Best. Response. Ever.

Imperator Fish

Scott Yorke and Martyn “DBD” Bradbury have been having a one sided battle of wits. I say one sided because Scott has all the wits and Martyn is just a half-wit, or if I am feeling especially unkind, which I am, a fuck-wit.

Anyway Martyn got upset again at Scott and wrote a vitriol filled post. Scott has responded with a post of his own. In that post he proposes a Deed of Settlement for their dispute.

It is a piece of genius. I particularly like the resolution process that involves dueling.

5.3 Duel:

(a) If the parties cannot resolve the dispute by negotiation within ten Business Days following the date of delivery of the Dispute Notice, then either party may, by written notice to the other party (“Duel Notice”), require the dispute to be determined by way of armed duel using pistols, swords, or feather dusters (“Duel”).

(b) The Duel will be held at such location and at such time, and following such procedures, as the parties agree in writing. If the parties cannot agree such matters  in writing within ten Business Days following the date of the Duel Notice, the parties will submit such matters to Louis Crimp of Invercargill for his determination, and the parties agree to be bound by any such determination.

Scott wins, it was a comprehensive victory. His post and attacked Deed of Settlement is the finest piece of Blog-taliation I have ever seen. It is fit for Boing Boing.

Bradbury v Yorke


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  • Quintin Hogg

    Very funny.
    Scott looks, shoots and scores.
    Martyn is shown up for the complete dick that he is.

  • AzaleaB

    Brilliant. Only one suggestion – defintions and interpretations  should include a comprehensive description of being “a dick” so as to ensure all parties understand the full implications of this term.

  • Jester

    I believe they are both guilty of bad faith bargaining by inserting clauses 2.1(b) and 2.2(b).

  • Agent BallSack

    It’s obvious Martyn is vastly out-gunned. 

    • niggly

      “..vastly out-gunned”.

      Crikey, with a name like Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury, you’d think he could pull something explosive out and turn the tables…

      But no, the “Bomber” name bit must be all talk …. or maybe it might mean something else like … “Fart Bomber”?? As in oh no here comes Martyn FBB – pooorrr, look out he’s let one rip!

  • Rodger T

    In the interests of honour, Scott Yorke should refuse to enter a battle of wits with an unarmed man person.

  • TravisPoulson

    While he might be able to weed out my criticising comments via ‘moderation’ , it goes to show how well he copes against someone he can’t silence. 

    “UPDATE: So Labour Party hack Scott Yorke has responded. What a condescending prick. It normally takes lawyers decades to reach that level of god complex, he’s done it overnight.”

    And it goes on, and on, and on…..

    ” 1: You are right, you are not Cameron Slater’s new friend, a far better definition would be puppet. 
    2: Your condescension reeks of all that was bad about Labour 2008. 
    3: Your pop psychology 101 rendering of me seems more a projection than considered opinion. You insinuate that I roll my eyes at the Standards use of you because I am jealous of you Scott, oh far from it. I roll my eyes at their use of you because your tedious, safe and bland opinions are far from what Labour needs. Have fun with your new friend Cameron Slater. ”

    looks like a  tanty to me. Martyn’s sandpit needs higher fences to keep the toys in. 

    • axeman

      BTW Bumber. Paula Bennett sats you’re Fuller shit

      • Fozzie

         So what’s her excuse ?