“Best Mayor”, surely they jest?

NZ Herald

Clearly some flunky in the top heavy Mayors office thought it would be agood idea to nominate Len Brown for “Best mayor”:

 Auckland Mayor Len Brown is in the running to be named the best mayor in the world – but he says he has no idea how he was nominated.

More than 205,000 people from around the world nominated 910 mayors, including Mr Brown, for this year’s World Mayor Prize.

From this long list, the Fellows of The City Mayors Foundation – an international think-tank on local government based in London – have narrowed the list down to 25 mayors, including Mr Brown, for an online poll.

The Fellows will choose the winner and two runners-up based on the number of votes received and the strength and passion of supporting comments.

Some contestants, such as Perth Mayor Lisa Scaffidi, have dozens of glowing testimonials on the World Mayor website, but there is nothing aside from Mr Brown’s name for people to judge him on.

We know what the Herald thinks though with the photo they chose:


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  • Mediaan

    Here’s the exciting bit:   you can go in and vote for your choice.


  • kevin

    I always thought the face slap pic was ‘the’ one.

  • Paddles83

    I feel another Tui Add coming on

  • James Stephenson

    A best mayor competition without Boris? That’s like the 100m without Usain Bolt.

    • Michael Duke

      I went, I looked, No Boris = No Vote

  • tarkwin

    Hone for the Nobel peace prize?

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Delahunty for best MP?

  • Spiker

     Kris Faafoi for best time traveller?

  • Agent BallSack

    The self flagellation episode after he loses this is going to be immensely entertaining.

    • Andrew Carrot

      …and if he wins: cynical public rejoices and he loses in 2013. Again, entertaining

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Shane Jones for best w*%ker?

    • gazzaw

      Gareth Hughes for best Airpoints accrual.

  • roxo

    I voted . . . for the nigerian one. I want to see him beat Lenny. 

    • Notrotsky

      No vote for Loopy Len – and then in the comments box put that you were paid to vote for him or did so under duress when threatened with a beating.

      • Notrotsky

        Also make sure you put your name as Greg Presland !

  • Allan

    Len is dangerous, he will bankrupt Auckland if he gets a second term.  The clown is economically incompetent and should not be anywhere near the halls of power.  The sooner he and his left wing cronies are despatched the better.  I just hope that the citizens of Auckland realize this and he is booted out in the next election.

    • greybeard

      True, but Aucklanders have only themselves to blame. Maybe in retrospect Banks would have been the better choice, and that would also have kept Banks out of national politics. A much more acceptable result all round.
      Oh well ………..

  • In Vino Veritas

    Holy crap! That’s a hell of a comb over……..

    • Le Sphincter

      No its wind of the helicopter taking Banks off to prison ! – Hes waving goodbye
      Remember its a 2 yr sentence for knowingly lodging a false return on donors

  • Pokerface

    Voted for himself, maybe??  Perhaps his alias is “Joe Public”.

  • Bunswalla

    Guys this is all an unfortunate typographical/lost in transaltion mistake. The award is actually for “Best Hair” (see picture)

  • frosty

    I just think it would have been great if he was knighted in this years round of honours.  I think the title ‘Knight Mayor’ has a fitting ring to it…

    • Michael Duke

      Only if you put soil in the middle :)

    • gazzaw

      He could be starting the buildup to get a nomination for a knighthood frosty. He has to go for it now because it’s odds on that he’s going to be another one term wonder.

  • Phar Lap

    The only and best mare worth a mention surely is Black Caviar.Most other mayors are nightmares,Brown included.

  • Rockyr

    I think it was the Councils Maori Department that nominated him if so, and given their large staff and whanau and little work to perform they have got Len off to a flying start in the voting.

    • Le Sphincter

      Sore losers ……… quelle horreur
      Le Maire is the Man

  • Patrick

    You have to give credit to his PR team, how a numpty like Brown could collect a prize for anything except tosspot of the year totaly escapes me. Still just goes to show the power of the elctronic age in shaping peoples opinions