When will Len give us our referendum?


Nelson held a referendum on Maori wards for their council. The public voted it down.

A Maori ward for Nelson city has been soundly rejected by voters.

With just 15, 387 votes received by the cutoff at midday today – a 43.4 percent return – there were 12,298 votes against the proposal and 3131 for it.

In percentage terms, 79.41 per cent of the votes counted were against the proposal and 20.22 for.

Len Brown promised he would hold a referendum on Maori wards during his campaign. He should set up a referendum for the 2013 local body elections so we can all have our say on Maori wards.


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  • Le Sphincter

    Considering Le Hide gave us the unelected Maori officials who dont represent any voters that we currently have.

    or does the father of this batard claim he was ‘out of the country ‘ at the time