ALP paid Thomson’s legal fees

Sydney Morning Herald

The Thomson affair in Australia is really becoming death by a 1000 cuts as more and more information comes out about his dodgy and unethical behaviour. Now it appears that the ALP, who have always defended Thomson backed up their words with a considerable amount of coin.

There can be no going back now as they die in the ditch for Craig Thomson. Hindsight would suggest they would have been better letting go bankrupt and never becoming a dodgy, corruption laden member of parliament:

THE NSW Labor Party paid almost $350,000 in legal costs for Craig Thomson before the troubled MP was suspended from the party in May.

More than two-thirds of the amount – $240,000 – was paid to Fairfax Media, the publisher of the Herald, under a settlement reached a year ago when Mr Thomson withdrew defamation action he instituted in 2009.

Another $108,366.87 was to cover Mr Thomson’s other legal expenses and some of Labor’s own bills related to the case, taking the total the ALP paid to $348,366.87.

The ALP will divulge the figure at its annual state conference next month after internal pressure from the NSW senator John Faulkner, who argued that members had a right to know.

Party officials contend that, had the ALP not footed the bills, Mr Thomson could have gone bankrupt. This would have disqualified him from being an MP, caused a byelection and most likely caused the Gillard government to fall.

An extract of a report from NSW Labor’s finance committee, being prepared for the state conference, has been obtained by the Herald.

It concludes: “While significant legal expenses were incurred and covered by Craig Thomson, the cost of legal expenses to NSW Labor to provide ongoing financial assistance to cover Mr Thomson’s legal expenses, including NSW Labor’s own bills in relation to these matters, totalled $348,366.87 ($240,000 of which was a defamation settlement with Fairfax).”


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  • Le Sphincter

    Die in the ditch ?
    Hes been dumped  from the caucus and now sits as an independent,and when he votes with the opposition he makes Abbott run like a gazelle from a cheetah