ACC CEO quits

NZ Herald

THE CEO of the ACC has quit, probably in disgust, following the purge of the boardroom by Judith Collins. I agree with Fran O’Sullivan in that he shouldn’t have gone:

ACC chief executive Ralph Stewart has become the latest scalp in the fall out from the Bronwyn Pullar fiasco, this morning confirming he is resigning after just eight months in the job.

Mr Stewart’s resignation comes just a day after a boardroom purge at the state owned accident insurer in which chairman John Judge was effectively forced out of his job by ACC Minister Judith Collins, and his deputy John McLiskie and another director Rob Campbell were also told they would not be reappointed.

Mr Stewart said the events of recent days and the departure of Mr Judge and the other directors “has brought me to the point where I have decided to step down as chief executive”.

“I am deeply frustrated that the benefits of the scheme and the great work we do has been overshadowed by recent events.”

“This has been an incredibly hard decision to take and one that I have considered very carefully.”


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  • Had to happen – go before you’re pushed mate. Clean out the closet – get back to what they should be doing and it isn’t making profit at the expense of caring for claimants.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Neil, you clearly havent been reading the papers or watching the news for 4 years. ACC had a multi billion dollar hole in its balance sheet when Cullen handed over to National in 2008. Funnily enough, to maintain its ability to be “caring” it can’t run out of money to “care”, which it had done. The Corp had to make enough to cover its future liabilities. And Judge has gone some of the way to do just that, and the process’s and strategy is in place. Stewart will be a loss to ACC.

      It always makes me laugh how Labour and the Greens whine about how some employers sack their workers unilaterally and without due process, and here they are promoting the same thing with Stewart. I didnt hear that scion of business sense, Andrew Little, sticking up for him. He’ll take the Hypocrisy burger with vomit dressing, supersized thanks.

      • Accruals on projected committment…..not real money like any great finance company uses to hoodkink its investors until the real shit hits.

        He resigned he wasn’t sacked. Why he didn’t stay is over to him to justify not me.

      • In Vino Veritas

        Be that as it may Neil, ACC still need to be able to fund that projected committment forward.

      • Fooman

         Well then, NZ is screwed by the requirement to fund the projected commitment for superannuation; or are you saying that pay-as-you-go is good enough for one branch of the Government, but not an another?  Quickly, raise taxes to forward fund super…

        ACC has never been a private insurance business, and should never have been subject to the same commercial imperitives…


  • 4077th

    Perhaps he needs “a cuddle and a glass of milk”…Now how about the 2 managers that lied about being threatened? 

    • Botti

      read Whale Oil’s later post about Boag’s email. 

  • Roger

    His support of the apparently lying managers lacked common sense and judgement. If he really thought he had a job to do and could credibly continue he would have stayed.

    • 4077th

      There in lies my point Roger. 

  • Ford

    Rebstock, now a key player in the government’s social welfare reforms, will take over as ACC chair on July 1.
    i get  funny feeling alot of people are going to get screwed over

    • AngryTory

      i get  funny feeling alot of people are going to get screwed over

      Good. Because there is only one kind of real welfare reform – termination.
      ACC is just yet more welfare under a different name

      Collins should take the opportunity not to reappoint  CEO and board, but simply to close the whole mess down – ACC and WINZ.

      We’re borrowing every cent we pay in benefits – whether it’s super, ACC, or WINZ.
      We have to stop.

      • whalewatcher

         that is pig-ignorant, AngryTory: there is no way ACC, applied properly, is ‘yet more welfare under a different name’.

        It is a unique system, that when not fiddled by politicians (Labour opening it up as a pseudo-welfare system to access the funds, which are otherwise unavailable for Govt lolly scrables), can provide good accident/injury care.

        If we abolish ‘no-fault cover’ then medical costs will skyrocket, and the only winners will be large insurance companies and lawyers – the patient/’victim’ will not be better off

      • Mediaan

        ACC is a cunning way of turning every New Zealander into a candidate for unconsented medical experiments.

        Cannot sue. We have zero rights to redress.

        The fascists, the megalomaniac world bunch that like the idea of bringing back feudalism whereby they are lords and the rest of us are farm animals, and the pharmaceutical companies and foodstuff experimenters, just LOVE ACC. They are free from fear that they will have a huge class action taken against them, if they get found out.

      • Ford

        ‘ACC is just yet more welfare under a different name’ yes and with 1 woman controlling both ..imagine the destruction she could cause for alot of people..and why we’re cleaning up messes lets start with the blatant bullshit spending politicians that rich little prick bill english taking $900 a week for accomodation and the other renting accomodation rorts that came to light..and how many years has that been going on and how many ripoffs havent been found out about..they are the real rogues

  • Taylors Creek

    This is all a big bitchslap that Bron has cunningly mastermined to further her career as a plunderer of insurance policies, instigator of dubious litigation, and  further the belief that the world owes her a living….the TV3 interview was nothing to do about helping was to further BronCorp.
    Where are the real journos …dig dig dig

    • Fozzie

       More power to her elbow – with one crank of the wheel she has taken out a cabinet minister, the entire upper management of the ACC and exposed a weak unprincipled government … you go girl !

      • Le Sphincter

        Really.  Collins says she didnt do it

        ACC Minister Judith Collins says she did not tell ACC chief executive Ralph Stewart to resign.”I’ve simply said to Mr Stewart, was he sure of that decision and he was, and actually I feel quite sorry for Mr Stewart, he’s had a tough time,” she said.Do you know something  Collins doesnt ?She couldnt crush a sugar cube.So thats TWO CEOs this week- ACC and  Social Development , both in their first year.  A good sign things are spiralling out of control

      • Fozzie

         Cool Sphinter – Bron even has the ‘Crusher’ hiding out – “hell hath no fury like a Nat supporter spurned” – am sitting with my popcorn at the ready….

      • Fozzie

         Cool Sphinter – Bron even has the ‘Crusher’ hiding out – “hell hath no fury like a Nat supporter spurned” – am sitting with my popcorn at the ready….

      • Guest

        Fozzie, maybe she has wiped out all of these people with the crank of an elbow but justvwatch her try these tricks with the fresh lot on board Id say her chances of getting exactly what she demands are basically nil.
        So who wins? Not Pullar and Boag thats for sure

    • greybeard

      I am inclined to agree with you. She was lucky to find a like-minded ‘minder’ in Boag.
      Both are on an ego-trip, with $$ as the prize. Who was her insider at ACC who sent the 6000 records ? She was already arguing with ACC about privacy issues before the big email arrived. Great timing.

  • Pclibran

    I can confirm that Ralph Stewart is STILL at ACC, signing off his letter to us this week as ‘Chief Executive’.  So, how can that be??!!  Still calling himself Chief Executive on 31 July 2012!