Why shouldn’t council sell off assets?


There is plenty of sympathy for Christchurch but it only goes so far.

By wanting to hold on to their assets rather than mortgage them to fund the rebuild they are saying the rest of us should pay for their misfortune.

We have paid enough, and we don’t mind paying up to a certain point, but this just makes Christchurch look as if they are on the bludge.


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  • RolandS

    Agreed and most in Christchurch would agree that we must sell off the airport, part of the port company and some of the land that the council are sitting on and we the ratepayers are supporting.  We certainly do not want the proceeds from the under covered insurance to be used for a new convention centre or sports staium and both projects must be stopped after all we are already in the hole to the tune of $40 million on the old convention centre.  Another good idea would be to sell off the council chambers in Worcester Boulevard it is an obscene building and only suited to a hotel or convention centre anyway.  CCC should be forced to operate as a city council and not property developers. The council structure eeds to be investigated and audited and hopefully this wil happen sooner rather than later.  Then when we get a functional and decisive council next year we will be on the road to recovery.

  • David

    As a Cantab I agree, it’s embarrassing. Imagine asking your neighbor for a few bucks to tide you over while you have all your own cash invested in the share market.
    I don’t particularly want a 7%+ rates rise to pay for a convention centre which will be of very little use like the last one.

    • Mediaan

      Who does want all these stadia and convention centres? Not anyone I know.

      The big building contractors who build them?

      The Nazi mass rally enthusiasts?

      We have already had to put up with Nazi-rally-style searchlights in our night sky for months and months. According to the twottery council these lights were supposed to end in February, but they renewed the permit because the idea’s instigator said people in the city would be depressed if they were not there.

      • Brighton Belle

        Absolutely agreed David I could never see the point of the search lights and more to the point understand the needless waste of electricity in a city desparate to SAVE every resource.  I think that the replacement convention centre and stadium must be stopped you are so right – I am at a loss to understand who even wants them in the city except the council and their cohorts – I thought the matter was to be consulted with retapyers and residents but they seem to be ploughing ahead needless of the opposition.   I ask who is funding them? 

    • AnonWgtn

      Better for the overpaid CEO of Christchurch to take the bull and reduce staff by say 10% over a two year period.
      Although the CEO will have moved on elsewhere on the tit by then.

  • Phar Lap

    Would be interesting to see how much the NZ taxpayer has pumped into ChCh. Now it seems is the time for the CCC to grasp the nettle and make some decisions about their city.We have agreed with most of the empathy and support over many months and happy to be part of that.Seems if the begging bowl keeps being handed around  for more freebies ,the rest of the country will be all earthquaked out,Then overkill will set in,as by the Stuff article it already has.

  • Markm

    I agree we should sell some assets , however I can’t help seeing the hypocrisy of the calls, when supposedly a majority of New Zealanders are vehemently opposed to asset sales.
    Whats the difference , Christchurch has a cash shortfall and needs to sell assets.
    New Zealand has a cash shortfall and needs to sell assets.

    Seems to me the left don’t think to much before “calling upon” the Government , council or whomever they want to listen 

  • starboard

    I want to know why we had under insured assets. Its smells of Tony Marriott yet again. Fuck off back to Hamilton Marriott…we have had a gutsfull of your incompetance.

    • I don;t think they want him either

      • starboard

        thats because he’s a turkey. They are still paying for the Hamilton street race that he signed off on when he was town clerk up there. Millions down the shithouse. The mans an A grade buffoon .Absolutely despised in Christchurch.

  • Gazzaw

    I have been ‘Christchurched out’ for months now. I lived there for five years, loved it & would be back there again if I wasn’t living in my home town of Auckland. I said ages ago that parish pump politics at which Christchurch has always excelled would have a seriously negative effect on the recovery. The dust had hardly settled before the infighting began and we are still being bombarded daily with inconsequential issues (to the rest of the country anyway) that in the end achieve nothing other than the absorption of more and more of the country’s money. The cathedral? Just get on with it FFS. The CEO? Terminate his contract if youre not happy with him. Parker & the council? Have a snap election or appoint a commissioner.

    I hate to say it and I will probably be crucified for it but I’m getting ‘Pike Rivered’ out too. I feel dreadfully sorry for the families & God forbid that it should ever happen to me but it’s time to move on.  

    • Kiwidon

      Amen mate!

  • charee

    If they spent half their time and hot air on rooting out some of the rampant corruption going on (Assessors actual words to warehouse owner: “I can get you a new wall for free, or for $15k cash I can get you a new building”) those of us outside Chch would feel a whole lot better about helping out.

  • FuckTheGreens

    Sell it all off but so must Auckland so as to keep rates affordable.But my main reason is to piss off those that don’t like this sort of thing i.e left wing greenie types…

  • Mediaan

    I do apologise to the rest of the country for Chch being so dreary.

    It’s partly those awards for Best Newspaper that some drivel heads keep giving The Press. Not helped by a separate ZB talkback on Chch themes only.

    The rest of the country doesn’t exist. The rest of the world hardly exists.
    As all it has written about since the quakes started is the earthquakes, it assumes this must be very talented stuff. It keeps putting it out.

    So quite minor things, like a financial loss, can seem a national concern.