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Pinko’s Shocking Omission

The days of NZ unions fighting for the workers are long gone. There primary role is to fight the National Party when in Government and to not rock the boat when their is a Labour government. The reward goes not to the workers but to the union leaders who are guaranteed list seats or safe seats for their efforts. Those efforts solely on behalf of the Labour party, not the workers they represent. The sooner National and union members wake up to this then the [sooner] we will see the end on militant unions.


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  • Andrewo

    There and Their: Get it right!

    • Love grammar nazis – !!

    • Galantisuk

      Sorry, I was taught English by a member of the National union of Teachers!

  • BD

    This isn’t a comment, its the mission statement of the NZ unions.

  • Petal

    I can’t believe that unions have the aim to be militant in their public mission statements.  How can you possibly come to the table claiming “good faith bargaining” when it is your overt objective to be militant?

    Top comment.  Thanks for highlighting it.