The only thing better than an AR is…

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The only thing better than an AR is a double barreled AR:

Israeli firm Silver Shadow are said to be debuting a double barreled AR-15 next month in Paris at the Eurosatory expo.


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  • rouppe

    I’d have to wonder why. Sure, you get twice as many bullets whizzing about the place when you pull the trigger.

    However from a soldiers perspective the weapon he is carrying is heavier, and he’d have to carry twice as much ammunition to avoid runing out – also a weight penalty. Soldiers already seem to have to carry inordinate loads about, this just seems to make it harder.

  • Rufus

    = gimmick. 
    Probably designed to sell to crazy dictators with too much cash so they can arm their platoon of gorgeous killer female body guards… (just watched Sasha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator message to NZ clip :)


    Saves a double tap.

  • With the USA providing $15m per day in financial support to Israel is this what they’re spending it on? And yes I know this link has more than a bit of bias in it – just makes you wonder. BTW don’t tell me I’m anti Jewish – I am one – I just depise the Zionist control of Israel. 

    • davewin

       “I am one” – Jewish or and Anti?

  • TravisPoulson

    The Israelis certainly love their gimmicky guns, I recall seeing a demo video of an assault rifle they designed that had a camera screen mounted and could be ‘snapped’ to shoot around corners without exposing the user: 

  • Marknz

    Hmmm,or you could just use a .308! Because size does matter.