ACC Chair Crushed

Judith Collins has acted and started her purge of the ACC Board. She has crushed John Judge.

John Judge has been sacked by Judith Collins. The Herald editorial was prescient this morning. I would expect that there will be further changes at the board and with senior management.

She cleaned out the Police and Corrections panty-waists and now she is cleaning out ACC.


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  • CrusaderCol

     Watch Paula start attending conferences all around the world.

  • Ford

    replaced by females i note..anne tolley and now paula rebstock..feminist takeovers

    • Spanishbride

       If you want a job done properly give it to a woman.

      ‘The problem with being a woman is that we are expected to do twice as well as a man to be considered half as good. Fortunately this is not difficult ;) ‘

      I used to have a poster that said that on my bedroom door when I was a teen. It drove my poor Dad mad. However he taught me everything he taught his sons. How to hunt, shoot, build etc etc. His problem was that his view of feminists was of hairy lesbian man haters. When I went to Waikato University and entered the ‘ Womans Room ” I discovered that he was right LOL I consider myself a lipstick Feminist. I am a mans equal not his better. I value Motherhood as much as I value the ability to provide for myself financially.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Judge may be a lot of things, but panty-waist is not one of them. I worked for him years ago and on top of serious intellectual ability, he was about as nasty and ruthless as you could be. And he’s dug ACC out of a hole.

    • I never said he was a pantywaists, but I can see how you could have come to that conclusion from my incredibly poor sentence structure.

      • In Vino Veritas

        My bad

  • grumpy

    Wrong guy gone.  The only reason could be that he failed to take immediate action against the incompetent bastards when he should have, thus embarrassing the Minister.  Also, he was the one who misinformed the Minister – he should have just been let off the leash to clean up ACC.

    • Perhaps he wasn’t truthful when asked some questions by the Minister?

      •  My onlu thought too Cameron – otherwise why was it not the CEO Chairman is surely there for governance, not operational matters which are the CEO’s job.

  • Kthxbai

    Paula Rebstock?  Really?  To clean the place up?

  • thennek

    Mallard and Little are looking sillier by the day. Cant wait for the court case

    • Joe_Bloggs

      yup bring it on!

      Speaking of panty-waisters I see Chicken Little squawking in the barnyard that Judge was pushed and Hague bitching that Judge wasn’t pushed hard enough… two classic examples of how easy (and pointless) it is to swear at the ref when you’re standing on the side-line watching the game unfold.

    • Troy

      Some political journalist dork wrote the other day that Collins decision to sue was the wrong one to make – just another liabour lackie sending out scare-tactic signals.  I also see during question time today Little asked a question relating to the defamation case, what a fucking goat’s cock he is – brainless, the question was ruled out of order by the Speaker and Little was made to look like a complete amateur.  Good stuff.

  • Greg M

    Paula Rebstock is a very good choice, She gets shit done.

  • captain Kidd

    He was fucked when he appeared on 60 minutes telling porkies,trying to protect an underling who he should of told to bugger off.

  • Phar Lap

    Vague Hague instead of that hairless pest worrying about the going ons at the ACC ,and calling for people to be sacked.Wonder why he kept his bucket mouth shut when his” Green” Party sycophants, along with girly Norman’s secretary,knowing all along that thousands of dollars  worth of  Nationals’   election signs were being vandalised   why wasn’t she fired.Seems to me Hague a retread MP, and a “Greenie” employee,is out of control,just like the rest of his meglamaniac   mongrels,seems his ilk have a lot to say,especially since they dont even hold one electoral seat.

  • Ross

     It looks like it is more correct to say his contract was not renewed. Other reports( NBR) say his contract finished March.( maybe he decided he did not want to stay) .But I agree that he made an idiot of himself on the TV3 program.

  • Quintin Hogg

    Phar Lap,

    I take it you don’t like the greens?

    • Disinfectedtwice

       What is there to like?

    • Phar Lap

       I would like them if they wern’t so hypocritical and phony.All they have done is hijacked the name “Green” and given the word sinister    and sicko   connotations.

      • Maybe we should call them reborn Social Credit – remember them?

  • Mark

    Rebstock is hardly a culture change unless they want a much harder line with claimants.


    what about Crusher for PM? she would be outstanding

    • Le Sphincter

      Yes please.  Replace cuddly Key with La gueuse.
      Seriously , why did you think the affable  Ronald Reagan was so popular


        Key and David Cameron too busy pressing flesh for the sake of it. i like Crushers “get up em” attitude. she should at minimum be deputy

    • TravisPoulson

      I think she’d me great, she’s a solid minister, takes no shit, and gets shit done. 

    • kehua

      Would not beat the one we have, if it aint broke ,don`t try and fix it. You are believing too many leftist commentators perhaps?

  • Disinfectedtwice

    John Judge has quite a solid background, hard to understand his poor judgement in handling this issue.

    • She seems to be the only one allowed to front to the madia without John Key hovering in the background – mind you Hekia showed what happens when others do without him to do back up

      • Roland

         Talk about ‘hovering in the back ground’ did you see Boag tonight on the news? Like a Vulture waiting for some pickings hiding behind the faux marble pillar, someone should have pinged her for ‘loitering with intent’…

  • Thesorrow&thepity

    Collins seems to be the only Nat who’s got any balls.Rest of em are all listless & need to show that this govt actually has a direction for its second term! National govt that shows it’s put through effective policy will stand a better chance in 2014 than one thats sailing round like the Mary Celeste!

    • TravisPoulson

      Agreed, Collins is the man!!

    • Boss Hogg

      Glad to see you lot have beaten me to this.  Collins for leader and PM asap.

      Key for foriegn affairs and tourism – nice smile and wave stuff.  I like having successful people up front doing the statesman thing.

      Minister of Fianance needs to be outsourced to an expert – Michael Stiasny ??

  • farmboy

    most people wouldnt go for it she to icey and comes across a little arrogant not to say she an’t good but not 48% as leader good

    • Troy

      Helen Clark was arrogant and stayed in shadow power for nine years (shadow as in Heather Simpson ran the country not Helen).

  • whalewatcher

    I hold a contract with ACC, and have daily contact with them.

    The culture needs to change. This is the problem.

    What doesn’t need to happen is ‘competition’. It will be a nightmare for ‘customers’ (injured patients) and providers (doctors, physios, hospitals, etc, etc) – competition wont change the problems.

    The real issue is ACC trying to deny access to services/surgery for those that have had injuries. This comes from the top – old case managers saying before the last election that word had come from the PM’s office to ‘tighten right up’ so the books look as good as possible for opening up the Account to competition. And this is being done, at the cost of denying genuine patients with access to care for covered injuries.

    ACC levies have been cut by $650,000,000 this year. Whilst potically appealing, it is inappropriate for politicians to meddle with the levies/premiums needed to run an insurance company m- they should leave it to the actuaries and John Judges to decide levies.

    As I understand it, there is the small problem of allowing competition – ACC doesn’t pay tax on ‘profit’ whereas any private insurer would have to pay tax – unlevel playing field

    Leave the ACC structure alone, but sort out the culture of denying access to care, all in the name of saving money so it looks good to outside companies which want a slice

  • jay cee

    crusher collins for pm. not a bad idea, a strong woman leading the country just like helen clark, sweet revenge for the left we could start a whispering campaign about collins’ husbands sexuality.

    • Boss Hogg

      Both strong woman, one a liar and a fraud – the other is currently doing a better job than most in the current government.

      You lefties can not see obvious facts when they hit you in the nose – wake up!!

    • toby_toby

      Right wingers tend to be honest, so I imagine Collins’ husband would be up front and declare that he is heterosexual and likes it up the bum from his wife’s strap-on and so what?
      The Left would be lost for words.

    • davewin

       Enjoy defamation proceedings do you Jaycee?

    • Ford

      sounds like something a female would say..malicious gossip be right up your alley then