The Huddle at 1740

I am on Larry Williams show on NewstalkZB with Barry Soper.

First up, big crack down on the fishing industry and the use of foreign flagged fishing vessels.

Then we’ve got the Shane Jones issue of him not backing down from granting Bill Liu citizenship.

And finally Key tells councils to act like grown ups when discussing the sale of their assets.

You can listen through normal channels or online.

I will post the audio as usual tomorrow.


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  • Phar Lap

    Hope you dont get Sopered,as he starts editing the answers.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Soper said the govt. should but out re council asset sales!!! OK then they should also BUTT out whenit comes to subsidising gold plated city plans for Auckland and Christchurch. No more central govt. money for councils, no underwriting of debt…..Make the councilors individually and collectively responsible (financially responsible) for any failings in their budgets. Think they will be a lot more careful with OUR rates, if they had to make up the shortfall, themselves.

    • Greg M

       Yep I agree with you there John. The insurance premium on the building I manage has risen from $26 k p.a. to $ 34k.p.a to help to “pay for Christchurch”, then I  find out Christchurch city council has the second biggest portfolio of property investments in the country.
      I am starting to get a bit fucking sick of greedy councils, CCC in particular. Put your ratepayers assets on the block and stop expecting the rest of us to pay for your grandiose schemes.

      And could someone please explain where property speculation fits in with any council’s core business?

      Good move with the fishing fleet, I am sure Conway Captain will agree.

  • Bobby202

    I think Bill Liu possibly found a guaranteed way to obtain NZ residency. Just say tons of treasonous stuff about China and then turn up in NZ and say “if I get sent home I’ll be executed”.

    A simple and almost perfect plan when you think about it. Everyone fell for it.