What next hybrid gay utes?

NZ Herald

The Herald has an article yesterday about seriously gay cars…hybrids:

Hybrid cars are on a slow burn in New Zealand, in more ways than one. They use clever technology to minimise fuel use, but they have also had minimal impact on new-car sales. Less than 5 per cent of registrations are hybrid vehicles.

How come? Given that hybrid technology seems to enjoy a reputation as the answer to the automotive world’s emissions woes, our roads should be absolutely crawling with them. That’s not the case, for a number of reasons.

There is only one reason…they are gay.


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  • tas

    In northern California the roads are crawling with Priuses. I haven’t counted, but maybe as many as one in ten cars is a Prius.

    I’ve driven one. They aren’t bad cars if you are just driving around the city. However, for the same price you can do better.

  • Maaik

    Not only gay, but also anti-green!

    The eco-impact of one Prius (from manufacture to recycle) is worse than a ute. Not to mention the times the Prius owner had to hire an evil diesel truck to do the things he can’t do with his gay little car.

  • AnonWgtn

    And the price of new batteries every few of years.
    Told that in NZ that’s about $6,000, including disposal tax.
    And where are we going to get the electricity from in the future, at what cost.
    Ask the Greenpeace Party as they will stop anything like this – see West Coast hydro cancellation.

  • Greg M

    We need to build a big arse coal fired power station on the west coast. Power to charge up the poxy priuses, plus mining and employment for the coasters, and no dam required.

    There, I fixed it for you.