Young Labour silenced?

the tipline

While the Young Nats are successfully getting remits passed at National party conferences Young Labour isn’t doing so well at theirs.

Check out this remit that shows that Labour still believes in hugging criminals:

And then at the same Labour Party Auckland/Norther Region Conference this weekend Young Labour/Princes St Labour have been shutdown by the party for putting forward remits. An electorate went as far to restrict the amount of remits the party could consider.


Stark contrast to the success of the Young Nats at the Northern Region Conference.

Arena Williams who I think is a Young Labour Maori Vice President certainly thinks so:


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  • Guest

    Two important points.

    1. Labour look nothing like being ready to be in government again.
    2. Arena Williams helps dispel the image of Labour Party girls being very very ugly. What a beauty!

    • Mattyman

      not that good looking in person.

  • Le Sphincter

    Funny how the picture image manages to cut off the bit about ‘drug offenders’ only being eligible for  rehab.
    Does Le Nationale really have spies at every party meeting of Le Travail ?
    Their stasi like card indexes must be massive now, all supervised by that well known identity the “Fireman’

  • Le Sphincter

    c’mon l’epaulard you know National censors remits from branches on topics they dont want raised at a regional or national level.
    If the members knew there was $800 mill in this years budget for treaty costs and claims there would be a riot

    • Shows what you know the young nats put up a remit at the Northern Region conference this weekend that was passed, which would allow adoption for people in civil unions…that is gay people, to allow them to adopt…if it was as you suggest some censoring do you really think that would have got through??

  • AngryTory


    Fuck i hope so – permanently.  And with extreme prejudice. 

  • Michael Savage

    Your usual accuracy and dependability are showing Cameron.

    There has been no silencing of Young Labour.  There was a remit put up by an electorate that proposed that the number of remits a branch could propose is capped.  After some spirited opposition by Princes Street the remit was resoundingly defeated.

    The party anticipates and expects Princes Street/Young Labour to continue with its traditional role of providing a number of remits and pushing the boundaries of the party’s thinking.

    Give me Young Labour over the young ants any day.

  • WhaleOilSucks

    Most of the 75-odd remits that Princes Street submitted were resoundingly passed, and they argued passionately for some of those that came under closer scrutiny only to be eventually put down.

    I’m not a supporter of the student branch at all, but I can say they’re certainly not being silenced.