What a waste of money

The Telegraph

Riddle me this:

The carbon floor price is aimed at ensuring Britain complies with European emissions–trading rules.

However, the policy has been criticised as ineffective and unfair, because companies elsewhere in the EU will not face a floor price.

Official projections suggest that much of the floor price charge to UK companies will actually be paid by consumers as firms recoup their costs through higher bills.

The Treasury has estimated the floor price will raise £1.4 billion by 2015–16.

At least 40 per cent of that bill is expected to be paid by households, a total cost of £560million.

Treasury estimates have suggested that the floor price floor price would add as much as six per cent to household electricity bills, an additional £25 for the average family.

Mr Davey said Liberal Democrats did not support an expansion in nuclear energy in the party’s last election manifesto, mainly due to “huge worries about the cost”.

He said: “I am determined that there will be no public subsidy for new nuclear.”

So the average pommy bastards power bill goes up by 6% to subsidise “green energy” but the greenest energy of all, nuclear power, is not allowed to have any subsidies?


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  • Le Sphincter

    And how much is John Key and Bill English   spending of taxpayers money  for buying overseas carbon credits  as per the Rio agreement signed by Jenny Shipley

    -a total of just over $909 million for the allocation of New Zealand emission units to the NZ economy 

    -a total of over $1.200 million for the purchase of Projects to Reduce Emissions (PRE) emission units by the Crown from the PRE portfolio.


    • Vlad

      That is absolutely mad, and I don’t care if the loons pandering to this scam are National or Labour.   The Pommies are nearly as daft as Australia in their submission to this, & they are run by the Conservatives (though with the LibDems yapping around their ankles). 

      • Le Sphincter

        Why didnt they just say they arent paying it anymore like they did with Cullen Fund.

  • tarkwin

    The biggest con since y2k.

  • TravisPoulson

    I came to this thread thinking it was about a NZ Herald subscription. 

  • AnonWgtn

    The Greek price, like France, Italy and many others will be “catch me if you can”.

  • parorchestia

    And nuclear energy is the only form of energy generation that has to cost in demolition.
    Imagine allowing for the much needed dredging of the great SI lakes in hydro  or the digging up and bioremediation of the massive concrete foundations of wind farms.  Concrete doesn’t last for ever.