Unemployed or Unemployable?

NZ Herald

The Labour party like to scream “where’s the jobs?”, but employers are screaming “where are the workers?”

This highlights the problem of an increasing minimum wage rate. It prices morons off the market permanently. Basically people are unprepared for work, for even the most basic of jobs.

The country’s unemployment rate is the highest it has been since 1999, but some employers are struggling to find people willing to take on manual work.

Several employers desperately seeking reliable workers say it is as if people are unprepared for the workforce and don’t want to prove themselves.

The unemployment rate for the March quarter was 7.1 per cent, the highest it has been since June 1999, and the youth rate was 23.4 per cent.

Hayden Bootton, of HSB Builders in Northland, said finding unskilled workers was difficult, despite offering apprenticeships.

He was offering $16 an hour for temporary workers and the minimum wage for permanent work, pay rises every six months and the prospect of a full builder’s wage of about $20 an hour at the end of training.

Bootton said young people were unprepared for the realities of the workforce.

His father, a farmer, offered labouring work but received no responses.

Northland’s unemployment rate is almost 9 per cent, one of the country’s highest.



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  • Greg M

    Has anyone here tried to find someone who will work Saturday?
    Its bloody near impossible.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Greg M

      After the Target programme with the TUGGING carper cleasner do you have to have the header I’ve been tugging again!!

      • Greg M

         Captain, I fixed it. G.

      • ConwayCaptain

        Yes Greg M

        Tugging what??

      • ConwayCaptain

        What are you towing at the moment???

      • Greg M

         Captain, I’m booked in for drydock next month,Tug is having a holiday.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Yep – and in that same article, the people at WiNZ were saying to possible job applicants that there will be drug screeening, so if that could cause you a problem, don’t bother.

      Seems there needs to be an entirely different attitude and approach… from both WiNZ and the applicant!

      • Guest

        Yeah. WINZ needs to be abolished, as does the idea that there can be any “welfare recipients” in NZ.

  • Dave

    They look at it different.   WOrk, $18 an hour, but that would mean i would have to give up dope, couldn’t hang with my mates, and after tax, its only a few hundy a week, nah, we got enough.

    A problem of our young, so perhaps the dole is for a short term…….   6 months.  Then go on a work gang or GET A REAL JOB.    

  • Hang him

    Thats Northland for you they would rather smoke dope and have kids on a benefit. There mates from the Mana party have given them the false hope that all they have to do is sit  on there arses and complaint and the goverment will give them everything for nothing. 

  • Scanner

    Why get a job, who gives a fuck, as long as raise them with welfare being a career choice the problem won’t go away.

    It isn’t rocket science, unless you’re a politician, perhaps it’s time some of the rubbish we elect did what they are paid for instead of troughing up a storm, or dodging summonses, or pulling their pud in front of porn movies, or junketing around the globe, or any of the other “worthwhile” things our elected and appointed get up to.

  • Kiwidon

    Limit the “assistance” (don’t call it the dole!) for no more than 6 months then it’s “on your own sunshine”

    • Guest

      Why the fuck should NZ borrow money to pay bludgers for even 1 day, let along six months. 

      Stop the lot.

      • Caleb

        Or sell SOE’s to pay for them.

  • Exactly, while you continue to throw money at it, why would the behaviour chnage, its intergenerational

  • Guest

    Thats Northland for you… I live in Northland Whangarei is a safe blue seat dont tar all Northlanders with same brush , but have to admit theres some real bloody deadshits around here.

    • johnopkb

      Gotta laugh at the Aussie recruiters who thought they could get a job lot of workers for their mines from Kaikohe.  No way they could serve up enough drugs & booze to keep that lot interested long enough to even get on the plane

      • Gazzaw

        Most of those boys from Kaikohe won’t last five minutes up in the Pilbara. Drivers, machinery operators & tradies do OK but labouring jobs are tough way beyond what we have here. Weather is fucken awful and only matched by the isolation. 80% will be down in Perth bludging off the cuzzie-bros after a couple of months.

    • AnonWgtn

      Have a conviction – no get to Aussie – even for a holiday.
      That limits it .

      • Hagues

         I thought you needed one to get in?

  • Logical

    It is time to end the dole for those who have never worked. That way the lazy generation may start to consider applying for a job.

    • Guest

      It is time to end the dole

      Yep. end the dole. and the DPB. and the sickness. and the invo. and the super. and the WWF. and the ACC. and the EQC. and plunker, and the big two: “free” hospitals and “free” schools.

      Time to end the lot! 

      That’s a real zero budget: zero spending.  Not Borrow ten billion and flush it all away on welfare like Bill the Greek

      • And while you’re at it – don’t forget the biggest bludgers the superannuittents still working….

      • AngryTory

        What the fuck has “still working” to do with it.
        Super = dole. Gold Card= bludger.

      • Gazzaw

        Thats me & Captain Conway Neil. Pay three times as much tax as I earn super, paid for my kids education, my parents aged care & all our healthcare. Had fuck all off the gummint despite having paid a million dollars in taxes in my lifetime.

        Look on it this way Neil, I could stop working and thereby stop supporting three  dole bludgers. You can’t have it both ways.

      • Rum

        Fuck off guest, having served 20 years in the Navy and working and paying taxes for 30 odd years after that, bringing up and educating a couple of kids who have full-time professional careers I feel that I entitled to some consideration in my dotage. The same sentiment to you Neil and Angry Tory. It’s pricks like you that almost tempt me to vote for Winnie.

      • la la land

        Honestly Neil – you just say the stupidest things… What do you suggest they should do… lie down on the couch and wait to die? Working superannuitants pay tax and contribute to society – I fail to see how that is bludging!

      • Gazzaw

        Well said Rum & Lala – I get really pissed with these dickheads who keep telling me that I am a greedy old bastard for collecting my super. The fact that super unlike other benefits is a contract that I have with the government and what I draw is what I have prepaid seems to be bye the bye. More importantly the fact that I continue to contribute towards the same fucking whingers sitting back and collecting WFF & all of the other social benefits really sticks in the craw. Neil & AT seem to think that they will never need aid from the state. Wait for the stroke or the coronary Neil for you and yours and then find out whether a state health system is required. Southern Cross won’t be of any help. Remember its greedy bastards like me that are still paying for YOUR welfare.

      • AngryTory

        The fact that super unlike other benefits is a contract that I have with the government

        bullshit. The dole is a “contract you have with the government”. Interest free student loans actually are “contracts you have with the government”. So are ACC, EQC and all the rest.  But they’re still benefits and you’re still a bludger

        what I draw is what I have prepaid

        You haven’t “prepaid” anything – and if you did, Labour’s already spent the lot and there isn’t any fucking money

        Neil & AT seem to think that they will never need aid from the state

        of course they won’t – they have private insurance, and no doubt from somewhere rather better than Southern Cross! 

        Look: it’s really, really, really fucking simple: 

        there isn’t any money.

        Every cent is borrowed.  OK. end of story.   Welfare – including “super” – is over. Every country with a “social contract” or “social security” or a “safety net” is bankrupt

        there isn’t any money

        NZ cannot afford super or anything else.

      • AngryTory

         lie down on the couch and wait to die? 

        Yep. Just like the dole bludgers and the student loans and the WFFers and the state school kids, state house kids, state hospital kids (and parents) – all of whom are “working” while still getting the dole/WFF/interest free/school/house/hospital

        there isn’t any money left

        anything that was “prepaid” has been spent about ten times over

        Bill “The Greek” English on budget day “NZ is the highest indebted country in the OECD“.    That’s Greek-speak for 
        there isn’t any money left

      • La la land

        Angry Tory – you are a complete nut – you seem to hate everyone that isn’t exactly like you. So now you don’t want to pay for education either? That’s really going to help the situation. Yes there’s no money but one needs to be responsible with our future.

  • Caleb

    So true.

    Unemployable alright.

    Is there anyone receiving the unemployment benefit through the summer in
    Gisborne, Hawkes Bay or Nelson?

    Why do we need RSE workers from the pacific islands?

  • The Bella

    The reason a local farmer uses Asian workers is simple, they turn up for work, they do the work and they work to get the job done in an allotted time. Worked with locals in the far north years ago, useless then and worse now. 

  • Logical has the right idea, Unemployment only for those who have been net taxpayers at some point in their life, say with a 2 year minimum and capped at 20% of their total tax contribution.

    After that it is subsistence vouchers (food, rent, utilities etc.) and work gangs at least 3 days a week with the other two at organised job search sites.  No lazing at home, no cash each week for the magic green, booze and smokes.

    That would sort out the bludgers.

    • Guest

      After that it is subsistence vouchers (food, rent, utilities etc.) and work gangs at least 3 days a wee

      No, that was tried before, you just get economically unnecessary hydro dams that have to be sold, and pointless state forests that end up being given back in treaty settlements.   

      And with every last cent being borrowed we can’t even afford turnips & work gangs, must less the thousands of prison offices who would need to police them or the bureaucracy to check who was a nett taxpayer and who wasn’t.

      Stop the rot. Stop the lot. 

  • ConwayCaptain

    This is a problem now throughout the western countries that have social welfare systems.

    The jobs have been exported to Asia so no jobs for the unskilled and uneducated and they get paid for nowt.  This is now up to 3 generations long.

    It is about time that there is a work for the benefit and I am sure that there is work for them.


    Train them for the traditional jobs that still exist for that class of people. Chippies, plumbers,bricklayers etc.  We are importing Paddies to work in ChCh.

    It aint rocket science.

    • Guest

      This is a problem now throughout the western countries that have social welfare systems.

      You mean a small part of the big problem of every socialist/welfareist state is now bankrupt

      In 1989 the communist countries of eastern europe transitioned to capitalism!

      From 2008 the communist countries of western europe, aus & nz are transitioning to capitalism.

      NZ can either go with the flow – or make the absolutely necessary changes now! 

      But keeping a “welfare state” is simply no long possible anywhere.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    And yet we have Shearer banging on about Kiwis moving to Oz and in the same breath berating the PM’s comment about Kiwis moving to Christchurch to get work.

  • What you say on the money Conway. The problem is the unskilled uneducated and impoverished keep breeding as a way of improving their taxpayer funded existence hence the problem gets bigger.

    • Guest

      Well that’s easy to fix: stop the benefits, stop the minimum wage, and bring in an “Employers Rights Act”.  Problem solved. 

  • raise the pension age 2 years. Why not make 2 years the standown period for the benfit.

    • Guest

      beceause 2 years or 20 years, NZ can’t afford any welfare. Every cent of welfare in Bill the Greeks’ Minus ten billion budget was borrowed. every damn cent. 

      • Caleb

        Zero welfare.

        Live with your family, share, learn to get along, take responsibility.

      • Boss Hogg

        Caleb – I live there.  Singapore.  They worked it out and it is too simple.  Problem now is to unwind the damage, the only way is direct action which no politician has the nuts for.

      • AngryTory

        Live with your family, share, learn to get along, take responsibility

        Or starve in the gutter. I don’t really care which

  • thor42

    WINZ are a bunch of useless softcocks too.
    What the f**k are the people in the WINZ offices in Northland doing, when there are employers up there desperate for workers???
    Does it take THAT much brainpower to say to the bludgers- “either you take that job or you are off the dole – for life.”
    “You get sacked from that job, same result – no more dole for life.” 

  • Boss Hogg

    The English are making a pathetic start on this problem – but at least it is a start unlike our Socialist government…………. http://www.businessinsider.com/the-british-government-is-forcing-people-to-work-for-free-or-lose-their-unemployment-benefits-2012-5