The Public Service are out of touch

Not just here, in Australia.

The profusion of senior executive service personnel, the 2790 bureaucrats in Canberra who typically earn between $200,000 and $360,000 a year, is even starker. Their number remained broadly flat between 1984 and 2001, but since then their ranks have almost doubled. Entire suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne are paying tax to support these jobs.

Causation runs the other way too. The public service has become so large and top-heavy with overpaid bureaucrats that private salaries are being driven up to giddy heights. The private sector has to offer more money because it cannot guarantee security. Ultimately, this makes consumer prices higher and profits lower. Remuneration in the public sector has lost its moral compass too. As the latest taxation statistics show, 90 per cent of taxpayers have taxable incomes of less than $100,000 a year. If any of these people refused to pay tax because they judged that having 118 people earning more than $280,000 in the departments of climate change and sustainability, for instance, was absurd, they would go to prison. However offensive some pay packets in the corporate world might be, shareholders could still sell their shares.

There are way too many well paid troughing hippies in Australia. Hopefully Abbott will close these departments. Climate change and sustainability staff don’t need to be paid close to $300,000.


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  • Mr_Blobby

    Same has happened here look at the growth in our own public service. Public Service what a joke(not Laughing)they long ago forgot that they are servants of the Public. I am surprised that they have not changed the name. My suggestion would be beneficiary elite. Sick and tired of our servants looking down there collective noses at me and getting in the way of my business. The same business whose TAXES  and PAYE pay there wages.

    • Apolonia

       We haven’t had public servants for many years. Remember the State services act.
      They are no longer public servants, they are state servants. Which tells us who they serve.
      We the public are just the suckers who pay their inflated wages. 

  • Alex

    The same trend is evident in NZ.  The department I work at is populated on “managers” on around $200k,  Most of them don’t have a clue, and all the work is done by a few capable underlings who aren’t paid even half yet do 95% of the work.  There is a generational stranglehold on management positions — those in their late 40s and 50s, who intend to stay in those positions until retirement.  Meanwhile the capable underlings leave after a while, often to lucrative positions in the private sector.  In due course the managers will be replaced by the inept underlings who stay in their job for 20 odd years.  We were told that fiscal pressures meant no or minimal payrises for the underlings (which is fair enough), but management has a nice cushy deal whereby it gets automatic 4% rises each year.  

  • Davis Gp

    Hopefully Abbott will close all government departments that are not legitimate. Get it people?