissioner when this raid went awry.   Hopefully this guy wouldn’t make the same mistakes!   

      How many millions did we waste or legal and and trials when a better directed police action would have solved the problem on its own?

      • Roland

         Exactly where my first thoughts went AngryTory, look at the Legal Aid Bill… Maybe it would be cheaper in the long run to let them walk, they are going to suck even more Aid and all for what?  So the Judge changed the rules and disallowed evidence that previously had been admissable when Judges Daughter gets kidnapped, go figure

      • Admin


        Hopefully this guy wouldn’t make the same mistakes!  


        Um well he and his staff may have just scored a bit of an own goal with Mr Dotcom mightn’t they?

      • TravisPoulson

        I don’t quite think Iti and his band of misfits quite compare to the IRA, you can’t really treat them the same. 

        If they had actually engaged in some sort of attack/s, then they deserve the full force.

  • jabba

    all they were doing was training to be security guards

  • Phar Lap

    Police also discovered they had  the formula for making a thermal bomb.Go figure.Remember the little fat tattooed pest was deported from Fiji, They told him they didnt need anymore rabble rousers.He seemed to think he was a mercenary to that country.Second   choice was to be one in NZ.Whose sorry now.His ex Lie-bour Party Lawyer who got dumped in Napier,is appealing ,he loves sucking legal aid of the taxpayer.The best result tame iti will get an increased sentence.

  • Svmarloo42

    And if the police did not act, and the murderous intensions of this group played out, and people died, and we see on tv the same visions of blood spattered streets or buses like that of other countries, then, would we stand and say ‘well at least the police didnt frighten anyone with their search warrents’,  Well???
               Bet if they had missed this one we would be baying for their blood for screwing up.

  • Notrotsky

    Tama is a recalcitrant stirrer and git for sure but credit where it’s due his son came across very very well on TV, Tama cold learn a lot from him.

    • Roland

       Maybe so NOTROTSKY, but what about Omar Hamed? What a little shit stirrer he is, wouldn’t be surprised to find him gravitating with political aspirations, if he doesn’t like it, perhaps he should go back to Palestine… Symonds Street Anarchist collective could go with him and save us Taxpayers some coin

      • niggly

        Omar’s credibility sucks – he’s a documented sexual predator. Too bad the lame stream media are too dense to put two and two together…

      • Brian Smaller

        Omar Hamed probably did a sensitivity course so he is back in the fold.

  • Mickrodge


  • C. F. GOLDIE

    All  ‘e  Same  t’e  Pakeha

  • RB!!!!!!

    WooHoo all of NZ’s problems solved “Tama Iti’s in prison.” Who give’s a shit!!! Poor guy gets the same sentence as some scum selling p to our kid’s. And all he’s ever done is speak his mind and strive for a cause he thinks is worthwhile. 
    I’ve been hunting and stalking for over 10 years think iv got a gun licence? No way!!!   
    I just cant understand how the government and the police can justify spending millions on an old maori hack and his mates having a blast in the bush, when I see kids walking to school with no shoes on. Priorities maybe?    

    • BD

      No issues then giving Kyle Chapman and his twat mate a pile of guns and ammo, target practice on human body shaped cutouts and the materials to make napalm then. They speak their mind and are striving for a cause they think is worthwhile. Sure they would have a blast too if they could.

      Maybe Iti should concentrate his efforts on putting shoes on kids feet then. The government already provides enough money to the parents to buy shoes, it can’t control how those parents spend the money. Wish it could but then clowns like you would complain about how the government is interfering with your freedom.

      Nice to know you purchased a gun illegally that was more than likely stolen from a real hunter that has a licence.

      • Tom

        “Nice to know you purchased a gun illegally that was more than likely stolen from a real hunter that has a licence. ”

        And i’d say Mr Whale has veiws on that too…

    • curmudgeon1

      A bit ill-considered there RB. “Poor guy” my arse – the justice system has not responded in this way because he “speaks his mind” and “strives for a cause”. These guys have had an extremely fair (and generous) go from the NZ legal system. I urge you to read Stephen Franks on this case – a very thorough and well reasoned analysis of why this was in fact a very good outcome for the country. (stephenfranks.co.nz …I think)

      And why would you not get a gun license …what have you got to hide or prove? and why so proud of it? Think you are out on a limb here RB

      • RB!!!!!!

        Thanks I read the article from Stephen Franks. The thing is ive been through the court system during my misled youth ( car fines and racing not robberies and crazy stuff  hence no licence) , and the truth can be wildly stretched before it gets anywere near a judge. Just look at the comments left above people who have never met me making accusations that I obtained a rifle from less than credible sources, Imagine that getting passed through the system by the time it got to court I would have been an arms dealer. At the end of the day they were mucking around with guns and mollys and if they had hurt or killed someone they would be spending alot longer in prison. I feel the punishment is to harsh.     

  • RB!!!!!!

    WooHoo all of NZ’s problems solved “Tama Iti’s in prison.” Who give’s a shit!!! Poor guy gets the same sentence as some scum selling p to our kid’s. And all he’s ever done is speak his mind and strive for a cause he thinks is worthwhile. 
    I’ve been hunting and stalking for over 10 years think iv got a gun licence? No way!!!   
    I just cant understand how the government and the police can justify spending millions on an old maori hack and his mates having a blast in the bush, when I see kids walking to school with no shoes on. Priorities maybe?    

  • Phar Lap

     Just watched Close up Sainsbury the maggot on the animal carcases.Up to his bleeding heart comments on the Urewera terrorists,belittling the Police on how they were dressed when they dared to head off potential mass murder,in NZ.

  • LesleyNZ

    Yes – THANK YOU NZ police! Peter Marshall – you are a top man! Would like to know all the inadmissible evidence to get the whole story. Is it true that a truckload of fertiliser was also found in the Ureweras?

  • johnbronkhorst

    In any other country these arseholes would be locked up for life for TERRORISM offences!!!

    • Azza

      Sure…that would be why the United States of America is riddled with militia…

    • AngryTory

      Locked up?

      The US would take 10 years and eventually execute them.

      The UK would just shoot them “resisting arrest”

  • Rodger T

    Feral Iti , more like .

  • LesleyNZ

    If Tame Iti and his gand are so innocent then Tame Iti should authorise the release of all the inadmissible evidence and let us viewers be the judge.

  • 4077th

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke. Will not be a punnishment for the stupid little tattooed gnome. Good fuckin job you spastic little shit. Number plates and breaking rocks should be fun for you.

  • Kosh103

    If there was any real justice, the whole lot of them would have been found guilty of the initial charges as opposed to these small fry ones.

    Still at least there is some jail time for 2 of them after all this. Even better that its old Tama.

    • AngryTory

      If they’d was any justice, the STG would have treated them like the SAS treated the IRA.

    • Justme

      Agree. Wonder what the rest of the world thinks of us kiwi’s though when they see these morons.

  • BJ

    I am most interested in WO previously blog about Kemara. I wonder if there could be a connection with the training in the Urewera’s?

  • Fozzie

    The police have been given yet another ‘get out of jail free ‘ card. Their incompetence and sheer over the top actions in these raids make them a laughing  stock.  Tame is no terrorist … he is a showman and knows how to court publicity … since when was that a crime Wa’il ?

    • TravisPoulson

       Fozzie? Did you skip the first 3 lines and go straight to the comments? Another Iti apologist. 

    • AngryTory

      If he’s not a terrorist, why did his lawyer call him “NZ’s Mandela?”

    • Kosh103

      Its not often the fucktard travis is right, but come on Fozzie. Iti and his lot were running around the bush with guns that you dont use for hunting, playing war. The cops were undone by the nonsense of the recorded evidance being disallowed.

      Otherwise the whole lot of them would be locked up now. The cops did a good job on this, they were screwed over because of the disallowed video.

      • LesleyNZ

        And whose fault was it that the evidence was undone? Ask Winston Peters – he is right for once!

    • 4077tb

      Muppet by name, muppet by nature.

    • LesleyNZ

      You have inside information Fozzie concerning the police? You haven’t a clue about what happened – only what the media chose to tell and show us. If Tame Iti has nothing to hide then he should authorise the release of the inadmissible evidence. Seeing you know so much about him go and ask him to do this.

  • willie not jackson

    Willie not jackson
    once again Maori have the benefit—if the group were Muslims they would get  10  years

  • pbnz

    Good news they are in prison. Can anyone hint as to where to find a copy on the internet of the suppressed material that was in the Dominion Post?

  • kehua

    Fuck me, they had an unlicenced shotgun, they fired thousands of bullets, they had `military style weapons, they made molotov cocktails, . What a crock of shit, you get more firepower in the hands of equally dumb fuckwits in May of every year . The only thing that Tame is guilty of is  in order, eating too much, talking too much and believing his own  self importance . I can`t comment on the others as I do not know them, but I do know that there would be more to be gained by shutting down the really dangerously armed cunts who wreck havoc on hundreds of families by way of extorsion, drugs and general  evilness or in other words the Hells Angels, the Headhunters, the Highway 61 and the organised AsianGangs. No no this is too dangerous and too difficult, instead the Police fuck about chasing the dopefucked, drunken retarded Mongrel Mob because the dumb pricks  are easy to recognise wearing their colours and are shit scared of the Taser they chuck the towel in , get Legal Aid and never do the community based sentences, meanwhile the previosly mentioned arsoles use their highpowerred legal briefs to cover their sorry arses and it is business as usual.

    • Dave

      So Kehua, why don’t you invite them around t your place and let them play at your place.   Thought not…..  Tame Iti is a prize idiot, and deserves all he gets, as do the others, I sincerely hope he gets a longer sentence in a retrial.

      What a hypocrite, you would be the first to complain if the police were not protecting you if something went wrong.  

  • Sasha

    Iti is not a cute cuddly little toy, He is a fanatic racist, he does not represent the maori people or any other sector of society. In the country where I am based at present he would have been shot in the bush. We had a bomb on a bus 2 weeks ago 6 people injured, 2 with limbs blown off, all by people with a political or racist view to push. Try going to work every day Knowing that the shit bags that did this are still at large. Bet they started out with a few days in the bush with mollies and a few old AK’s. Do not forget, all you bleeding hearts that feel sorry for him, if he had carried out his plans it could have been your wife or kids lying screaming in a pool of blood.

    • Dave

      Sasha.   I’, agreeing with a few of your words.   “He is a fanatical RACIST”   And he acted on his beliefs to train to one day carry out RACIST ways.

      The only shame, is in prison he will be a hero, and possibly recruit more inmates to his cause.   Lets not forget, the prison pollution is dominated by Maori.   Some will support him.    I wish he and his criminal cohort got 20 years.   

  • maninblack

    tame Iti takes diabetes medicine daily- bet he is thankful for the introduction of western medicine.

    • Grizz30

      I bet you he does not stick to a diabetic diet. I can see him in 5 years time. Legless and on dialysis.

  • hitchy

    That sanctimonius little swiss weasel should be deported. He’s a shit stirrer of the highest order, with mental issues. I remember him being told to fuck off home by about 100 people at a public meeting in Okato, nows our chance to be rid off him. I mean seriously, who the fuck comes over here wanting to be a maori?

    • AngryTory

      wanting to be a Maori is fine.

      wanting to be a Hauhau is not.

  • BG

    In truth Tama and his comrades should thank the police for saving them from themselves.

  • Le Sphincter

    Where are all the loose gun law advocates?

    They cops found a few firearms?   You would find the same in any little rural town.

    Thermite bomb ? You are dreaming. Its was a printout from the internet- which isnt a crime.
    And anyway a thermite  ‘bomb’ is the last thing you would do if you wanted to create an explosion

    • Ben

      Oh yeah, I’m sure they were just training for lucrative security contracts overseas. It really worries me to see a twit like Valerie Morse having access to serious firearms…

  • Brenda Spiller

    RB, you obviously obtained your rifle from a less than credible source, because no credible source would have allowed you to purchase one without a license. Your source has broken the law by selling/giving/lending it to you. That makes them less than credible!
    I think those scumbags got off way too lightly, they should have been locked up for life so we could forget about them for good.

  • silly hoary…

    The Urewera Four, those laughable scamps with the collective IQ of a single beet… can’t wait to see them all gone for good.

  • Dukshootr

    Don’t forget iIti had previous Firearm offences so cant say he didn’t know the law, prison is the best place for him

  • Open mind