Cash for Citizenship in the news again

NZ Herald

The Bill Liu/Shane Jones cash for citizenship scandal refuses to die down with new information being drip fed into the media. This morning’s Herald has details of the?shenanigans?in China to obtain new identities by Bill Liu.

A Chinese millionaire with multiple identities is accused by Chinese witnesses of corruptly obtaining false identity documents which he used to gain New Zealand citizenship.

The Auditor-General last week started an inquiry into how William Yan – also known as Yongming Yan and Yang Liu – was granted citizenship.

China claims Yan’s real name is Yongming Yan and that he created the false identity of Yang Liu and used documents in that name to leave China, where he is wanted on allegations of multimillion-dollar fraud.

Nine Chinese witnesses gave statements to New Zealand authorities about how Mr Yan allegedly obtained fictitious documents including Chinese passports and ID cards, and household registration documents.

It is claimed that Mr Yan was able to use his links to unnamed politicians in China to influence officials to provide the false documents.

The statements were provided in 2009 when Auckland police officers went to China.

They are on the Auckland High Court file but the witnesses did not come to New Zealand to testify.