What is it with rich foreigners trying to buy influence?

There is an interesting contrast developing between the cases of Kim Dotcom and Bill Liu.

They are both similar in many ways. Foreigners with money, obtained according to media reports through illegal and/or immoral methods…both seeking a home in New Zealand and both bestowing patronage upon politicians in order to gain favours and sway.

At that point the comparison needs to shift from the monied foreign influencers attempting to buy influence in order to pervert laws, regulations and politicians onto the politicians that were supplied with the cash to smooth that perversion.

It seems that John Banks said no…when the requests became too much. Labour on the other hand seems to have supplied many politicians who not only were bought off but actually delivered the goods that the donor was wanting.

Labour has made much of calling John Banks corrupt, when the real descriptor should possibly be inept. But so far they haven’t squawked at their more apparent corruption and involvement with the Bill Liu case.

Kim Dotcom got nothing other than a private citizen asking a minister to consider the case of his immigration favourably. That minister said no.

Bill Liu though had many politicians lobbying, and several ministers acting with alacrity and against official advice.

David Shearer has been quick to call for people to stand aside and resignations for John Banks, but not so quick in holding his own to account. Perhaps he is worried because it appears on the evidence thus far that only David Cunliffe acted properly when faced with a conflict of interest.

David Fisher too has none nothing about the Bill Liu case but enthusiastically reports the price of fruit baskets. So far the credits in the media go to the Dompost journalists, including Dana Levy who are actually reporting the news.

Both Kim Dotcom and Bill Liu thought that donations and influence worked the same way as where they are from. John Banks told Kim Dotcom that wasn’t the case and as a result he has been smeared three ways from Sunday in the media. Labour played ball with Bill Liu and so they must now suffer the consequences politically of enabling a corrupt Asian businessman to gain entry and citizenship in a manner that does not look good for them or the country that had prided itself on being the least corrupt int he world.


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  • Le Sphincter

    “It seems that John Banks said no…when the requests became too much”

    That must be another John Banks, because after the other Le Banque lost the race for the Mayoralty he tried to hit up Dotcom for some money for L’action and skited about what’ more  he could do in government’

    • Kock103 is a big buttplug

      Fuck off Phil

  • Basil

    ….and don’t mention the war!

  • David

    Aside from looking pretty terrible for Jones and Labour where is the Herald on this, breathlessly covering fruit baskets. Shows a remarkable lack of consistency especially as this is an Auckland based story.

    • Phar Lap

       At the time when the Herald was a real newspaper they did cover it.Now they are in the clutches of the Lie-bour Party and Commie “Greens”,in fact puppets of both parties they have a fear of the truth.

  • Le Sphincter

    Its called news.
    One is about Bill Who. 
    The other is an international man of intrigue. And $1000 dollar gift baskets

    Who would you put on your frontpage

    A tale of two applicants. Both got approval after ministerial signoff

    • Patrick

       Sorry part of the journalists’ reponsibility is to “hold to account” – please explain at what stage they ever hold the “left” to account? This is bribery & corruption of the most disgraceful type. Will the Herald, TVNZ, TV3, Cambell Live Sainsbury et al ever jump on this?

    • AngryTory


      One would see Jones, Cullen, Clarke, Goff, King, etc locked up in Paremoremo and they key thrown away.

      The other one, ACT is dead, Dotcom got in under the “rich idiot” immigration scheme anyway, so who cares?

  • Le Sphincter

    “Kim Dotcom got nothing other than a private citizen asking a minister to consider the case of his immigration favourably. That minister said no.”

    You need to keep up.
    It was his purchase of his house they said no to  ( finally) after Williamson ( great friend of Banks) said yes to.
    His immigration sailed through under National, he was just the sort of rich prick they wanted

    Bill Lui got support from Pansy Wong as well.   Well known pinnacle of probity

    • johnbronkhorst

      So asshole…how much money did Bill lui give to the labour party AFTER his citizenship came through…..don’t believe dotcom is a CITIZEN of NZ is he? The difference is monumental, Bill Lui got CITIZENSHIP against ministerial advice, Dot com is a resident and refused permission to BUY a house. Dotcom had a PRIVATE citizen support his case to buy a house. Lui had an OPPOSITION MP (wong) write a letter of support, but he got CITIZENSHIP. There is a whole order of magnitude difference between the 2 cases. I again ask, how much money did labour get from Lui?

      • Gazzaw

        ‘How much money did labour get from Lui?’

        Maybe a question that Herald editor Shayne Currie should ask. He was on Media Watch on Radio Red this morning talking up his staff’s ability as investigative journalists.

    • Permanent residency is a long way off citizenship, after just one day, in the Labour caucus room.

      • Le Spincter

        If you have residency and have been here for 5 years and are going to stay and are of good character its easy peasy.

    •  Liu got a letter of support from Pansy Wong. He also got letters of support from Chris Carter and Dover Samuels. Your point is?

  • ConwayCaptain

    I( hope when the trial is over and no longer sub judice that the Nat MPs let fly with a full 16″ broadside and shoot them out of the water just as ABC did those 3 Italian Cruisers at Matapan.

  • Phar Lap

    The question might be ,how many Asian Passports were fast tracked for cash. I recall in a well Known Auckland Cafe,at the time frequented by many Lie-bour Ministers.A bucket was placed on the floor and was being topped up with huge donations by you guessed it Asian clients.The bucket was provided by the Lie-bour Party members in the cafe as well.

    • Phar Lap

       Yes it was the Jade Terrace restuarant.It was not uncommon for the take on any fund raising night ,could go as high as $200K, all provided by friendly Asians who loved the Lie-bour Party officials,who would play the game of pass the bucket.Rick Barker a Lie-bour Minister loved the scheme,as well as the fat bloodhound Willams the Lie-bour Party President at the time.

      • starboard

        But I thought New Zealand was the least corrupt country in the world. Is this not correct ?
        Hmm..it seems LABOUR and CORRUPTION go hand in hand.
        Who would of thought?

  • George

    What is it with rich foreigners trying to buy influence?  Same as anybody.  Influence!

  • Le Sphincter

    Is there some sort of “xenophobia about those rich Asians” ?
    After all the locals do it.

    He said he had asked Dr Brash why questions about special status for Maori were not pursued harder during the campaign. He said he was told the issue had been campaigned on but had been ignored by the media. 

    Words from the mouth of Louis Crimp, who was buying policy of  L’Action party.

    What is it with ‘rich people’ trying to buy influence  ?

    Hello  ! Money talks

    • Patrick

      If you have residency and have been here for 5 years and are going to stay and are of good character its easy peasy.

      So are you suggesting Bill Lui is/was of good character? Dept of Immigration thought otherwise before Shane Jones reversed their recommendation & gave his stamp of approval. Question is – what was done/said/promised that made Jones go against the recommendation. Hopefully the court case will discover what actually went on here & inform us.

  • Fair dues to Willie Jackson. On his programme on Friday afternoon, he said of his mate Shane Jones “Make no mistake; this is serious” and “Shane Jones could be in a whole lot of trouble.”

    When even a rabid Leftie like Jackson is calling the Bill Liu rort for what it was, serious questions have to be asked.

  • Pukakidon

    If indeed it is proven that political favour has been purchased by these foreigners, I would expect all politicians involved regardless of party to be stood down and join previous corrupt Labour politicians in the pokey.  We also need to track down who has purchased citizenship in this country and send them back.   This includes that fat German bastard who seems to like to involve himself in our politics.  

    Looks like the Anus has changed his tune now, once he found out the depths of dishonesty Labour have been involved in. Funny how you found it fine to attack Asians when they were looking at purchasing land. 

    • Le Sphincter

      China produces twice as milk as NZ does.
      Its here only to learn how to steal our markets as they dont have  history of eating dairy
      Look in the supermarket freezer. Very hard to buy NZ grown vegetables, it all comes from China. So much for our food security.

      • Pukakidon

         Yes maybe and only twice as much milk?  I am surprised, especially by the size of their country and population as compared to ours.  I would have thought it much bigger than that. Maybe they want to have access to more food to feed their exploding population.   The fact that it is hard to buy NZ vegetables is that most of the good stuff is exported overseas because of the huge international demand.

        The world needs more food, what do you want Chinese people to starve?

      • Grizz30

        Sounds like some people should spend less time moaning and more time growing their own vegetables.

        The people of China are not going to starve. The Chinese have bought so much land in Africa it makes the Crafer farms look like crumbs. The reality is that it will be the poor starving Africans who will end up starving. In Africa, there is no Landcorp to manage the farms and ensure the workers get a fair wage. The farms will be directly managed by the Chinese and token wages will be enforced with whips and chains.

  • Grizz30

    Getting back to the original post, one of the things that is highlighted is a certain expectation of corruption by foreign donors. In exchange for cash foreign donors are wanting politicians to perform personal favours for them. In the case of Kim Dotcom, he was wanting personal favours from John Banks. Now it appears that Banks was not corrupt enough to deliver and now he is sulking. If he was trying to influence the system with money then quite frankly I have no sympathy for him. In the case of Bill Liu, he bought his Citizenship from a corrupt Minister and all involved derserve to sink.