A message for trolls

Dedicated to hard working internet trolls everywhere. Love ya, keep on trollin’! X Isabel & all the Clever Pies

Written & Performed by Isabel Fay
Directed & Edited by Chris Lincé


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Is tghis the Isabel Fay whose Dad ripped NZ off??

    • Guest

      No. That would be Annabel Fay, whose father is (Sir) Michael the Merchant Banker.

      • AngryTory

        And he most certainly didn’t “rip of NZ”.

      • Gazzaw

        What would you call it then AT?

      • Mediaan

        True, AT, he ripped off interests all over. That was after he got his greedy fingers into an exportable bag of NZ money worth $700 million and rolled off to Switzerland to be a merchant banker. And after he played out his fantasies in corruption and yachting.

        That was NZ’s best export drive ever.

    • Mr_Blobby

      To big, with both major parties appearing to be implicated, so big that they just wanted it to go away like the to big to fail banksters.

  • Fergus

    Where is Kosh???

    • Fergus

      Or sphincter…

    • Gazzaw

      Probably silenced by the local community.

      • Le Sphincter

        Mes amis, I miss you too.
        Hater ? Moi ?

      • TravisPoulson

        He was hung by his own arrogance and dillusions of immortality.

  • mediaan

    May I apologise and withdraw my comment re Sir Michael Fay.   It doesn’t convey what I meant to put down.

  • jay cee

    sung for you guys on behalf of all the green,labour and some national  female members of parliament that you love to hate.

    • Bunswalla

      Haha, you’re so stupid you thought you were writing that at the Stranded but your browser defaults to the site you can’t resist visiting every day.

    • Pukakidon

       Jay Cee

      I like how you can say that on this site.   If you had of expressed a dissenting view on your Green or Labour blogs they would have been deleted.   No free speech in your community of nastiness is there.  

      Lots of Labour and Green cowardly language in the song.  I liked it.  Because it is about you, you troll.

  • manuka416

    Hilarious! “Sexually-agressive racist homophobe misogynistic waste of human skin,” most trolls out there wouldn’t understand half of that. Illiterate haters are the meanest/most hilarious.Thank you haters!

  • Marko

    ha! funniest sh*t i have seen today.