Well done Young Nats, Ctd

Back on 8 May I blogged about the Northern Region Young Nats putting up a remit regarding adoption:

That the National Party legalise adoption for those who have entered into a civil union partnership.

This morning at the Northern Region Convention that remit was passed.

Well done to the Northern Region Young Nats who put up that remit. It now goes to a policy committee to consider remits for the conference.

I will be watching closely to see if the party tries to bury it.


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  • jay cee

    given that it was the conservatives who put up such a stink about civil unions in the first place adoptions would be a step too far i’m picking. still no doubt this remit made the young nats feel useful.

  • Andrei

    Spoilt little bratlets who have never  known hunger or hardship and have had everything handed to them on a plate going along with the silliest and most absurd  of modern fads.because they cannot think for themselves and have been led by the nose by degenerates like Ellen Degeneres.

    If they are the future of this country it is well and truly fucked.  

  • The Nats are a useless Party.

    Don’t waste your vote on these liberal losers, at their core, just the same as Labour.

  • sohcahtoa

    remember this is northern young nats. I bloody hope it goes to conference too.