Comment of the Day

On yesterdays post about National screwing up the selling of the asset sales:

You’re right, Cam. This Mixed Ownership Model (dreadful term!) needs a carefully-crafted sales message that:

– is simple for the ordinary voter to understand in “household finance” terms;
– concentrates on positive justifications (including those you have listed);
– refuses to be drawn into the Opposition’s scatter-gun negatives; and
– can be relayed repetitively through the media and through paid advertising.

John Ansell is the only person that I know in this country who can be relied upon to create such a sales message. He’s known to be not easy for any client to live with. But for once can’t the National Party eat a bit of private humble pie and ask Ansell for some much-needed help?


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  • Le Sphincter

    Why isnt National using its ‘leadership funding’ which is provided expressly to inform the public about policies, to do this – NOW.

    Well could that be because its waiting for a taxpayer funded campaign of around $10 mill to do it for them. But of course they cant start it till its passed into legislation.

    Quelle Horreur.

    • Neil

      No it’s only called that if you’re the oppostion, otherwise it’s called keeping the population informed.

  • Thomas

    John is a genius but like most good creative types needs some management. He will come up with 10 ideas, 7 will be crap, 2 will be good, and one will be absolutely superb. The trouble is, John probably likes number 5 and if the client doesn’t he gets upset.

    Nevertheless John is the best in the country at political advertising. The 9th floor should get over their fixation with who’s worked for who in the past and get him in.

  • polishpride

    The problem is that if it was such a great idea then like all really great ideas it would sell itself.

  • Mediaan

    Garbage. The public consultation has been done, and ten times better and earlier than in the past. If giving the public extensive foreknowledge of a decision to be made one way, and then waiting for a vote that could have tossed the whole structure out (but didn’t) before acting, is not sufficient, then all government is unworkable.

    Parliament is the executive, do it.

  • Neil

    So 200,000 New Zealanders are being targetted for the purchase of shares – can someone tell me – Am I on that list – and who holds it? Just curious to know what organisation has that level of personal data on me.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Kiwisaver, national super, IRD, ACC…..The list is long.

      • Neil

        So here is where I get confused. In my simple mind the Government said that no individual or entity was going to be allowed to own more than $10,000 in shares. Is an institution an individual or single entity in this context – or are the number of people they represent given to mean a person in this case i.e say 20,000 Kiwisaver members represent 20,000 individual entities, so then Kiwisaver can buy $10k x 20,000 shares.