The Boo-Hoo Buffoon

Mark Sainsbury had a real sook on Close-Up last night because Anne Tolley fronted, but wouldn’t debate with a so-called “expert” on drug and alcohol counselling.

What Sainsbury didn’t point out during his tears and whining was that this “expert” – Roger Brooking – is a grassroots Labour activist. True to form this tool hijacked the interview to push his ideological opposition to private prisons.

If Sainsbury had bothered to look at Brooking’s Twitter account, rather than repeat crap he heard on Moaning Report, he would also have seen personal attacks on Tolley.

Good on her for not treating this left-wing low-life as an equal.

Close Up looks like a lame horse waiting for the final shot. No wonder the pressure is getting to Sainsbury.


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  • In Vino Veritas

    Sainsbury is, and always has been, lightweight (I guess that’s why he is where he is today). He expects a minister of the crown to debate with an activist on a tabloid news program. What a moron.

    • Pukakidon

       I clicked on him and he seems to be infatuated by anuses for some reason.   Is that why he was getting up Sainsbury.

      What a flake.

  • guest

    Sainbury is well past his use by date …if he ever was any use at all.His stammering,spluttering and inability to grasp what people say is un-watchable.


  • Phar Lap

    Why would anyone expect the Lie-bour Party Channel, to deal in truth politics.Just look at the way they treat the Lie-bour crooks,always with velvet gloves.Always get the impression Sainsbury is getting over a drunken hangover,as he burbles out his verbal Diarrhoea.

  • Peter

    Sainsbury is a total limp dick. His journalistic skills are pretty poor.

  • Scanner

    Sainsbury is so irrelevant he has become a joke, FFS this idiot makes Paul Holmes look good,  twats like him are why most of the country has free view or sky.

    • John Q Public

      Sorry, but what the hell do you get extra with Freeview, that you don’t get without it?

  • Guest

    Just cant stomach sainsbury anymore, dont watch him.

  • Kosh103

    Say what you like, but its true. Tolley was a god awful uninformed Education Minster, and she is just as worthless and clueless in Police.

    • Markm

      And you Kosh are not clueless and uninformed in your teaching profession.

      • Positan

         Kosh, your uninformed and irrelevant burblings have been so tedious for so long.  Why not seek to entertain the facile and warped mindsets over at the Stunned-did instead of boring us flaccid with the unbelievable shallowness of your enduring inanity? 

        I’m sure it’d be really appreciated on both sides.

    • Gazzaw

      Kosh, I have always been happy to listen to your point of view on teaching as biassed as it is. However, like Mark & Positan I think that you are well past your used by date here. Far better for you to go and post on Red Alert and the other lefty blogs. Patently no one here gives a flying fuck what you say & the only full marks that you earn from me is your ability to absorb continuing derision.

    • Kosh103

      Gaz I dont give a flying fuck that you and your lot do not approve of my positions. I do not care that the idots who appoint themselves as knowing it all about education, despite having nothing to do with it (and no, going to school as a kid or having kids at school deosnt make a person an expert) are not over the moon when I point out how stupid their comments are or how unqualified Tolley was as a Minister.

      I have massive amounts of world wide studies to back up my views and opinions on education. So if this makes you unhappy – too bad. Im going no where.

      • Johno1234

        It saddens me that we have “teachers” who can’t write, spell or punctuate properly. It’s all downhill from there.

      • Wayne

        Kosh 103 – Oh please, your’e surely not suggesting Trevor Mallard from the last Labour Govt was a flying (excuse the pun) sucess as Minister of Education?

      • In Vino Veritas

        “going to school as a kid or having kids at school deosnt make a person an expert”

        And teaching doesnt make one an expert in “education” either Kosh. It makes you a teacher. That is all.

        It is time that something was done about the quality of teachers in NZ Kosh. They are not all fabulous, no matter what you might think. And contrary to Rush and Leckie blathering on about how it is difficult to pin failures of childrens learning on teachers since there are outside factors, we know this is bullshit don’t we Kosh?
        For instance, I have been a trustee for two terms. Our school gets all sorts of facts and figures and can see how individual students in various cohorts are performing year on year etc. It is always funny how the performance of individuals in successive cohorts falls away under certain teachers – this is not because they are fabulous teachers Kosh. It isnt because of outside factors Kosh, this is groups of students within different cohorts having performance slippage, then regaining performance the following year. Bring on performance pay ASAP. Weed out the dross and accept excellence. Be afraid Kosh.

      • Kosh103

        No Vino – I have nothing to be afraid of. I am a tutor teacher, I teach student teachers, I am seen as an expert in several areas in my job. I am just fine and far more qualified to speak on educational matters than a self appointed expert such as yourself.

        But by all means pretend you know anything because you have been on a BoT. Becasue as the educational experts KNOW and have PROOF performance pay doesnt work, n or is it easy to put in place. But hey, you know better because you went to school and have been a non educationalist on a BoT.

      • johnbronkhorst

        So Kosh you teach student teachers……Explains a lot…..The blind leading the stupid…perhaps?…No wonder teaching standards are dropping and more and more kids can barely read. By the way they have found in the USA that performance determined pay has improve student outcomes..believe it was in new Jersey (i think).

      • dyannt

         “I am a tutor teacher, I teach student teachers,”
        So you’re well and truly back from the coal face of teaching then, Kosh?

      • In Vino Veritas

        Kosh, now you are just being annoying. At no point did I claim to be an expert on education. I explained what I see, and have seen. These are facts. Theses facts are corroborrated by the Principal of the school and he takes action against the offending teachers. That is also a fact.  And in terms of proof, link to it. Which “educationalists” are you refering to? link and I will read, and then rebut.  And in future, read posts instead of sniping indescriminately.

        Also Kosh, patting yourself on the back for being average is failing.

      • Kosh103

        I have my own class Dyannt that I teach everyday as well. Dont bother with the “hes removed from the coal face” tactic.

        Given Vino that I and MOST kiwi teachers are WELLLLL above average, I am happy to be snippy with the likes of you.

      • grumpy

        I call “bullshit” on Kosh.

        He’s not a teacher, he just pretends to be because he thinks it gives his crap ideas more credibility – I’m also starting to come to the realisation that he’s not a poof either………………

      • timboh

        GB Shaw said “Those who can do, those who can’t teach.” so I guess if you are a teacher of teachers means that “Those who can teach, those who can’t teach teachers”?.

      • Roland

         I always smile when I think of GB Shaw and his classic  quote, ‘Those that can do, those that can’t, teach’ I said that to my Teacher at High School and he wanted me to bend over for the cane, I told him to ‘get stuffed’ he sent me to the Head and he gave me a cup of tea and told me to settle down and don’t repeat that or he would tell my Father at Golf on Sunday

      • Roland

         Sorry timboh, guess I should have read the whole paper before starting to answer the questions, just like my excellent teacher taught me at High School, you could count the good teachers on one hand….

      • davewin

        So name me a worldwide study supporting your position on Education.

        Prone is probably your answer.

    • Pukakidon

       Kosh you only like him because he is always going on about anuses on his twatter account.

      • Kosh103

        I have no idea what you are on about there Puka, and I see Tim is using that worthless little saying that is used by idiots of all stripes.

        And grumpy, given your hate filled heart the only bullshit in here is you.

  • Jman

    I’ve got a lot of time for Anne Tolley but I don’t think she came off too well there to tell the truth. You can’t say things like “ministers don’t debate”.

  • Boss Hogg

    Yesterdays men – Sainsbury, Soper, Banks, Peters, Mallard and many others – when will this crop of “has beens” get out of our lives and stop wasting our time with trivia day after day.  Piss Off the lot of you – please.

  • Grandstream

    I dare, no double dare Sainbury to line up his expert against Mike Sabin on this topic.  Miek woudl wipe teh floor with Sainbury and Brooking……I woudl actually watch that episode of close up ! 

  • Steve Taylor

    I can’t speak for his politics, however I am comfortable recognising Brookings expertise in his field:

  • Le Sphincter

    Where now know where all the stasi agents went – working for national.
    Every tweet , every utterance all swallowed up……cough…by those interns working under the direction of ‘the fireman’

  • Steve Taylor
    • Shane Jones

      The article quotes Brooking as saying almost exactly the same thing as Tolley did on Close Up, and advocating for exactly the same thing that Tolley and the Government is doing. His article contradicts most of what he said on Close Up.

      In the article he slates overcrowding, and when Tolley says we’re spending $950m on a new prison in Wiri he says it’s not needed as there are 1,600 empty beds in the system, with another 600 becoming free next year – which is it?

      He also rails at the lack of rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addictions, and when Tolley announces a $65m program to treat offenders for drug and alcohol addiction while in jail, and to train and prepare them for productive life outside the prison system, with an aspirational target of a 25% reduction in repeat offending, he poo-poos it!

      Whatever his qualifications and experience, his politics are all too clear – oppose everything the Gummint does even if it agrees with his published opinions. 

  • Steve Taylor

    Sabin vs Brooking – Hmmmmmm…..would be worth the watch.

  • Culleng

    Stopped watching Closeup with Stainsbury some time ago. Thank god for antiques road show on channel 8!

  • Phar Lap

    TVNZ must be crying into their cup,after ignoring the Shane Jones alleged corruption story.Shows they will protect their puppet masters Lie-bour Party at all costs.Hope heads will roll in the deeply entrenched   contagious virus of the named Party.That means you as well Sainsbury.

  • Ignorance is bliss it seems.. While Mr. Brooking is, at least, trying to resolve some of the notions problems with positive action, he has to put up with uninformed bigotry from armchair reactionary fools like yourself who have nothing better to do than pontificate.. Just what do you actually do to better this world other than bitch??