A government program we can all believe in

As regular readers will know I abhor government programs…that is until I saw this one from Wisconsin:


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  • Guest

    The Game Animal Council. Get on the bandwagon.

  • Neil

    Great idea – not sure it’s the Governments place to do this – why doesn’t the private sector offer this as part of the buying a “weapon” – what do you want to use it for – you don’t leave until you sign up to one of the “courses”. 

    Having said that, it seems there isn’t any profit in it otherwise it would be done by now, so I guess using the government funding at least the safety training is there.

  • El Jorge

    This isn’t gummernant sponsored but its still good to know we have something like it in NZ: http://deerstalkers.org.nz/Site/Training/default.aspx