A scientific study of class sizes

This video is at about the level of the teacher union’s reasoning for small class sizes.


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  • Best ever argument for reducing the number of MPs to 117. I think I almost lost bladder function at:”One of the girls produces a sword.”

    • TravisPoulson

      As a side note, the teacher that got stabbed at Avondale College in 2009 had a class of only about 20, and a 13 year old at Te Puke High School stabbed a teacher in front of 23 classmates in 2010.

  • Orange

    A classic. And it looks like they had a lot of fun making it.

  • Grandstream

    Labour and the union have done a great job in hijacking the debate and making it about class size and not poor teachers and teacher performance….Heika Pairata has missed a great opporutnity to stick one into one of Labour’s key recruiting ground ! 

  • Bawaugh

    Can we have 117 students in a class?

  • Mediaan

    Lovely. So funny I cried.

  • Boss Hogg

    I was an unwitting participant in a similar experiment in 1977 at Melville High, Hamilton.  Some genius put together an all boys class of 5th formers in a coed school (5R) and I think we ate 5 English teachers, 2 science teachers and 1 Tech Drawing teacher.

    They did not repeat the experiment in later years………  

  • Dion

    I’d be keen to see what Kosh103 thinks of this video.

    • TravisPoulson

      I’m not, it’s been pleasantly civil with some good sensible debates in his absence.

  • Guest

    Larger class sizes are just not good. There is a reason private schools use small class sizes as a draw card. Because it is better for the kids learning.

    • TravisPoulson

      In which case it would make it hypocritical for the Labour Party to be on this bandwagon, given the amount of schools they closed as the last government.

      All the lefties are quick to jump up and down and scream hypocrisy about John Key’s alleged comments about class size back in 2005, when in the preceding years the Lame Duck had been busy closing down schools all over the country.

      • Guest

        Yes well
        much of what Labour does is hypocritical if the truth be told. However, putting
        that bunch of self-serving twits aside for now, it still does not make larger
        class sizes a clever thing to do. It will do nothing to help lift the 20% that
        are failing in our schools.

        would have been better to have introduced strict teacher guidelines and a fast efficient
        way to toss out poor teachers than this. That would have gotten parents on the
        Governments side in a split second. Now we have the bloody unions banding
        together, parents up in arms and yet another National education minster on the
        back foot.

    • When I was at Grammar under a labour government I never had a class less than 36.

      I helped to lower the ration for others in later years by bunking classes.

      Show me a school anywhere that has class sizes at the level at which the government funds…anywhere, just one will do.

      • Guest

        Most classes are bigger than schools are funded for, that it true. So why make them bigger? Why make it harder for the 20% to get the teacher time they need?

        This National Government has done a very good job of things, except when it comes to education. They just cannot seem to get anything going in this area without a series of comic blunders. The goal should be quality teachers, nothing else. Getting the bad teachers out as fast as they can, and paying the good ones more.

        A Prime Minister who sends his children to a private school where class sizes are small is not going to get parents on side by making state classrooms bigger. If he wants to keep middle New Zealand with him he needs to make quality teachers and performance pay his target.

    • Patriot

      Why the talk of Larger or smaller class sizes — there comes a time when the Teachers union has to put a number on what is larger than — & what is smaller than .

      In my Wairarapa College , public school, 3rd Form to 6th form years my class sizes were
      – 3rd form – 36
      – 4th form = 39
      – 5th form = 33
      6th form   = 36

      finishing with a B.Com in Accounting from Univ of Auck.

      Okay Teachers , so tell me what the class sizes are now — and what the Teacher complaint is, where the class size is increasing to .

      My class sizes of  between 33 and 39 was no hindrance to learning — so the moaning had better be for sizes greater than 39 . .. or the Teachers moaning is not about class sizes – but to increase jobs by lowering class sizes .  Spotted that fraud a mile off .