Where’s the Wally, Ctd


Andrew Little is upset because a process server shone a torch in his eyes:

Little last week invited Collins to send “thuggish characters” and last night a process serving agent was waiting for him when he got home.

“It was dark, the guy leapt up and shined a torch in my face and served me with the papers, so fair cop.”

There was an unwritten law that politicians didn’t bother each other’s families, he said.

“I was pleased they didn’t come inside the gate, they didn’t hassle my home, that’s what I was most worried about.

“I think Judith Collins came very close to the mark. As it was the guy was sitting just outside our place, and lying in wait for me to get home.”

God he is pathetic. He started the silly game by defaming Judith Collins, then by saying bring it on to her law suit, then by skulking like a coward.

Unbelievably he still thinks Judith Collins isn’t serious.

Little said he would be consulting with his lawyer today and be releasing details of the case to back up his and Mallard’s claim they had done nothing wrong.

They would show Collins had refused to answer questions in Parliament about the leaked letter and the MPs were doing their job by trying to hold her account.

“To the extent that her reputation is based on her being a straight shooter in Parliament, there is evidence to the contrary of that and I want to get that out sooner rather than later so people can see exactly what it is she is on about.”

Little said he was convinced Collins wouldn’t want the matter to go to trial she would be forced to defend her personal reputation.

Little has said to anyone who would listen around parliament that he has consulted 4 lawyers already…now he is off to a real one as it turns out that the advice of Charles Chauvel, David Parker, himself  and Lianne Dalziel didn’t amount to much.


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  • Scanner

    Poor Liddle Andy Pandy, man up cocksucker, if you think that was tough on you just wait till JC gets you and Suckhole Mallard into court, you’re going to get genuine fisting, but then the two of you might just enjoy that.

  • Wayne

    As this matter is now before the courts, any comments on it from ‘Chicken’ would surely be viewed as sub judice?
    The chook is a tosser.

    • Le Sphincter

      Its not before the courts, its just the details of her claim.
       Courts are a looooooooong way away

      • johnbronkhorst

        The MINUTE papers are served, you are considered”before the court” and subject to contempt charges etc…so these two clowns better watch their p’s & q ‘s.

  • Lindsay Addie

    To quote the former great PM who is now at the UN:


  • Petal

    “he shone a torch in my eyes, and it was really close to where I live and expect privacy”


    How old is this man?  6?

    • Gazzaw

      On Chicken’s own admission it was dark so wouldnt use of a torch be essential to confirm that it was the genuine Chicken who was about to be served the legal document. Little would be the first to exploit any issues over establishing identity.

  • kaykaybee

    If he had manned up and actively sought to be served, he’d no need to have worried about “thuggish”, torch-wielding, “leather-jacketed” guys getting anywhere near “close to where (he) lives”

    As for the “expects privacy” bit, doesn’t he think that Judith Collins would have liked to have had that same “right” extended to her when he was shooting off at the mouth with made up, fanciful and defamatory comments about her.

  • toby_toby

    I don’t think Andrew Little will ever grow up and act like a man.He’s a gigantic sook.

  • Guest

     Hmmm credibility – remember the defendants credibility is also tested in court.

    “Employers are parasites” – there is a whole lot of employers also ready to serve..and more importantly that was said outside parliament and on facebook

    Quote “the only real parasites are employers” Andrew Little

    I am an employer

  • Top Bloke

    He’s a a class A cock that no one voted for

  • Stevo

    By making it hard for servers to find him, chicken little necessitated they go to his house.
    His family should be proud.

  • davewin

    Of course the Chook could have made an appointment to meet the Process Server, and settled it like a gentleman …. But then

  • MrV

    Meanwhile I suppose Mallard is planning on endless cycling tours away from parliament to avoid being served … so no change from normal there.

  • Sooty

    And he wonders why the New Plymouth voters did not want him.