Who is Leader of the Opposition again?

Curiously the pre-Budget Opinion piece in the Dominion Post today, which is usually reserved for the Leader of the Opposition, was written by Russel Norman.

So who is the Leader of the Opposition again?


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    haha – there is no opposition, nor a leader… so Dr. Norml may as well be it…

  • Phar Lap

    I hope it is Rusel with one “L”.Arrived in NZ in a flight to safety fleeing from his outlandish Communist ideas,in Australia.Now he is the celebrated meglamaniac in the “Green” Party.Him the minister of finance?I recently heard his rave that farming in NZ should be downgraded,as farmers were up pollution creek.His mission in fact is to poison the NZ economy.With statements like that on the farming community,most of it has kept NZ afloat in the last few years ,what an indictment of a completely ignorant loser, to even make such a comment.Sure make him the opposition leader,where he will sit in that position,as under the Nats NZ will become a nation once again.

  • Wayne

    The Greens might have the ability to save the odd snail or a nest of birds in the way of a major motorway project, but the fiscal nouce or economic skills to run a country – spare me!

    Russell Norman in his pre-budget article, “if we were preparing a budget…we would position our nation to be a world leader in tomorrows green economy”. That’s Green speak for, “we will f..k it completely and drop it in a stagnant “green” swamp.

    He talks of  a Capital Gains Tax realising $4.5bn a yea, that figure is unverified and even if true won’t be realised for 15-20 years at least. He will also repriortise Nationals road budget of $14bn to alternative transport – trains and buses that no one will use.

    Tree huggers and Nazis – we don’t need or want them.

  • Russell Belding

    One of RNs mates Eugenie Sage has suggested in a TV interview, we limit the number of cows becuse they pooh and make waterways messy. This is Green economy. Don’t do it if it looks risky. I want to have clean waterways and want NZ to prosper with the labour of farmers and their cows. So we work smarter and farm smarter.

  • tarkwin

    Hopefully the leader of the opposition won’t be David Cunliffe any time soon. I watched him on Back Benchers last night – it was scary! He had a save TVNZ 7 tee shirt on with a blazer over the top. The beard and the hair style coupled with the manic grin made made him look like an escapee from Miami Vice who had morphed into a street evangelist or used car dealer! Still, I suppose you’ve got to move with the times if you want to appeal to those hip young union members and Labourites.

  • rouppe

    Labour was in yesterdays paper. Notably it was Parker, not Shearer…

    • Mediaan

      Popular Parker, who lost by 11000 votes in Otago to Jacqui Dean, despite being the sitting member? Wow, great future he has.

      • Mediaan

        I found that figure last night on a bio website, 11000, but having just checked it against the Jacqui Dean bio on Wikipedia which says she won the seat from Parker by 1995 votes, I want to correct it. Call that 1995 votes.

      • Phar Lap

         He also couldn’t get his company records straight.He couldn’t run a bath ,never mind a country .what an embarrasment.

  • lazy beatup for no reason – “usually reserved for the Leader of the Opposition” I kinda like the way Shearer is using his oppostion spokesperson on the policy item to be the fronting to any repeater. Unlike Key who seems to have to be the spokesperson on everything – including being there with any of his ministers when they make statements – geez doesn’t he trust them to get it right?

    • BJ

      Its called supporting his colleagues and what’s more John Key always says it so well.

  • Grandstream

    The greens continue ot push the failed luddite version of an economy. They still dont get that a govt does not create jobs…..they believe that more jobs in welly for tree huggers and party radicals is econominc growth ! Oposition is the best place for them !

    • Mediaan

      Wish they would boost speech therapy sales and get Russell Norman’s snivelly whining voice tone corrected.

      • TravisPoulson

        I wish we could just send his communist ass back to Australia.

  • TravisPoulson

    Whaleoil: be good if you could post audio of Shearers reaction to the budget, and key’s response to Shearer. Danny Watson played a snippet this afternoon, hilarious stuff as Key takes Shearer to pieces yet again. 

    • pelitic novice

      Who is the woman who does the constant screaming in parliament when Key was talking? Even the labour MPs would be put off with that nauseating sound in their ears the whole time.

      • TravisPoulson

        David Cunliffe.