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  • Justme

    So cracking up. Well done!

  • Love your work Helen…

  • thor42

    Nice one….. ;)  

  • TravisPoulson


  • Mediaan

    Or they got somebody, at any rate. Presumably who looked a lot like him. There is still argument about whether the prisoner at Spandau all those long solitary years was really Hess.

    Anyway, the really prominent one who argued in court he was following orders, no more than that, was Adolf Eichmann. Just before they executed him, round about 1961. And a lot of earlier prisoners at Nuremberg, in the immediate postwar trials, where they pushed through cases with Nazi super-figures on a sort of fast production line.

    The Victoria Uni newspaper Salient marked Eichmann’s death by putting out an edition with that as the single story on the front page and surrounded by a thick black border. I think the headline was EICHMANN DIES. That was the doing of then-editor Murray White.

  • ShaunHay

    Thanks Mediaan for the history lesson.  Found the first part funny, but the last bit was going over my head.

  • Sooty

    Are aunty Hellens fingerprints all over this affair?