A little correction

Yesterday I named Russel Norman as Politician of the Week and one of the reasons I gave it to him was because I said he had instigated a referendum on Asset Sales and was suing it as a stick with which to beat the government.

Well, my phone went nuts from loads of Labour MPs txting me taking great umbrage at such an outrageous suggestion.

I was told in no uncertain terms that the genius behind the referendum appeal was in fact Grant Robertson. Apparently, for the first time in his life, he worked hard over the Christmas recess to put it together.

That’s fine, it was Grant’s idea, happy for him to have credit….however…It is Russel Norman that has grabbed the advantage in beating on the government with Grant’s stick. And so he remains a cunning bastard and politician of the week because he nicked Labour’s plan and has made it his own.

AS for all those MPs txting…you all need a refresher course in Rule Number One.


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  • Phar Lap

    Is Grant Robertson that fat tub of lard,who has never missed a meal in his life.Also is he the same guy who has Helen Clark and the Simpson woman’s fingerprints and back door tactics all over him. Seems he has been back doored by  the girlish squeaky  Rusel Norman literally,Hmmmm.

    • jay cee

      and gerry brownlee is a jenny craig rep right?

      • Bunswalla

        No, that’s Parekura isn’t it?

    • Troy

      Yup that’s the one, Helen and her very very close more-intimate-than-most friend Helen Simpson have trained him well.

  • Johnboy

    “grabbed the advantage in beating on the government with Grant’s stick.”

    Jeeze and here was us all thinking Russ was straight!

    • Patrick

       where was Shane Jones when all this stick beating was going on? For that matter where was Darren Hughes?

      • Troy

        Jones was doing what he does best – beating his own stick in a hotel off the tax-payers money.

  • Azza

    Grant who?

  • niggly

    IMO whether it’s Russel Noman and the Greens or Grant Roberston and Labour it is nothing to crow about.

    What it is all is deciet and manipulation of the public. (Sidenote, as we and they know the real referendum was last year’s general election). Another form of corruption.

    Which is rather ironic because deceit and manipulation is one of the Green’s (and Labour’s) supposed “strengths” i.e. they make a big deal rallying against it.

    But in true Orwellian fashion it is those Leftist parties i.e. The Greens, Labour, Mana, (like their forebears that speak Russian), that actually practice deceit, manipulation and corruption on a much grander scale (than the Right such as National does). So much so they have redefined deceit, manipulation and corruption as being so mainstream in everyday society (that it goes over people’s heads).

    As I’m happy to point out on KB and here, I grew up in a Labour voting household (my parents were working class but believed in hard work and honesty) so it wasn’t hard to shift allegience to National (by no means perfect but millions of miles ahead of the Left) once I took a closer interest in the Left’s modus operandi.

    Helen Clark, anyone? Trevor Mallard? Environmental/peace activists for that matter? Examples of people and groups that manipulate public opinion, so much so they have put NZ’s security (physical and economic) at risk in order to persue their self-idolgent group-think causes.

    Never has so few caused so damage to the majority. Talk about the real 1%.

    (If anyone thinks my comments on the likes of the Greens are caustic on other threads then this is why). :-)

    • Phar Lap

       Brilliant !

    • 6K944827

       I agree with your referendum comment but it does make me wonder about the National voters who appose asset sales. Wre they not intellegent enough to work out that asset sales was Nationals only real poilicy at the last election? I feel sorry for those that do not know what they do.

  • Johnny58

    Hell that must’ve been tough for you to type WO, admitting a mistake. Add it to your Ken Ringism collection of posts, eh.

    “I hear that there could be another story about Hell Pizza on Campbell Live tonight…”

    “Hacking ACC”

  • Apolonia

    Labour and the Greens are abusing the political process. Referendums are available under the “CITIZENS initiated referendum act”. That is, it is for citizens not politicians to force a referendum.
    Politicians already can use parliament, private members bills etc. All citizens have is the referendum process when politicians won’t listen or pass dumb laws.
    The fact that Labour and the Greens are prepared to use a process that they treated with contempt over the smacking law proves they are unfit to hold office again.  

    • Meg

      You know that politicians are citizens as well, right?

      • Symgardiner

        But Parties using taxpayer money aren’t. Right?

      • Jester

        They are not acting in the capacity of citizens when they are spending on the parliamentary budget you stupid bint!

  • AnonWgtn

    See New Zealand President Elect, Helen Clark is representing New Zealand at the Flanders commemoration in Belgium.
    Getting into practice for when we become a Republic after the next election, when Labour and Greenpeace, irrespective of opinion, unilaterally take this step. They will say it in their respective election manifestos.