Are the Greens and Labour putting Coromandel in Play?

I have been picking up whispers from a variety of sources that my oldest friend in caucus, Scott Simpson, is facing a nasty, negative campaign in Coromandel where the Greens and Labour are going to do a deal to shaft him.

2011 Election results

DELAHUNTY, Catherine GP 5,660


SIMPSON, Scott NAT 18,571

As you can see the Greens and Labour candidates did poorly, getting only 5000 votes each. But combined their votes put the seat in play, if one party doesn’t run a candidate. Word is that they are looking for a good candidate as neither the Member for Mars or the previous Labour candidate are much good.

Scott is a good and long term mate, but he would be the first to acknowledge he is an Aucklander through and through and he is a little out of place in a rural seat.

This makes him a prime target for a “To the Manor Born” or “Jaffa” or “Not one of us” campaigns. Hopefully the nasty manipulation of the electorate to shaft my old mate Scott won’t happen, but from what I am picking up anything is possible.


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  • gazzaw

    Hmm. Demographics are probably changing fairly quickly in Coromandel as the Auckland & Waikato baby boomers start coming through and making the Coromandel beach resorts their permanent homes rather than weekenders. I don’t see them as labour & green voting fodder.

    • I dunno. In their successful attempt to close down the mining debate the Greens spent a long weekend or two patrolling the 13km long queue at the old Kopu Bridge collecting signatures from the Jafas.

      Also with Newmont Gold looking at the possibility of mining in the Kauranga Valley you’ve got a fair number who will buy into the Green propaganda (using false figures, doctored images and tear-jerk arguments) and support them. Don’t forget Jeanette Fitzsimons lives up that valley.

      Then you have the “Peninsula Press” which is nothing more than a Green/Watermellon whine rag hoping to score a Watergate level scandal in the Coromandel (who have recently had their fingers burnt badly when they were trying to manufacture a scandal w/regards to the Hauraki Rail Trail)

      (I live in Thames….I voted for Scott Simpson/National and baring a monumental stuff-up between now and the next election will still vote for him)

  • Johnbronkhorst

    Q:…Does he do a good job for his electorate??? If so partisan politics would be stupid. You only change if he isn’t doing the job….This is also a tip for him. No matter who they put up, the still have to run on some kind of record. Since labour and the greens have no quality hard working constituent members. I think he will start from in front….don’t blow it!

  • rolla

    I told you about this at the time, when even the National voters and party members are unhappy about the candidate its generally bad news. Even worse when the candidate is so inept that they don’t even know where the fuck they are.

    NZF did very well in the party vote in Coromandel(mainly in katikati and the peninsula booths), from memory it wasn’t far off Labour, so if all 3 parties did a deal. Scott could be well screwed.
    But then they need to get the right candidate, as Delehunty is as you said not on this planet, Kinninmonth does at least have business accumen, so could be a possible candidate. Just needs his profile raised a little. Could be done if Labour focus on the seat by sending some senior members into the electorate to be seen with him.

    Also it needs to be realised that the seat will in all probability be drastically changed when the electorate boundaries are redrawn. Tauranga will probably need 2 seats with its growth since the last changes, meaning at the very least the southern parts of the electorate will be out of the next coromandel seat. These areas are the safe National parts of the seat, increasing the marginality of the seat for Scott even more. But there is a possibility of more of what is currently in the Waikato electorate becomming part of the new Coromandel seat, which I’m picking it’ll be called Coromandel -Waikato, purely because Hauraki is already taken up by the Maori seat, and it can be confusing enough as it is in that area getting voters and staff to realise what the correct electorates are for voters.
    Just depends on what areas they put into the seat, if its areas with large number of labour voters, then its even worse for him.
    Could be a case of being careful of what you wish for in his case. Might have been better for him to wait till 2014 to secure a seat.

  • Le Sphincter

    ‘nasty manipulation of the electorate’ or payback for Epsom manipulations and others like New Plymouth.

    Bot calling the kettle black.

    Perhaps there is a road of national significance coming for the Coromandel

    • rolla

       All the planned roads in the coromandel electorate are pretty much in the south of the seat. So no benefit to whoever holds the northern part of the electorate, when its split. Unless National think Scott could win the new tauranga seat?

    • Johnbronkhorst

      bollocks….you suggesting epsom would have gone to labour or something??

    • Johnbronkhorst

      and the failed attempts at the same thing in Ohario, Auckland central????

    • Super_Guest

      New Plymouth? No, the voters there just realised that Andrew Little is a cunt in the truest sense of the word and handed him his ass. 

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    What is the bloody point here? Greens will easily win over 5% threshold so don’t need a lifeline. Labourers even at worst case will poll 25%. They won’t offer NZ First this seat….so…what is the point of all this …unless this is about shafting Scott….he is not John Key…