What a cop out

Sydney Morning Herald

Typical of the whinger and sanctimonious. Promise the world and deliver the same bile their predecessors did, with a lot of extra sanctimony. They probably eat organic food and drive a hybrid car. Next Rob Oakeshott will be calling out “Chicken” in the house.

This will be a different Parliament” Rob Oakeshott claimed when he announced he would swing behind Labor and make Julia Gillard Prime Minister, again, after the 2010 election. ”We believe in the ‘Sunshine Test’.” And Gillard responded: ”So let’s draw back the curtains and let the sunshine in, let our Parliament be more open than it was before.”

The independents have long claimed that if only the Parliament were not controlled by members of any one political party it would operate on a higher plane. Likewise, feminists promised that as more women entered Parliament they would civilise the place and reduce confrontation in favour of co-operation.

Now we have the double – a female Prime Minister kept in office by independents. So does this mean the 43rd Parliament will be remembered as the Sunshine Parliament? Hardly.

More likely it will be remembered as the Sleaze Parliament. The Speaker cannot sit because he is dealing with allegations of travel rorts and sexual harassment.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    There’s plenty of parallels with Aussie unions and their Labor government and with how NZ’s unions and Labour behave. Exact some rorting, different sides of the Tasman.

    With the on-going misappropriation of union member funds to the tune of $4Million or so that WO and the Owl have uncovered, combined with the blatant corruption from Labour MP’s when they were last in government, one can only hope the AG orders a full, independant, enquiry over the entire sorry saga.

    NZ deserves to have faith in our elected Parliment. Labour have completely undermined Parlimentary integrity and due process with the donations for passports scam… but even worse is the deliberate attempts to hide and bury the illegal activities.

    Please AG – restore some faith. Shine some brilliant sunshine. The innocent and honest will have nothing to hide.  

  • Russell Belding

    Maybe its in the water? The Herald reported today that Craig Thompson was born in Wellington! If it is in the water maybe I caught it when I was at Vic? Better get a check up …