The effectiveness of Chris Flatt

Chris Flatt is the General Secretary of the Labour party. He is the flea lawyer that wrote to me over the exposure of Labour’s membership database.

There is talk amongst Labour folk that it is time for him to go and that he is ineffective and useless.

When you look at some of the more public footprints of Chris Flatt you can see why:

Take the Socialist International organisation of which Labour states it is proud to belong….except Chris Flatt has failed to pay Labour’s membership fees resulting in them being demoted to observer status only. Even Wikipedia is up to date on their status.

Jacinda Ardern will be aghast. She was of course the President of the IUSY, the feeder organisation to Socialist International, in 2008.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Well – the unions can’t even get their own reporting / accounting systems sorted and filed on time here in NZ – what can one expect for anything off shore.

    The unions are good at rabble rousing, waving banners, spouting propaganda nad generally causing havoc everywhere – but that’s about it. They’re about as clever as a chocolate teapot.

    The increasing slide into irrelevence will only make the unions shrill louder and become more vicious – kinda like a cornered skunkasourous facing inevitable inhailation because their time has been – they just won’t admit it…

  • Guest

    The NZ Labour Party, right up there with Namibia and Malta.

  • Shouldn’t the Socialist International group be paying for the Labour Party membership?

  • Grizz30

    Looking at that list, it does not look like many socialist parties want to belong to Socialist international either.

  • davewin

    How did Ardern get to President of anything to do with Youth – which from memory is from 16 to 21 years of age? I must say they don’t looke to be a very successful lot…