There was a “mystery” but he approved it anyway

Shane Jones really knows how to dig a hole for himself:

Jones said today: ”Look, I certainly know that there was a live issue as to whether or not this man is who he says he was. Without access to files I just really can’t tell you whether I can recall…”

Earlier in 2008, immigration officials had recommended Yan’s residency – granted in 2002 – be revoked. Then-immigration minister David Cunliffe told them to investigate further.

Jones said he wasn’t briefed by Cunliffe or immigration officials.

”I don’t remember ever talking to David Cunliffe about this guy … I don’t ever recall being briefed by the immigration department on this issue. And the man was a resident as far as I was concerned, as I recall.”

He added: ”Um, in fairness it’s four years on. Without having access to the file I just can’t fully recollect. But what I do know is that there was always a mystery as to whether the man was who he says he was. Those were allegations.”

Twice in as many senteces he says there was a mystery about the identity of Bill Liu…but he approved his citizenship with great alacrity anyway…and then a number of Labour MPs and ministers had his citizenship ceremony in the Maori Affairs select committee room, even though there was “a mystery”.

The more I find out about this the more i am inclined to support an independent inquiry into the actions of Shane Jones and other in this whole murky citizenship for donations affair.


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  • Charlie

    If Jones gets kicked out he could get into the carpet cleaning business.

  • Friend of the board

    This has the stench of a possible back hander or bribery all over it.
    Refer Secret Commissions Act..
    I say this because there must have been a reason why they bent the rules.

  • Euan Rt

    So he says, “Without access to the files, I can’t recollect…”, but he also says that he made notes. So the question has to be ,What are the notes you made, and why did you feel the need to make them and keep them?
    Shane has today to get his spin together, for tomorrow the judge makes his decision and no more sub judicae (spelling?)

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Ethics and credibility are very similar to virginity – you either have it or you don’t!

    With the Labour Party constantly fucking up, fucking over, or fucking everyone over – they surely aren’t virgins anymore, that’s for sure!

    • Richard B.

      They think cash allows you to buy it back.

  • Russell Belding

    Follow the money and the “humanitarian grounds” for giving (selling?) citizenship should emerge. Labour might want the discussion to feature “who said what to whom?” Rather, we should ask “who paid how much to whom and when?” The moral courage inside the Labour collective leadership will determine how this inconvenient episode unfolds.

    • Gazzaw

      THere is no morality in the labour leadership. Shearer has been such a major disappointment. An effective Opposition is a vital element to democratic processes & I had at least a faint hope that Shearer arriving without any apparent baggage could just maybe bring some some credibility & honesty back into labour parliamentary ranks. Alas no, he is either weak, naive or as equally dishonest & corrupt as the rest of them. He won’t stand Jones down now unless any judgment against Liu is particularly critical, loss of political face will not permit that. If the labour caucus does not demand Jones’ stand down then their collective dishonesty, immorality & corruption is proven.

      • Agent BallSack

        I agree. In order for democracy to run properly the opposition needs to always be prepared to knife their own, in order to be seen as more honest than the current Government. No where in this affair have we seen anyone stand up & say “It was my fault” ala Nick Smith. Labour are acting exactly as they did while they were in power and fuck the hoi polloi if they don’t like it.

        As an aside keep on doing it Labour, you are simply losing votes to the watermelons, the next opposition.

  • We have caption contests how about a “name the affair contest” for this one a la “watergate”. Who can come up with a catchy monica to identify this one with

    • MarcWills


    • BJ


    • Agent BallSack


    • Area86

       Bill-Gates?  What-Gate?  ie 4yearsagoicantrecall-gate

    • Phar Lap


  • parorchestia

    Shearer’s leadership in this reminds me of B P Barnum’s show “Harmony” where he caged a number of big cats (lions, tigers, pumas) with a lamb so they all lay down together.
    When asked whether or not he intended to continue the show, he replied, “Sure, as long as the supply of lambs keeps up.”

    Shearer is the lamb, of course.  Not innocent.  Just ignorant.

  • There was no need for Jones to approve citizenship on humanitarian grounds. Bill Liu was already a NZ Permanent Resident, and could only have been returned to China, executed and had his organs harvested had his residence been revoked and a had Removal Order served on him. 

    • Patrick

       So the humanitarian grounds would have been all the Chinese that would have benefited from those organs?
      Wonder if the Chinese would accept Labour MPs organs – are these covered in the FTA?

    • Mediaan

      Racist and sick comment.
      I am also painfully aware that biological material has been on occasions stolen from NZers, for at least 70 years.
      In some cases it was replaced after alteration, under duress, without consent, with artificially induced amnesia added to the mix.