Three strikes and you are out

The anonymous lap-bloggers at The Standard have been caught out.

David Farrar outlines how Pete George pointed out their and Labour’s lies regarding Peter Dunne.

He copped a ban for telling the truth about them, which Eddie later retracted.

I doubt they will retract all their numerous posts about the issue and their lies though.

It shows the clear difference between bloggers and commenters prepared to be known and public versus anonymous cowards flinging poo.


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  • Guest

    The Stanard is just a public toilet where lefties go to have their cocks sucked by fellow comrades.

  • George

    Yes Guest, that is my take on it too.

  • AnonWgtn

    I’m blocked on the Standard still – no sense of humour – I love baiting them

    • TravisPoulson

      You don’t even need to bait them to get banned, just tell the truth or ask a difficult question. That’s how those communists operate.¬†

  • james 111

    I to am banned by the standard for whatt i dont know but they are very septic little people  with no humour. Its like they have been baptised  in Lemon Juice

    • TravisPoulson

      You spoke.

  • james 111

    The trouble with Labour and the Socilaist is what do they do when they have dont have the ability to spend wastefully others peopls money